Fall Select Auction: October 15 (2004)

Art Pottery

199. Rookwood porcelain glaze vase by Kataro Shirayamadani, two parrots in gray-green & blue w/black & orange highlights on green & black branches w/long leaves, on a pale blue & rose background, 9", 1930, 592C, mint. (8,000-10,000)
167. Rookwood faience water fountain, octagonal base w/square panels in blossom design, bowl w/stylized Greek key pattern edging, unusual cream/putty glaze. Underside of bowl has impressed marks of Rookwood logo, 442, 3191Y, J78A, pedestal marked J78A. 33"h x 15"d. Superb condition - no issues. (2,000-3,000)
200. Rookwood vellum plaque by Ed Diers, landscape w/snow-covered farmhouse & large outbuildings, in shades of pale blue, cream & gray, 1918, 6"h x 8"w, old oak Arts & Crafts frame, minor restoration to faint line. (1,000-2,000)
Rookwood: 201. Wax matt vase by Elizabeth Lincoln w/pink & red blossoms & buds on olive & pale blue stems & leaves, 1929, 6013, 6¾"h 7½"d, mint. (500-800)
202. Floral vellum by E.T. Hurley, three large cream blossoms w/white highlights on pale gray-green leaves & stems, on a gray to cream background, 1913, 1356D, V, 8¾", mint. (1,500-2,000)
203. Porcelain glaze vase by Kataro Shirayamadani, decorated w/lilies of the valley on broad leaves, in shades of lavender, violet & pink, 1926, #838E, 7", mint. (2,500-3,500)
204. Vellum vase by Kate Curry, outstanding floral with great design & detail, 1917, 5", faint hairline. (400-600)
205. Porcelain glaze vase by Jens Jensen, rolled rim w/stylized floral design of caramel & cream, 1946, 6569, 5"h x 7"d, mint. (400-600)
Rookwood: 235. Perfume jug, Limoges style decoration w/flying bats & rushes, gold highlights, 1883, marked R 60, 4½"h, repair to handle. (100-150)
236. Standard glaze low vase w/four thumb indentions, decorated w/leaves and buds by Fred Rothenbusch, 1900, #330, 3"h x 4"d, mint. (300-500)
237. Cameo glaze cup & saucer, decoration of purple blossoms & green leaves & stems by Harriet Wilcox, 1886, saucer incised #291G, artist initials incised on both pieces, several tiny chips to cup's rim, several minor glaze misses to saucer rim, 3"h x 5"d. (200-300)
234. Rookwood Blue Ship service for six, 31 pieces including teapot and platters, mint, finest detail & color we have seen. (600-800)

six lunch plates, 8 3/8"; six saucers, 5½"; six cups, 3½"; six dessert bowls, 5¾"; teapot w/lid, 5½"; round bowl, 9¾" x 2 7/8"; oval bowl, 6 7/8" x 10¾" x 2¼"; oval bowl, 6¼" x 8¼" x 2"; platter, 13¾" x 9¼"; sugar bowl w/lid; creamer

Rookwood: 226. Ribbed neck vase in unusual gunmetal type glaze w/aqua drip rim, 1933, no shape number, marked S, 6"h, minor rough spot at base rim, tiny stilt pull. (250-350)
227. Arts & Crafts form vase in mottled blue matt w/buttressed shoulder, 1925, #2410, 8", mint. (250-350)
228. Rose matt vase in unusual trellis & vine design, 1919, #2486, 10", mint. (450-550)
229. Experimental glaze vase, flared top with mottled glaze & mauve body, 1931, 8", mint. (400-600)
230. Wiedemann beer stein with pewter lid, Wiedemann logo with red W, black & white eagle, brown barrel, 1948, mint. (200-300)
231. Pair of Rookwood lamps in green high glaze w/brass ball accents, all original factory hardware, upper bouts marked 2827C, 11¾"h, lower bouts unmarked, 1¼", mint. (400-600)
232. Rookwood panther clock in gunmetal glaze, 1950, #7039, face marked Rookwood, does not run, sells w/separate new works, 7½"h x 6½"w x 9"d. (300-500)
233. Pair Auburn figural puma bookends in spectacular mottled glaze, leather bases, 6"h, mint. (200-300)

Terrific collection of Roseville Bushberry in brown, all pieces are mint condition:

325. Jardinière & pedestal: Jard 14"d x 10"h, 1" heat line to interior, Pedestal 20½"h, Total: 30½"h. (1,200-1,500)
326. Floor vase: 18"h. (400-600)
327. Jardinière: 9"d x 6½"h. (200-300)
328. Jardinière & pedestal: Jard 11"d x 8"h, Pedestal 16½"h, Total: 24½"h. (800-1,000)

245. Old Sleepy Eye butter crock, Native American portrait & landscape w/Indian encampment, bottom stamped H, 5"h x 6"d, superb condition. (400-500)
246. Old Sleepy Eye cylinder vase w/portrait to one side, cattails & dragonflies to reverse, bottom stamped O, 8½"h, superb condition. (400-500)
347. Roseville Laurel tapered jardinière in yellow & black, two handles, original foil label, 6½"h x 6½"d, mint. (250-350)
348. Roseville Futura four-sided vase on round foot, pale pink & mauve w/gray-green geometric V design, 7", minute flake to base interior. (300-400)
349. Roseville green snowberry ewer, rare form, 10½", mint. (200-300)
7. Royal Doulton 19th century vase in flambé glaze, four raised & painted blossom & leaf medallions on cornflower & rose mottled background, impressed marks, 9½", mint. (100-200)
8. Royal Doulton landscape pitcher w/village, polychrome w/opaque caramel glaze, marked D2846, 9", mint. (100-200)
194. Arts & Crafts framed tile, design of three overlapping blossoms in pale blue with dark blue centers and stylized brown leaves on a medium green background, framed in a 3" wide oak Arts & Crafts frame, some crazing, tile 6"sq, framed 12"sq. (200-300)
255. Early Cincinnati vase on three ball feet w/Limoges design of birds & rushes, 7", minor gold loss, excellent condition. (100-200)
256. Dell faience two-handle vase, floral & gold decoration w/yellow dots, stamped W. D. & Co, 12", minor gold loss, excellent condition. (300-400)
250. North Dakota School of Mines vase, incised R-31, 2½"h x 3½"w, mint. (150-250)
251. Marblehead cylinder vase, deep blue, 4¼"h x 3¾"d, impressed mark & paper label, mint. (250-350)
257. Lot of two Pisgah Forest: Broad shouldered vase in aqua to plum high glaze, relief mark, 1941, 8¾"h, mint; Broad shouldered form w/olive, blue, cream & caramel crystalline glaze, 1940, 7", minor scratch. (250-350)
258. Weller jardinière, Arts & Crafts design in two panels of cream & rose blossoms on gray-green branches, pale gray background, impressed mark, 8"h x 9"d, some rust stains to bottom, mint. (150-250)
259. Fulper vase in caramel & blue crystalline drip glaze, three buttressed handles, racetrack mark, 7", mint. (150-250)
260. Weller Bonita vase, hand painted floral decoration on cream background, 9", marked Weller, mint. (100-200)
252. Niloak classic form vase w/broad shoulder, impressed mark, 5½"h, mint. (150-250)
253. Niloak vase, broad mouth, unmarked, 5¾", mint. (150-250)
254. Niloak vase, impressed mark, 6¼", small nick to rim. (100-150)