Fall Select Auction: November 4 (2005)


322. Gallé cameo cut vase w/olive & pale green leaves, stems & pods on frosted salmon background, 10", signed, excellent condition. 1,000-1,500

323. Daum Nancy berluze vase, mottled deep cranberry glass, gourd form w/long neck, nice signature, 14", mint. 300-500

324. Gallé cameo cut vase, deep burgundy leaves, twisting vines & pods on frosted white background, 8", signed. 900-1,200

393. Verlys center bowl, etched design of diving kingfishers over fish & waves, embossed signature, 13.5". 200-300

394. Lot of Two American Verlys: Broad shouldered vase w/overlapping ginko leaves, unsigned, 9". Pansy motif vase, 6". 200-300

395. Verlys center bowl, acid etched bowl in dramatic design of birds & moths, stylized etched signature, c.1930s, 12"d. 200-300

396. Verlys three-piece trivet set w/goldfish & bubbles, all signed Verlys France, c.1930s. Large oval, 12" x 8". Two small round, 5"d. 400-600

397. Verlys rectalinear low bowl, fully decorated w/overlapping butterflies, unsigned, tiny flake, 14" x 6.5" x 3"h. 150-250

398. American Verlys pinecone low vase, 6". 50-100

14. Pierre D'Avesn 1930s opalescent low bowl w/three pheasants & ferns, signed P. D'Avesn, 12"d. 200-300

15. Sabino 1930s massive vase w/band of plumed turkeys, ribbed bands to top & bottom, minor surface chip to lower band, 14"h. 500-700

16. Choisy & Roi 1930s opalescent starfish bowl, paper label, embossed Made In France, 9". 300-400

17. Sabino 1930s art glass footed bowl w/opalescent berries & leaves, embossed Vernox Paris, etched France, 10". 75-125

18. Pair of Chamart France perfumes w/oval geometric Art Deco pattern, clear stoppers, 6"h. 100-200

269. Hawkes clear cut glass basket weave plate, signed, minor chips, 12"d. 500-800

270. American Brilliant Period cut crystal conserve bowl, unusual form, leaves & blossoms in two panels surrounded by Harvard pattern edging, 14.25"w x 4.25"h x 8.5"d, minor flakes. 200-300

271. Waterford Ten Commandments crystal vase w/etched picture of Moses, etched signature #104/250 1972 Tarlall Waterford, in original box, 10.5"h x 4.25"w, excellent condition. 200-300

272. Early brilliant cut crystal vase, 10 point stars w/wheel cut accents surrounded by long, trailing fern leaves, 14"h, mint. 200-300

273. American Brilliant Period cut crystal bowl, possibly by Kellner and Munro, 8"d x 3.75"h, minor flakes. 100-200

274. Pair of Libbey cut crystal tapered vases, narrow necks, 11"h x 4.25"d, both marked Libbey, excellent condition. 200-400

275. Lalique Canadian thistle pattern vase, acid etched signature, drilled, 8". 200-300

276. Lalique vase decorated w/pods & trailing stems, etched signature, modern, 7". 200-300

277. Lalique mistletoe pattern opalescent vase, early signature, drilled, 6". 200-300

278. Lalique vase, body fully decorated w/sparrows in nests & leaves, paper label & later etched signature, 7"h. 200-300

279. Lalique opalescent oval center bowl, stylized vines to edge intertwining in figure eights, older etched signature, 12" x 10". 600-800

280. Lalique center bowl w/frieze of overlapping sparrows, cut paneled body, etched signature, modern, 4"h x 10"w. 150-250

281. Lalique footed goblet w/sparrows & leaves, etched signature, minor roughness to one corner, modern, 5.5"h. 150-250

282. Lalique low footed vase w/sparrows & leaves, etched signature, 5". 200-400

328. Seven Lundberg gold iridescent glass salts, yellow w/green & violet highlights, 1.5"h x 3"w, excellent condition. 300-500

329. Steuben Aurene iridescent stemmed bud vase, ribbed tapered body, ink marked Aurene Haviland & Co, partial paper label originally reading Controlled by Aurene Glass Haviland & Co NY, excellent condition, 5"h x 2.75"d. 100-200

