Fall Select Auction: October 31
More Paintings & Art

2 Great English wetlands scenes w/people, O/B, 4½x8½, Excellent

Impressionist crowd on beach, O/B, 12x18, signed illegibly, Nice

Louaghy Deues, 19C French, Woman at mirror, 31x24, sgnd

Pair formal oval portraits of Louis Hudepohl II & wife Mary, founders of the Hudepohl Brewing Co. c.1870s, O/C, 27½x22½

French style portrait of woman in blue dress, O/C, 36x40

Steel engraving of Cincinnati riverfront 1900, sgnd Charles F. Ulrich, Published AD Kraemer, Cinti, 8x37, in orig frame, 20x50, Terrific

c.1930 Cincinnati river scene, Gouache, 12x29, sgnd RB

Bondené, Peasant woman sewing, O/C, 24x20, sgnd

Western landscape w/Indians on horses, O/C, 8½x11½

J. Weidmann Jr, Western landscape, 1932, O/B, 15½x21½, sgnd

WPA style RR yard scene, WC, 14x22, sgnd Eaglin

19C Landscape, Evening riverbank scene, O/Panel, 11x14, unsgnd, orig frame

Coomer, Portrait of horse, 1897, O/B, 18x24, sgnd

Italian trompe l'oeil with books and Grecian urn, O/B, 12½x16

Overpainted religious scene in ornate hand carvd gilt frame of curved leaves, 7x9

B.A. Reid, Indians overlooking encampment w/approaching tall ships, 1912, print, 15x20, sgnd in print, orig wide oak A&C frame

R. Bedson, Shepherd on country path, WC, 10x15, sgnd

Agisti, Florence, Portrait of beautiful woman w/scarf & earrings, O/C, 15½x11½, sgnd

T. Brown, Clydesdale, 1925, O/C, 16x22, sgnd

Unique embroidered A&C landscape, orig frame, detailed scene w/cottages & streams, entire surface fully stitched, 8x16

Goldie Marker, Child sick bed scene, O/C, 20x28, sgnd, "after Fildes"

G.L. Moyer, Mill by waterfall, O/C, 1900, 24x34, sgnd

C. Delgado Roustan, Farm landscape, O/B, 16x20, sgnd

Carl Fisher, Landscape w/beech trees, WC, 16x22, sgnd

Carved wax relief of horse & buggy w/detailed skyline, 6x9, sgnd Caleche Quebet

Framed silhouette of Elizabethan couple w/pntd details, by Everett Davis, 11x9

Woman in long trailing dress among rushes w/raven, O/C, 16x12, unsgnd

Courting couple scene, chalk & gouache on paper, 38x20

L. White, Creek in the woods, O/B, 13x7½, sgnd

19C Chromolitho of wedding party & musical trio in rowboat, mrkd F. Blair Leighton '94, in ornate gilt frame, 12x24

F. Plonningschmidt, German, Landscape with purple flowers, O/C, 20x26, sgnd

Mid 19C gouache portrait of woman in erly gilt frame, 14x11

Tramp art Arab street scene, postage stamps, 9½x6½, sgnd

Pastoral scene w/people & animals, copper relief in orig copper mounted frame, 12x16

Edna Huddleston, Still life of grapes, WC, 14½x21½, sgnd