Fall Select Auction: October 15 (2004)

Brass, Pewter and Coats of Arms

183. Brass candlestick, English, mid 18th century, bobeche cup, petal base, 7¾"h, repair to baluster. (100-150)
184. Brass candlestick, French, c.1700 square base, four-sided sloping baluster, 6¼". (200-300)
185. Brass candlestick, English, mid 18th century, bobeche cup, notched turning under cup, scalloped base, 9½". (150-250)
186. Brass candlestick, Spanish, late 18th century, square footed base, turned drip plate, claw feet, 9". (75-150)
187. Brass candlestick, French, c.1730, made of bell metal, circular extraction hole, tapered baluster, round ruffled base, 9"h. (150-250)
188. Brass candlestick, Spanish, late 17th century, octagonal base w/raised circular band, tapered baluster, circular extraction hole, 6"h. (250-350)
189. Spanish or French, c.1700, octagonal drip plate, tiered domed base, 9¼". (200-300)
190. Brass candlestick, Spanish, late 17th century, square tray base, chamfered baluster, 7"h. (200-300)
360. Two English classical form brass candlesticks, turned drip plates, molded square pyramidal bases, c.1785, 6"h. (150-250)
361. Two French octagonal brass candlesticks, one w/ruffled edge, 18th century, 8¼"h, one plain base, 7¼"h. (300-400)
362. Two miniature English or French brass candlesticks, early 19th century, 3½". (50-100)
363. Lot of 2 brass candlesticks: Hollow cast, probably 18th century English, squared baluster to round swelling with 4 notches, also 4 notches to round base; sells w/chamber stick, turned decoration, push-up knob, age unknown, 4½". (100-150)
364. Brass candlestick, French, c.1700, square knop with square octagonal molded base, 6¼". (150-250)
365. Brass candlestick, English or European late 18th century, columnar stick, 6½h. (50-100)
366. Brass candlestick, French, early 18th century, with quadrafoil base, dish-shaped center base, 6½". (150-250)
367. Brass candlestick, English, c.1760, gadrooned base, turned drip plate, molded base, 7½". (150-250)
302. Pair of Russian brass candlesticks, turned drip plates, early 19th century, 11½"h. (150-250)
303. Brass trivet, c.1830, scalloped apron & cabriole legs, 10½"h x 16"w. (250-350)
304. Copper & brass fireplace teapot, c.1880, riveted bale handle, hinged spigot cover, 15"h, excellent condition. (50-100)
131. Pewter tankard, fan shaped thumb piece, molded turned base, late 18th century, 5½"h. (150-250)
132. Pewter wide chalice, late 18th century, 6"h. (150-250)
133. English pewter teapot, molded handle, c.1850, marked Jas Dixon & Sons, 13"h x 6"d. (150-250)
134. Pewter teapot, looped wooden handle, unmarked, c.1830, 7½"h. (150-250)
135. English tin tankard, c.1830, 6½"h. (50-100)
136. Two American pewter soup plates, early 19th century, one marked EH in script, stamped Paron, 8½"d, one w/illegible mark, 8¾"d. (50-100)
137. European pewter pudding mold, ribbed body, early 19th century, 6"h. (50-100)
138. English pewter tobacco box w/tamper & molded figures, c.1800, 4"h x 5½"w. (200-300)
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139. Wide rim pewter charger, marked Ellis, 19th century, 13"d. (150-250)
140. Two pewter chargers, 19th century, one marked I.B., one unmarked, both 12"d. (150-250)
141. Two pewter bowls, c.1800, one marked Reutinger, 13"d, one unmarked, 8"d. (150-250)
142. Wide rim pewter charger, unclear mark, 19th century, 15"d. (150-250)
143. Two American pewter soup plates, early 19th century, one unmarked, 9¼"d, one marked ID, 9"d. (50-100)
144. Two English pewter measures, c.1825-40, both marked Gill, one marked London, 3". (50-100)
145. Pair of pewter salts, c.1800, 2"h x 2"w, with a pair of English saucers, marked X London, c.1800, 4"d, with pair of silver salt spoons, marked POTOSI SILVER L&S. (50-100)
146. Lot of four English pewter measures, c.1825-40, one marked Gill, 3", marked H. Wanley, 2½", marked Mason, 2", marked 5, 1¾". (100-150)
415. Early 19th century stained and leaded glass coats of arms: crowned lion, 8½"d, one in shield form w/red stripe. (100-150)
416. Early 19th century stained and leaded glass coats of arms : 8" x 6", reads L.G., & shield form w/lions, 7" x 6". (100-150)
417. Early 19th century stained and leaded glass plaques on glass: Two circular forms w/saints, each 5¼"d. (100-150)
320. Portrait of French noble with coat of arms, color engraving, 12" x 4". (150-250)