Fall Select Auction: November 4 (2005)

Cincinnati Paintings & Art

202. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Family crossing river in mist, oil on board, 47" x 56", signed. 14,000-20,000

Lindsay studied in Dusseldorf in the 1860s. He instructed students in his Cincinnati studio and was one of the founding members of the Cincinnati Art Club. He exhibited at the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, from 1870-83, Pogue's in 1875, and the Art Institute of Chicago in 1896.

90. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Cows crossing water, oil on canvas, 28" x 50", signed. 8,000-12,000

207. Frank Duveneck, Cincinnati, 1848-1919, Portrait of elegant lady, oil on canvas, oval 16" x 20", unsigned. 6,000-8,000

Authenticated by Duveneck's close friend Bessie Wessel, acknowledged Duveneck expert. Authentication card signed Bessie H Wessel & dated Oct 20, 1971

181. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Autumn forest interior, oil on canvas, 32" x 42", signed. 5,500-7,500
163. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Cottage interior, oil on canvas, 17" x 21", signed. 3,000-3,500
183. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Three cows in tall grass, oil on canvas, 18" x 22", signed. 3,000-3,500
92. John Rettig, Cincinnati, 1858-1932, Harbor Entrance - Marblehead, 1922, oil on board, 15" x 17", signed, dated 22. 2,000-3,000

Started his career as a frescoe painter, later designed elaborate outdoor theatrical productions. Studied at the Cincinnati School of Design with Frank Duveneck and Edward Potthast. Traveled extensively, made Volendam Holland his second home. Old brother of artist Martin Rettig.

189. Charles Alfred Meurer, Cincinnati, 1865-1955, Flock of sheep, oil on board, 15" x 22", signed, old Closson's tag on back. 2,000-2,500

Meurer at first specialized in still life painting, and is considered the last link to the heyday of the trompe l'oeil style. He later broadened his subject matter to landscapes. He was good friends with Frank Duveneck, and also studied under Thomas Noble and L.H. Meakin.

203. Victor Casnelli, Cincinnati, 1867-1961, Indian riders in Rockies, watercolor, 19.5" x 12", signed. 1,500-2,000

An accomplished painter of Native Americans, Casnelli is also known for his landscapes and Mediterranean scenes. William Howard Taft commissioned Casenelli to paint murals in his home.

6. Victor Casnelli, Cincinnati, 1867-1961,Woman with sheep, watercolor, 11.5" x 17.5", signed. 800-1,000
8. Victor Casnelli, Cincinnati, 1867-1961, Southern beach scene, watercolor, 8.5" x 12.5", signed. 300-500
47. Matthew Andrew Daly, Cincinnati, 1860-1937, Three Indian riders, 1936, oil on canvas mounted on board, 18" x 22", signed & dated. 600-800

Matt Daly was one of Rookwood Pottery's most respected artists. After 21 years at Rookwood, he was head of the art department at U.S. Playing Card for 30 years. Throughout his careers, he was also a prolific painter of portraits, landscapes and tavern scenes. Daly was a student of Frank Duveneck, and his work hangs in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

10. Charles T Webber, Cincinnati, 1825-1911, Forest pathway, oil on canvas, 10" x 12", signed. 300-500

A leading figure in Cincinnati art in the late 19th century, Webber is best known for his historical painting, The Underground Railroad, painted for the 1893 Columbian Exposition. He exhibited in the Paris Salon, Art Institute of Chicago, and Boston Art Club. He has several works in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

157. Fred M. Imfeld, Cincinnati, 1872-1927, Wooded harbor with boats and cottages, oil on canvas, 29" x 49", signed. 500-700

Imfeld was born in Newport KY to Swiss parents. He was principally self-taught, and also received instruction from an old painter who lived with his parents. He is not known to have exhibited his works, but rather sold them to local dealors. Listed in Davenport's, Who Was Who, and Mallett.

51. Richard Frederick Erdmann, Cincinnati, 1894-1965, Portrait of a Pueblo Indian, 1929, oil on board, 10" x 8", signed. 400-600

Erdmann studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy and the National Academy of Design. While in Cincinnati, he worked at the Stowbridge Lithographic Company. From 1924-1931, he lived in New Mexico, photographing and painting Pueblo Indians.

9. Joseph Henry Sharp, Cincinnati, 1859-1953, Portrait of a gentleman, 1886, charcoal, 17" x 11", signed, dated 86. 400-600

A founding member of the Taos artist colony, Ohio born Joseph Sharp studied in Cincinnati and Europe. In 1900, the Smithsonian bought 11 of Sharp's Plains Indians portraits, and Theodore Roosevelt commissioned a studio to be built for Sharp. By 1912 he had relocated to Taos to continue documenting Native American life and the Old West. He later spent time in California, painting landscapes and floral still lifes.

