Fall Select Auction: October 15 (2004)

Cincinnati Paintings and Art

78. Charles Salis Kaelin, 1858-1929, Gnarled tree in fall landscape, oil on canvas laid on board, 24" x 20", signed. (6,000-8,000)

Kaelin was one of the first American Divisionist painters, a post-impressionist movement. He studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati under Thomas Noble and John Twachtman, and at the Art Students League in New York. Kaelin's works are found in several museums, including the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

147. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, 1845-1907, Fall landscape with two cows at stream, oil on canvas, 10½" x 21½", signed. (3,500-4,500)

Lindsay studied in Dusseldorf in the 1860s. He instructed students in his Cincinnati studio and was one of the founding members of the Cincinnati Art Club. He exhibited at the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, from 1870-83, Pogue's in 1875, and the Art Institute of Chicago in 1896.

149. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, 1845-1907, Rocky landscape with roaring river, 1883, oil on canvas, 26" x 32", signed, dated. (2,500-3,000)
1. Edward Volkert, Cincinnati & Old Lyme CT, Old Lyme scene of farmer plowing with team of two oxen, oil on board, 12" x 16", signed. (2,500-3,500)

Born in Cincinnati to German parents, Volkert started his career painting portraits, then moved on to bucolic landscapes. While living in New York, Volkert was president of the Bronx Art Guild. He later moved near Old Lyme, CT, in part because of his interest in painting their ever-present oxen, which Volkert described as "twice as good as cows at posing." His style is noted for its impressionist use of light, applied in small dots of paint, while maintaining an interest in the true forms and colors of his subject matter.

124. Grace Young, 1869-1947, Indian squaw, watercolor, 5½" x 3½", unsigned, old tag on back reads Grace Young, hand decorated matting in Native American design 20" x 7". (2,500-3,000)

One of Rookwood's most respected artists, Grace Young is well known for her Indian portrait vases.

127. Edward Timothy Hurley, 1869-1950, Figures in Kentucky facing Mt Adams, oil-pastel, 8½" x 10½", signed. (1,500-2,000)

Hurley exhibited at the National Academy of Design, Art Institute of Chicago, Panama Pacific Exhibition, and others. He was a decorator for Rookwood Pottery, and studied with Frank Duveneck at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

79. Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Deep woods in early autumn, 1905, watercolor, 13½" x 10½", signed, dated 9-6-05, excellent condition. (800-1,000)
56. John Rettig, 1860-1932, The Blue Room East Hampton, 1920, watercolor, 24" x 20", signed, dated '20, old penciled title taped to back. (1,000-1,500)

Well-known Cincinnati painter John Rettig studied under Frank Duveneck and Edward Potthast. He spent much of the last 30 years of his life in Volendam, Holland.

108. Louis Charles Vogt, 1864-1939, Long Island shoreline, watercolor, 9" x 14", signed. (1,250-1,750)

Vogt was a well-traveled and respected artist, and he had several exhibitions in the Midwest and New York. He studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

105. Charles Salis Kaelin, 1858-1929, Rockport Harbor with beach house, pastel, 12½" x 15¾", signed. (1,000-1,500)
106. Charles Salis Kaelin, 1858-1929, Rockport Quay, pastel, 6½" x 9", signed. (1,000-1,500)
58. Charles Stewart Todd, 1885-1950, Still life with ewer and plate, oil on canvas, 28" x 32", signed CST. (1,000-1,250)

C.S. Todd was a Rookwood decorator, member of the Cincinnati Art Club, and a painter whose works were exhibited at the Cincinnati Art Museum and Chicago Art Institute.

59. Charles Stewart Todd, 1885-1950, Still life with fruit and bread, pastel, 18" x 22", signed CST. (400-600)
178. Edward Timothy Hurley, 1869-1950, Mt Adams street with trees, 1924, pencil, 8" x 10½", signed ETH, dated 2-20-24. (400-600)
175. Edward Timothy Hurley, 1869-1950, Peasant boy and plow team, 1895, ink and pencil, 11" x 8½", signed, dated 95. (500-700)
177. Edward Timothy Hurley, 1869-1950, Group of boys on the edge of a small town, ink & pencil, 1895, 10½" x 13½", signed, dated '95. (400-600)
176. Edward Timothy Hurley, 1869-1950, Two boys in rowboats, ink, 1895, 10½" x 13½", signed, dated 6-30-95. (400-600)
80. Emma Mendenhall, 1873-1963, Portrait of old man with long beard, charcoal, 21½" x 16½", unsigned. (200-300)

Pupil of Frank Duveneck, Jules Lefebvre in Paris at the Julian Academy, and of William Merritt Chase in Shinnecock Hills, Long Island. She exhibited at the Paris Salon, the Panama Pacific Exhibition in San Francisco, the Art Institute of Chicago, and in watercolor exhibits in Boston, New York, and Baltimore.

272. James W. McLaughlin, 1834-1923, Fishermen and boats on beach, watercolor, 8" x 11½", signed JW McL Del. (300-400)

James McLaughlin has been called Cincinnati's premier Victorian architect, designing such buildings as the Art Museum and the old Shillito's downtown. He was also a painter and illustrator. Mary Louise McLaughlin was his sister.

239. Mary Virginia Keenan, Cincinnati, 1831-1908, Marblehead Harbor with lighthouse and boats, watercolor, 9" x 17", signed MK. (150-250)

Keenan was a Rookwood decorator from 1881 to 1883, and won an award for best design for fresco at the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition in 1880.

271. John Franklin Earhart, 1853-1938, The Licking River, 1934, oil on walnut board, 19½" x 14½", signed. (150-250)

This listed Cincinnati artist worked almost exclusively in landscapes. He exhibited his works at the Art Institute of Chicago and Pennsylvania Academy, and was a member of the Society of Independent Artists.

317. Leo Murphy, Cincinnati, b.1906, Snowscape with narrow trees, 14" x 12", signed. (200-300)

This listed artist painted many scenes in and around Cincinnati, as well as portraits.

316. Louis Spiegel, 1901-1975, Clown in top hat, oil on canvas, 24" x 20", signed. (300-500)
273. Margaret Wenstrup, OH, 20th century, Immaculata Church, lithograph, 23½" x 18½", pencil signed & dated 1973. (250-350)
210. Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Mt Adams Incline, etching, 12" x 9", pencil signed, great detail, early Closson's label. (300-400)
212. Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, The Basket Weaver, etching, 5" x 3", pencil signed. (250-350)
213. Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Newport marina with paddlewheels facing Cincinnati, etching, 8½" x 12", pencil signed. (250-350)
268. Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Garfield Park in winter, 1914, etching, 9" x 12", pencil signed in 1916. (250-350)
211. Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Hilltop park overlooking Ohio River, 1926, etching, 12" x 9", pencil signed. (300-400)
269. Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Hillside below Immaculata Church, etching, 8½" x 6½", signed in etching. (250-350)
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270. Lot of two E.T. Hurley etchings, unsigned: children on Mt Adams hillside, 7¾" x 4¼"; Niche at Immaculata Church, 6" x 3". (150-200)
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214. Two etchings by Edward Timothy Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950: Niche at Immaculata Church, etching, 5¾" x 3", pencil signed, and House on hillside, etching, 5¾" x 4½", pencil signed. (300-400)