Fall Select Auction: November 4 (2005)

American Paintings & Art
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184. Henry Lawrence Faulkner, KY, 1924-1981, Stylized portrait of harlequin, oil on board, 13" x 7.5", signed. 4,500-5,500

An eccentric painter and poet from Kentucky, Faulkner's works are highly sought after by collectors around the country. He exhibited regularly in New York, Ohio and Florida, and further developed his unique painting style while living in Sicily.

164. George Albert Thomson, Old Lyme CT, 1868-1965, Bay at Parry Sound, 1940, oil on canvas, 15" x 18", signed, dated '40, title on reverse. 2,000-3,000

A student and later instructor at the Yale School of Fine Arts, Thomson is best known for his Connecticut landscapes and coastal scenes. Thompson is well listed and has good auction records. Born in Canada, he studied at the Art Student's League in New York, and worked in Connecticut at the artist colony at Old Lyme. He later returned to Canada to paint in Ontario.

165. George Albert Thomson, Old Lyme CT, 1868-1965, The Georgian Bay, 1940, oil on board, 10" x 12", signed, title on reverse. 800-1,200
166. George Albert Thomson, Old Lyme CT, 1868-1965, Winter - Leith Shore, 1940, oil on board, 10" x 12", signed, some paint loss. 400-600
209. John Califano, CA & IL, 1862-1946, Still life with flowers, oil on canvas, 12" x 19", signed. 2,000-3,000

Califano was born in Rome, where he studied under Domenico Morelli. He later lived in Chicago and eventually California. He won a gold medal at an exhibit in Naples in 1880, exhibited at the National Academy of Design from 1897-99, and at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1907.

99. William McKendree Snyder, IN, 1848-1930, Landscape with approaching train, oil on canvas, 17.5" x 30", signed. 2,000-3,000

Snyder was one of the first artists to paint landscapes in Brown County, Indiana. He served in the Union Army in the Civil War. He studied under John Insco Williams in Cincinnati, and later with Albert Bierstadt and George Innes.

160. Charles Griffin Farr, TN, 1908-1997, Sunset beach scene, oil on board, 12" x 15", signed. 1,500-2,000

Studied at the Art Students League in New York, exhibited at Corcoran Gallery Biennial and the Whitney Museum.

97. George Jensen, Toledo OH, b.1893, Autumn landscape with Quaker barn, oil on canvas, 24" x 30", signed. 1,500-2,000

Studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, painter of mountains, rivers and towns.

158. Arbit Nicolai Blatas, New York, 1908-1999, Portrait of Marcel Marceau, oil on board, 45" x 14", signed. 1,000-2,000

Painter, scultptor and designer. Born in Lithuania, studied and exhibited in Paris, made his home in New York. Exhibited at the Carnegie Institute, the Pennsylvania Academy, the Santa Barbara Museum and the Rhode Island School of Design. His paintings of performers also include a series based on the Threepenny Opera.

159. Jean Dylen, USA, 1886-1938, Ceintures Bretelles Filver, French Art Deco poster, c.1930, 46" x 30", marked Affiches Gaillard Paris, Imp.30.0210, canvas mounted. 1,000-1,500
188. John William Bentley, Woodstock NY, 1880-1951, Cattails swamp landscape, oil on board, 12" x 16", signed. 1,200-1,600

Bentley was an early member of the Woodstock Art Colony, and exhibited at the Buffalo Society of Artists. He was also a WPA artist, and his work is in several buildings in New York City and the Dutch Reformed Church of Woodstock.

185. Henry Webster Rice, MA, 1853-1934, Late autumn landscape, 1899, watercolor, 14" x 10", signed, dated Nov 30, 1899. 800-1,200

Listed painter and watercolorist of landscapes, oceans, fishermen, boats, and genre. Worked in Europe.

93. Otto Bierhals, NJ, 1879-1935, Cabin scene, oil on board, 10" x 12", signed. 600-800

Member of the Woodstock Art Association. Studied at the National Academy of Design, Cooper Union, and Pennsylvania Academy. Bierhals painted portraits, plein-air landscapes, still life, western scenes, and worked as an illustrator.

240. Milton H Lowell, NY, 1848-1927, Landscape w/stream, oil on canvas, 18" x 40", signed. 700-1,000

Born in Lamberton, NY, studied in Boston but was mostly self-taught. Painter of New England pastorals and Adirondack mountain landscapes. Did calendar art. Father of artist Orson Lowell.

24. Gustav F. Goetsch, MO, 1877-1969, Still life with pamphlet, 1959, oil on board, 16" x 14", signed, dated 59. 400-600

An art teacher at the St. Louis School of Fine Art at Washington University Gustav Goetsch was a student of William Merritt Chase and Frank Beckwith. In the 1940s and early 50s, he painted landscapes in California.

75. Julia Collins Stohr, ME, b.1866, Landscape with cottage, 1900, watercolor, 5" x 7", signed, dated. 400-600

Student of William Merrit Chase. Studied at the Art Students League and Cooper Union in New York. Exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitney Museum. Member of the National Association of Women Artists.