1. E.T. Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Dock scene w/boats & people, hand colored etching, 9" x 12.5", pencil signed. 400-600

Hurley exhibited at the National Academy of Design, Art Institute of Chicago, Panama Pacific Exhibition, and others. He was a decorator for Rookwood Pottery, and studied with Frank Duveneck at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

313. Frederick William Kolde, Cincinnati, 1870-1958, Lakeside home with picnickers and boats, watercolor, 10" x 6.75", signed. 300-500

Kolde is listed in Davenport's and Who Was Who as a painter, craftsman and jewelry designer. He studied under Duveneck, Nowottny and Breslau.

143. John Ellsworth Weis, Cincinnati, 1892-1962, Sailboats in harbor, watercolor, 12" x 18", signed. 200-400

Born in Indiana, Weis spent his childhood in Higginsport, OH. He studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy, and was on the faculty there for thiry-eight years. After serving in World War I, he traveled through Europe. He painted in Cincinnati, Taos, Rockport, and Booth Bay.

2. E.T. Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Forest scene, 1906, pencil, 13" x 11", signed, dated 7-4-06. 350-450
3. E.T. Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Country lane with chickens, 1902, ink, 12" x 10", signed, dated 8-27-1902. 350-450
4. E.T. Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Boating scene, 1911, pencil, 10" x 12", signed, dated 9-16-1911. 350-450
5. Lot of three sketches by Herman Wessel, Cincinnati, 1878-1969: Pen & ink street illustration, 6" x 6", unsigned. Pencil study of pigs, Stearns KY, 3" x 5", unsigned. Pencil industrial scene, 3" x 5", unsigned. 200-400

A prominent member of Cincinnati's artistic community, Herman Wessel studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy, Royal Academy in Munich, and Academie Julien in Paris. He taught at the Cincinnati Art Academy for 40 years and painted many prominent public murals. He and his wife Bessie Wessel worked closely with Frank Duveneck and became leading experts on authenticating his works.

233. Two works by William A. McCord, Cincinnati, d.1918: Fall landscape with creek, watercolor, 9" x 7.5", signed, and Fall landscape with man, watercolor, 7.5" x  9", signed, in matching frames. 250-500

A landscape painter, illustrator and craftsman. Listed in Davenport's and Who Was Who, member of the Cincinnati Art Club.

142. Glen Tracy, Cincinnati, b.1883, Pair of stylized autumn landscapes, c.1930, both 6" x 6", presented together in 25" x 14.5" frame, both signed. 200-400

Glen Tracy exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Society of Independent Artists. He was a painter, illustrator, teacher, and a member of the Cincinnati Art Club.

134. Sara Grofton Ware, Cincinnati, 20th century, City scene w/horses & buggies, watercolor, 13" x 9", signed, dated 46. 100-300

A Cincinnati artist listed in Davenport's and Mallett.

140. Paul Ashbrook, Cincinnati, 1867-1949, Female nude study, 1940, pencil, 18" x 10", signed, dated 2/29/40. 100-300

Ashbrook studied under Frank Duveneck and William Merritt Chase, and was an instructor at the Cincinnati Art Academy.

53. John Stobart, London & USA, b.1929, Cincinnati - A View From the Kentucky Hills in 1858, Maritime Heritage Print, 12" x 18", pencil signed & numbered 108/450. 500-700

Stobart studied at Derby College and the Royal Academy in England. His maritime and historical paintings were in such demand that he started a printing company to make quality reproductions of his works. He has lived and worked in England, South Africa, Canada and America.

7. Nicely framed Joseph Sharp print of Indians inside tent, 16" x 22". 100-200
112. E.T. Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, Wintry landscape w/lakeside cabin, etching, 8.5" x 11", pencil signed. 100-150
113. E.T. Hurley, Cincinnati, 1869-1950, People at niche at Immaculata Church, 1907, etching, 6.5" x 3", pencil signed. 100-150
135. Framed page from Harper's Weekly of Tyler Davidson Fountain, The New Fountain Presented to the City of Cincinnati, Sept 30, 1871, 15" x 10", excellent condition. 150-250
136. Framed Cincinnati photograph, The Christian Moerlein Brewing Co employee photo, sign on wall dated 1897, 11" x 13.5". 200-300
137. Framed Cincinnati photograph, The Coney Island Co Island Queen, 15.5" x 19.5". 150-250
138. Framed Cincinnati photograph, Mt. Adams incline, 19.5" x 15.5". 150-250