Fall Select Auction: October 31
Listed Cincinnati Artists

Thomas Corwin Lindsay, 1845-1907, Landscape w/buildings, O/C, 12x18, sgnd

Louis Henry Meakin, 1853-1917, Maine coastal village, O/C, 16x26, sgnd

Charles Salis Kaelin, 1858-1929, Fishing village docks, Pastel, 17½x24, sgnd

Thomas Corwin Lindsay, 1845-1907, Chrysanthemums, O/C, 37½x25½, initialed verso

Victor Casnelli, Cinti & MI, 1867-1961, Scene of Indian encampment, gouache, 7½x13, sgnd

Frank Duveneck, 1848-1919, Portrait of Jennie Parks, charcoal on paper mounted on canvas, 19x16, sgnd FD.

Raphael Strauss, 1830-1901, Portrait of woman w/cameo, Aug 1874, O/C, 15x14, sgnd

John Rettig, 1860-1932, Equine statues in town square, 1927, O/B, 15x18, sgnd

Charles C. Svendsen, 1871-1959, Portrait of Moses, 1893, O/B, 36½x27, sgnd

E.T. Hurley, 1869-1950: St. Peter In Chains, 1935, Etching, 12x7½, sgnd in pencil; 6th St Looking South, Etching, 12x9, pencil sgnd LR & titled under matt; Fountain Square in snow, 1914, Etching, 12x7

Emma Mendenhall, 1873-1963, Farm boy w/grazing mule, WC, 7x10, sgnd

John Rettig, 1860-1932, Pair of watercolors: Two officers, "After Ogden," 1892, 13x10, sgnd, nicely framed; Hessian Colonel, 9½ x 7½, unsgnd

Paul Ashbrook, 1867-1949, Festive Mexican scene w/blossoms, WC, 10x5, sgnd, Ashbrook Foundation tag

Emma Mendenhall, 1873-1963, Old Satillo, Mexico, c.1943, WC, 14x18, sgnd, old exhibition labels on back

J.B. Daniels, 19C, Landscape w/approaching storm, O/B, 18x24, sgnd

Paul Ashbrook, 1867-1949, Winter landscape, O/B, 23½x17½, sgnd

Emma Mendenhall, 1873-1963, Stylized landscape, O/B, 8x10, unsgnd, Mendenhall Estate stamp

Carl John Zimmerman, 1900-1985, Melon Family, c.1950, O/B, 12x16, sgnd

Paul Ashbrook, 1867-1949, Portrait of Mexican couple, WC, 11½x9½, sgnd

Emma Mendenhall, 1873-1963, Blue landscape w/church, O/B, 10x7, unsgnd, Mendenhall Estate stamp

Paul Ashbrook, 1867-1949, Mexican alley scene, O/B, 12x6, obscured signature, Ashbrook Foundation tag