Fall Select Auction: November 3 (2006)

Lot 404-427

404. Pair of Chinese palace vases, hand thrown and fully decorated, large central medallions with family riding a dragon in the clouds, surrounded by scenes with people, birds, butterflies and flowers, 20th century, 43"h x 17"w, 14.5"w at opening, excellent condition. 2,500-3,500
405. Henredon coffee table, hand painted oriental scene in gold, red and green, of pagoda, man and woman in boat, and bridge, gold lattice design to corners, floral panels. 16"h x 45" x 26". Excellent condition. 300-500
406. Chinese bronze statue of fisherman holding huge fish, impressed medallion seal to back, 16"h, excellent condition. 200-400
407. Nobukazu, Japan, 1874-1944, The Honnoji Incident, rebellion scene with the shogun Nobunaga, woodblock print, oban triptych, 1896, approximately 13.75" x 9.5" each panel, an authentic print of the period, acid free mounting, not pasted down, excellent condition. 600-800
408. Kunichika Toyohara, Japan, 1835-1900, Kabuki actors in close quarters, woodblock print, oban triptych, 1877, approximately 14.25" x 9.75" each panel, an authentic print of the period, acid free mounting, not pasted down, minor losses around borders, excellent condition. 600-800
409. Chikanobu Toyohara, Japan, 1838-1912, Women taking tea, woodblock print, oban triptych, Meiji period, approximately 14" x 9" each panel, an authentic print of the period, acid free mounting, not pasted down, 0.25" stain to center panel background, minor creasing, overall very good condition. 500-700
410. Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III), Japan, 1786-1865, Mock sumo battle from Ise Monogatari, c.1850, woodblock print, 9.5" x 13.5", Hama and Magomi censor seals, an authentic print of the period, acid-free archival matt, not pasted down, excellent color and paper integrity, once folded down middle. 300-500
411. Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III), Japan, 1786-1865, Diptych depicting abalone divers and women in kimonoes, woodblock print, 13.5" x 8.75" each panel, matted and framed, not examined out of frame, faint 1.5" tear upper right of right panel. 300-500
412. Kawase Hasui, Japan, 1883-1957, Snow at Shiba Park, woodblock print, 9.5" x 14.25", matted and framed, not examined out of frame. 400-600
413. Kawase Hasui, Japan, 1883-1957, High temple, woodblock print, 17.5" x 8.25", matted and framed, not examined out of frame, a rare Hasui image. 300-500
414. Oriental three-drawer blanket chest with relief carved garden scene to front doors, hand painted flora and fauna to drawer fronts, cedar lined drawers with cedar buttons. Original ornate hardware, c.1940, hinges and ornaments, minor losses to some applied carvings, some crackelure and minor paint flakes to top, excellent condition, 32"h x 42"w x 20"d. 500-700
415. Carved teak chest with three panels to top, deep relief carvings of village scenes with geometric edging, front has swirled center scene of village flanked by panels with two sailing ships, sides have deeply carved cartouches, interior till, 20"h x 20" x 40", excellent condition. 350-550

416. Chinese carved ivory, full tusk, reclining Buddhist goddess Quan Yin, wearing tiara with Buddha figure, long flowing robes with extensive open work, great surface details, delicately carved fingers, holding staff with good luck symbol, small worshipping child before her, rests on separate and fully carved pillow covered in mushroom caps and a box tied with a bow, cartouche signature to underside of pillow, both pieces sitting on fitted rosewood sofa with curling open work back and sides. Goddess is 16" long, pillow 2.25" x 2.75" x 1.25"h, sofa 18" x 6" x 7"h. Ivory is in excellent condition with no visible losses, typical age lines, great patina, sofa has a few small scratches. 2,000-3,000
417. Carved ivory, open clam shell form with deep and intricately carved town to interior with people, rickshaws, trees, buildings with detailed stones and steps. 7" long, on fitted rosewood stand, tremendous carving work, excellent condition, typical age lines, no noticeable losses. 750-1,000

418. Carved ivory animal fighting group, elephant doing battle with four tigers and one smaller cat, 12.5" long, one tiger foot reattached. 600-800
419. Carved ivory figure, man playing with a monkey on his back and another monkey at his feet, tremendous detail including clothing textures, polychrome accents, good fingers and toes, signature to underside of base, 5.75", excellent condition, typical age lines. 800-1,200
420. Carved ivory figure, man playing a shamisen with dog at his feet, great facial expression, tremendous detail including cross-hatching, textures and polychrome accents, signature on red lacquer inlay to base, 6", excellent condition, typical age lines. 800-1,200
421. Carved ivory figure, man with masks on a pole, carefully carved details with clothing textures and cross-hatched skirt, painted details, signed, 5", excellent condition, typical age lines. 500-700
422. Carved ivory figure, old martial arts master in ready stance, great facial expression and body contours, cross-hatching and painted details, 4.75", excellent condition, typical age lines. 500-700
423. Carved ivory figure, fisherman with his catch, 12"h, excellent condition, typical age lines. 600-800
424. Oriental carved ivory goddess figure, fully carved tusk with open work to flower and staff, chop mark to base, 12", excellent condition. 600-800
425. Carved ivory puzzle ball on stand with five puzzle balls to stem, top ball has large blossoms to outer layer, 2.5" diameter, 9.5" stem, a few minor losses, line to base. 300-500
426. Carved ivory vase with puzzle ball to center, two elephant handles with rings, approximately twelve balls, dragons to outer layer, 9"h, very good condition, typical age lines. 500-700
427. Carved bone floral basket, large and detailed blossoms and leaves attached to stems, with carved chain links and pierce carved crown hanging from wood frame, missing some leaves, 18"h x 18"w x 10"d. 250-450