Fall Select Auction: November 4 (2005)

Art Pottery

255. Rookwood standard glaze lidded tankard by Bruce Horsfall, portrait of smiling black boy wearing floppy hat, pewter lid w/embossed leaves & pods, grotesque unicorn thumblift, 1895, #656, Cincinnati Art Museum catalog number in red ink, pottery 10"h, minor restoration at base, glaze pops. 4,000-6,000
224. Clewell copper clad vase in fabulous nut brown to green patina, signed Clewell 303-2-1, 13.5"h x 7"w. 1,000-1,500
249. Rookwood faience bird bath, three-sided bisque base w/paneled designs of Art Nouveau nudes w/calla lilies atop scrolled leaf trim. Center of tray in rich blue-gray matt glaze, edging in medium & light blue semi-gloss vertical leaves on black background. Minor & expected chips, pedestal marked 6573 504 GY RP 410, tray marked RP 410 3089Y 3125Y8. 30"h x 23"w. 1,500-2,000
256. Rookwood wax matt vase by Elizabeth Lincoln, large overlapping red & violet leaves w/deep violet berries & black detailing on blue to rose to green ground, 1926, #2900, 9.75", mint. 1,800-2,200

257. Rookwood floral vellum vase by Sallie Coyne, shoulder decoration of white blossoms w/tan & vivid green centers on gray branches w/vivid green leaves & pink buds, pale blue to pale pink background, black outlining, 1918, #2033E, 8.25", mint. 1,200-1,500

258. Rookwood wax matt by Elizabeth Lincoln, stylized flowers on blue background w/incised outlining, 1920, #2301B, 13", professionally filled drill hole. 1,000-1,500

259. Rookwood vellum by E.T. Hurley, white-banded shoulder decoration of daisies w/mustard centers on gray-blue to pale pink, 1929, #1927, 4", mint. 800-1,200

260. Rookwood floral vellum by Elizabeth Lincoln, shoulder decoration of deep red to rose flowers w/yellow centers on charcoal to rose background 1925, #2544, 8.25", mint. 1,200-1,500

261. Rookwood wax matt by Herman Moos, floral clusters on mottled aqua background, 1923, #534C, 8", mint. 1,000-1,500

262. Rookwood wax matt vase by Sallie Coyne, stylized leaves in red, yellow & green on blue ground, 1927, #827, 11", mint. 1,000-1,500

263. Rookwood vellum glaze vase, decorated w/swimming fish by Edith Noonan, 1908, #1358E, 7", line. 300-500

264. Rookwood scenic green vellum vase by Lenore Asbury, landscape w/tall trees, 1912, #30E, incised G./V., 8.25"h, several rim flakes. 1,000-1,500

144. Rookwood iris glaze vase by Josephine E. Zettel, shouldered form w/pale green lily pads & stems w/white blossoms on cream to light green background, 1904, 943C, 10"h x 5"w, restoration. 800-1,200

145. Rookwood porcelain glaze vase w/two fish in black & white on cocoa background, Jens Jensen, 1944, #6199F, 4"h x 5"w. 800-1,200

146. Rookwood matt glaze vase w/hand decorated squeeze bag design by Elizabeth Barrett of geometric patterns in blue, green, brown & yellow, 1931, #130, 6.5", mint. 1,500-2,500

147. Rookwood porcelain glaze rectangular vase by Elizabeth Barrett, cocoa flower on white background, 1946, #6292C, 7.5", mint. 350-400

284. Rookwood console bowl w/semi-nude ladies at ends, white high glaze w/aqua interior & frog, 1927, #2823, Louise Abel design stamp, 13"w x 7"h, mint. 500-1,000

285. Pair of Rookwood rook bookends in rich cream matt glaze, 1938, #2275, 5"h, mint. 250-350

286. Rookwood flower bouquet basket, large impressive polychrome example w/gray-green matt basket overflowing w/roses, mums, daisies, carnations & pansies in yellow, pale green, violet, blue, caramel & pink. Rare form in remarkable condition. 1920, #2521, 11"h x 12"d, hand colored & signed by Caroline Steinle, McDonald design. Insignificant heat line to underside. 1,200-1,800

287. Rookwood penguin tray in white matt, 1952, #6517, 5", mint. 350-450

288. Rookwood Madonna bust, white high glaze, 1946, #6949, 9.5", mint. 300-400

289. Rookwood standard glaze two-handle vase w/jonquils, Edith Noonan, 1903, 604E, 6", mint. 400-600

290. Rookwood standard glaze loving cup, Clara C. Lindeman, olive & pale green curled leaves on narrow twisting & trailing branches w/green berries on brown to olive to orange background, 1899, #830E, 4.75", mint. 500-700

291. Rookwood standard glaze vase by Anna M Valentien, iris blossoms in deep mustard on olive green stems & leaves on dark brown to olive-orange background, 1897, #468C, 12". 800-1,200

292. Unusual Rookwood standard glaze vase, exterior incised "C.S.R." to one side, "Apl. 1. 1889" w/RP-logo to other side, base stamped w/only a W, 7", mint. 300-500

293. Rookwood oxblood mug, decorated in raised Wedgwood style pub scene figures, 1892, #58, Cincinnati Art Museum catalog number in red ink, 4½", mint. 250-350