70. John Kellogg Woodruff, NY, 1879-1956, Mountain landscape, watercolor, 16" x 20", signed. 300-500

A painter of landscapes and still life, listed in Davenport's, Fieldings and Mallett. Studied at Yale University, the Artist-Artisan Institute in New York, and Columbia University (with J. Niemeyer, W. Shirlaw, A. Dow, and C.J. Martin). He had numerous one-man gallery shows in New York City.

53. John Stobart, London & USA, b.1929, Cincinnati - A View From the Kentucky Hills in 1858, Maritime Heritage Print, 12" x 18", pencil signed & numbered 108/450. 500-700

Stobart studied at Derby College and the Royal Academy in England. His maritime and historical paintings were in such demand that he started a printing company to make quality reproductions of his works. He has lived and worked in England, South Africa, Canada and America.

54. John Stobart, London & USA, b.1929, Mystic Seaport - The Charles W Morgan at Chubb's Wharf by Moonlight, Maritime Heritage Print, 16" x 28", pencil signed & numbered 5235/6141. 300-600
311. Allen Duke Lovell, San Diego, 1893-1957, Landscape w/copse of trees beside river, pastel, 13" x 23", signed Lovell. 200-400

115. Two works by Carl Lotick, IN, 1878-1958: The Old Swimmin Hole, oil on board, 9" x 14", signed. Forest stream landscape, oil on board, 9" x 13.5", signed. 300-500

A Harrison County, IN, native. Received his early training at the Chicago Art Institute. Worked with Joseph Krementz and James L. Russell in New Albany, maintained a studio in Indianapolis, and showed his work in Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati.

114. Frederick Mortimer Lamb, attribution, MA, 1861-1936, Hound fetching woodcock, watercolor, 14" x 12". Provenance: from descendant of the artist. 200-400

Lamb studied at the Massachusetts Normal Art School and the Academie Julien in Paris. He exhibited The End of the Trail, a life-sized scene of hunt dogs, at the 1893 Columbian Exposition. Lamb also exhibited at the Panama Pacific Exhibition of 1915. He was a member of the American Watercolor Society and the Boston Art Club.

141. Stanley Bielecky, IN, 1903-1985, Busy street in Arizona, watercolor, 10.5" x 14.5", signed. 200-400

Well-listed painter and teacher from Indiana and Chicago. His paintings are noteworthy for the animation he gives to industrial scenes, and to men and women either working or playing.

208. Charles Wesley Sanderson, Boston, 1838-1905, Yellow Day Southern Michigan, watercolor, 9.5" x 13.5", signed. 200-400

A musician and well-listed landscape painter, Sanderson studied with Scotch artist James Hope in Vermont, Samuel Gerry in Boston, and at the l'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. In his later years, he spent his summers painting and teaching in Vermont and Michigan.

73. William Arnold Eyden Jr, IN, 1893-1982, Late autumn beech trees, gouache, 12" x 18", signed. 200-400

An Indiana artist with extensive aucion listings. He was known for his Indiana landscapes, and he also painted in Asheville, NC, and New York City. He studied under his father, William Sr, as well as T.C. Steele and Hawthorne.

48. Alexander J. Van Leshout, Louisville KY, 1868-1930, Portrait of a Native American, etching, 8" x 6", pencil signed. 200-300

An etcher and teacher from Louisville KY, Van Leshout was a pupil of Beckwith, Vanderpoel and Freer. He is listed in Davenport's, Fieldings and Who Was Who.

306. Hamilton Hamilton, N.A., CT, 1847-1928, Ladies on the lake, pencil signed print, 20" x 31", stamped Max Jacobs Publisher New York, pencil signed Hamilton Hamilton. 200-400

National Academy of Design member and co-founder of the Silvermine Artist Guild in Norwalk, CT, Hamilton Hamilton was a landscape painter and illustrator. He studied in Paris and worked with painters connected to the Barbizon School and the plein-air movement. Also worked with prominent American artists in New York.

237. Boris Riedel, USA, 20th century, painted panel in the style of an Arts & Crafts floral tile, 10" x 8", signed. 200-400
139. Charley Harper silkscreen, Catfish, 10.5" x 15", pencil signed, nicely framed. 100-200
116. Albert Prentice Button, Boston, 1872-1934, Early Moonrise - Back Bay Fens, c.1922, oil on board, 3" x 4", signature, title & dedication on back. 100-300

Button studied at various art schools in Boston and was a pupil of the Boston Art Club. He was a member of the New York Watercolor Club, the Boston Society of Watercolor Painters and the Providence Watercolor Club. Working in the arts and crafts style, Button usually painted on small canvas boards and paper. He exhibited at the Lowell Art Association and several of his watercolors were displayed at the Boston Art Club.

235. Mons Breidvik, New York, 1881-1951, A Little Girl II, 1926, charcoal on paper, 16.5" x 11", signed, dated, old label verso from Montclair Art Museum. 100-200

Listed portraitist, genre painter, illustrator and craftsman. Commissioned in 1933 to paint an Ascension scene in the Grace Episcopal Church in Queens, NY. Listed in Davenport's, Fieldings, Mallett, and Who Was Who.