330. Loetz irridescent narrow neck vase w/applied spider webbing, 5". 100-150

19. Two Victorian etched & gilded glass compotes: Art Nouveau w/daisies & leaves, 10"h x 5" bowl; other w/detailed wildflower motif, 8.5"h x 7" bowl. 100-200

20. Ornate silver plate decanter caddy w/drapery edging, three decanters in Harvard pattern w/matching stoppers, decanter & stoppers 10.75"h. 400-600

21. Verlys blue thistle pattern footed center bowl, 8.5"d. 150-250

22. Murano three-piece console set in gold dust finish, chrysanthemum form: 10" cornucopia, pair of 8" x  9" two-light candlestands, excellent condition. 300-400

154. Pair of clear glass lustered stands, fluted rim, cut coin spots to top, knop & base, cut stem, 6.5" hanging lusters, 14"h. 150-250

155. Tall glass lidded punch bowl w/enameled grapes & autumn leaves on trailing vines, gold scrolling, excellent condition w/minor paint wear, 15.5"h x 10"w. 200-250

364. Two nickel silver pheasant figures, etched feather texture, folded wings, powder blue accents, male 8.25"h x 14"l, female 6.5"h x 9"l. 200-300

365. Green colonial scene oil lamp, three pieces plus chimney, green cased over white w/gold bands, 21.5"h x 5.5"w, excellent condition w/minor paint wear. 200-250

366. Phoenix glass vase, frosted pale blue background w/raised white latticed blossoms & branches, 10.5". 200-300

367. White lustrous glass vase w/banded base & rim, ormolu drapes to shoulder, 12". 150-250

368. Epergne, silver plate base w/elk on embossed landscape ground beneath leafy tree, supports pale green & opalescent glass insert w/applied band of green leaves, fluted top & green rim, total 25"h, excellent condition. 450-650

369. Cranberry glass pitcher w/applied acanthus leaves, three leaves extend to form feet, 10.25"h, roughness to feet. 100-200

Victorian Pitchers

36. Mica flecked pitcher, pale blue to white, reeded handle, polished pontle, fluted flared rim, 9". 150-250

37. Blue opalescent swirl pitcher, tri-corned spout, polished pontle, 8". 150-250

38. Pitcher in blue opalescent windows pattern, tri-corned spout, polished pontle, 8.5". 250-350

39. Pitcher in blue opalescent seaweed pattern, flaired & fluted rim, 9". 175-275

40. Cranberry opalescent reverse swirl pitcher, 9". 300-350

41. Cranberry opalescent swirl pitcher, crimped tri-corned spout, 8". 150-250

42. Cranberry lace pitcher, crimped & flared spout, polished pontle, 9". 200-300

Victorian Pitchers

78. Pale plum glass pitcher w/swirled body, reeded handle, crimped spout, enameled design w/oriental style white blossoms w/gold centers on thorny branches, 8". 100-200

79. Pitcher in diamond quilt mother of pearl, reeded handle, fluted spout, 8". 100-200

80. Peach bloom quilted pitcher, small chip to handle, 8". 150-250

81. Pelaton pitcher, clear glass w/red threading, modified melon shape, slight imperfection to threading to one side, 8". 100-200

82. Pitcher w/yellow to cranberry w/opalescent coin spots, crimped & fluted spout, polished pontle, 9". 100-200

83. Lime green over-shot pitcher, reeded handle, 7.5". 100-200

84. Cased blue satin glass swirl pitcher, reeded handle, polished pontle, 7.75". 100-200

12. Victorian bride's basket, mottled glass ribbed bowl in clear, white, & amber, ruffled rim, gold enameled trailing leaves & branches inside & out, 4"h x 11"d, ink marked R500 on polished pontil, mint. Ornate silver plate stand, 12.5"h. 150-250

416. Two Lalique birds, etched signature, modern. 125-225

417. Lalique bull figure on cut plateau base, etched signature, modern, 3.25"h. 150-250

418. Two Lalique birds, etched signature, modern. 125-225

419. Lot of two: Lalique ashtray w/frosted florettes, paper label, 5.5", and Lalique cylinder form cigarette holder, 3". 100-150

420. Lot of two: Lalique: dresser dish, dragonfly design, clear label & etched signature, modern, 5"d. And Lalique dish w/broad rim of ginko leaves, 6"w. 100-150

421. Pair of Lalique rope pattern vases, 4"d. 200-400