294. Rookwood standard glaze vase by Albert R Valentien, narrow neck form w/jonquils on dark brown background, impressed Rookwood 1886 R, #294, 10". 400-700

125. Early Rookwood ewer. Stem, folded rim & handle decorated w/blossoms, spider webs & geometric patterns in gold on light & dark blue background. Body w/thickly painted white blossoms w/gold centers, gold leaves & vines w/gold accents, and other gold work on cream background. Base stamped W, incised J.P.B./S., 13"h x 7.5"w, mint. 300-500

126. Rookwood cameo glaze pitcher, Edward Abel, detailed clover blossoms & buds in tan & pink on olive & rust leaves & stems, 1890, #18, 6.5", mint. 500-700

127. Rookwood cameo glaze ribbed plate decorated in white blossoms, green stems & brown leaves by Amelia Sprague, 1887, 817W, 7", mint. 200-300

128. Rookwood jug in Limoges style decoration of clover blossoms & stems w/gold highlights on tan background, Albert R Valentien, 6.5", impressed Rookwood 1882, mint. 300-500

129. Rookwood pitcher on five feet, rare form in pink & green matt glaze, 1921, 616. 120-150

130. Rookwood Arts & Crafts handled vase, pink to green matt w/carved geometric base, 1907, 1014D, 7"h x 4.5"w, mint. 250-350

131. Rookwood polychrome trivet w/colonial lady, 1922, #3070, 5.75" x 5.75", mint. 200-300

132. Rookwood vase, pale green matt glaze w/carved & painted blossoms & leaves in purple & dark green, artist signed, 1905, 942E, 4.75"h x 3.5"w, minor glaze misses, mint. 400-600

133. Rookwood tapered form vase, pale green matt glaze w/carved & painted blossoms & leaves in red & green, artist signed, 1904, 969E, 4"h x 3"w, mint. 300-500

148. Rookwood vase, classic form in deep blue cobalt high glaze, 1938 S, esoteric kiln mark, 5", mint. 200-400

149. Rookwood vase in rare coromandel glaze, squat form w/Art Deco blossoms & berries, 1933, #6352, 3"h, mint. 200-400

150. Rookwood vase w/relief scene of Mexican villagers, green high glaze, 1954, #6762, 5.5", mint. 150-200

151. Rookwood Boss ashtray in wine madder glaze, 1944, in unopened string-tied factory-wrapped box. 100-150

152. Rookwood Arts & Crafts blue matt footed vase, 1921, #2093, 3.5", mint. 150-200

193. Bellova desk lamp w/reverse painted shade w/floral band, base w/acorns & leaves, 9"h x 6.5"w, excellent condition. 200-300

194. Pauline Pottery hand painted pitcher, white blossoms & green leaves over blue-green ground. Marked Trade Mark / crown hallmark / 15. 9.5"h x 7.5"w x 3.5"d, excellent condition. 200-400

195. Marblehead wall pocket in mottled red-brown glaze, impressed mark, 5", mint. 200-400

196. Wheatley Pottery wall pocket, row of winged ladies over draped pinecone base, marked 268 w/WP cipher & inscribed initials CB, 9"h x 5"w x 3"d, flakes. 200-400

197. Strobl vase, thick frogskin glaze w/pretzel twist handles, c.1908, impressed SP mark, 1068, VIII, 7", mint, Rare Form. The J.H. Strobl Pottery operated in Cincinnati from 1901-1910. 500-700

225. Weller Louwelsa vase, orange & salmon blossoms on olive leaves, brown & green thorny branches, brown to green to orange background, bottom impressed Louwelsa X 99 7, artist initials to side, 7.5", mint. 250-450

226. Rozane lamp w/three dramatic rose blossoms in deep mustard & orange w/brown centers on thorny green stems, brown to orange background, signed J.I. for Josephine Imlay, base impressed Rozane 813, 9"h x 8"d, mint. 400-600

227. Roseville Jonquil vase, two-handled form, 10"h. 200-300

228. Roseville Wisteria two-handle jardiniere, 5.25"h x 7"w, mint, excellent color & very crisp mold. 300-500

229. Weller Pumila three piece console set in waterlily design, pale blue-gray matt. Bowl 12"d x 2.75"h, base chip. Two candle holders, one flake. 150-250

230. Weller Muskota fishing boy, 6.5", mint. 250-350

59. Art Nouveau pottery pedestal w/nude maiden riding a dolphin, atop seashells & waves, rich forest green high glaze, three-footed base, a few tiny chips to bottom, 15"h. 150-250

432. Lot of three early Royal Doulton vases. Silicon glaze ewer w/white eagle, crane, group of blossoms, & two floral & vine medallions in white over multi-textured blue over vertically lined brown w/white blossom accents, excellent condition, 7.5"h x 5.5"w, stamped Doulton Lambeth, Doulton & Slaters Patent, several incised numbers & letters. High glaze trumpet vase w/stylized medallions & horizontal bands in blue, white & brown, excellent condition, 4.75"h x 3.5"w, stamped Doulton Lambeth 1878. Mug in light & dark brown w/two great figural dog handles, relief images in lower band of men & dogs hunting stag while above men drink & smoke in repose, stamped 16 Doulton Lambeth, restoration, 4.5"h x 7.5"w. 300-500