Fall Select Auction: November 3 (2006)

Lot 428-463

428. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware beaker in Autumn Crocus, black Bizarre litho backstamp, 3.75", excellent condition. 150-250
429. Two pieces Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware: Saucer in Autumn Crocus, black Bizarre litho backstamp, 5.75", rim chip. Peter Pan Crocus sugar bowl, black Bizarre litho backstamp with NEWPORT POTTERY / ENGLAND ink stamp and hand inked 8, 2.25"h, some scratches. 150-250
430. Two Clarice Cliff vases in My Garden Mushroom pattern. Ribbed trumpet vase, brown litho stamp reads Clarice Cliff / NEWPORT POTTERY / BURSLEM ENGLAND, 7", excellent condition. Handled vase, base has Clarice Cliff / ENGLAND in raised letters, NEWPORT / POTTERY OF / ENGLAND in brown ink, 8.25", excellent condition. 150-250
431. Two Clarice Cliff Harvest pieces. Tall pitcher with green Clarice Cliff Newport ink stamp, also England and 57A/S in raised letters to base, 9", excellent condition. Celtic Harvest jam jar with silver plate spoon and lid, spoon marked Celtic, jar has CELTIC HARVEST and Clarice Cliff / Newport black marks, 4"h x 5"w, excellent condition. 150-250
432. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware My Garden Flame pitcher, floral handle, red and gray Delecia body, marks to base include MY GARDEN in hand ink, Clarice Cliff / WILKINSON LTD / ENGLAND black litho stamp, 9"h, excellent condition. 400-600
433. Two Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware dishes in Autumn Crocus pattern. Octagonal plate, 8", black Bizarre litho backstamp, surface scratches. Dinner plate, 10", gold backstamp reading Spring / Royal Staffordshire / Crocus / by / Clarice Cliff / MADE IN ENGLAND, and green backstamp reading Royal Staffordshire / Ceramics / MADE IN ENGLAND, heavy crazing, excellent condition. 150-250
434. Clarice Cliff Raffia ribbed vase painted in shades of green and brown, green litho stamp to base reading Clarice Cliff / NEWPORT / POTTERY OF / ENGLAND, 7"h x 5.5"w, line along rim. 150-250
435. Clarice Cliff pitcher, raised and painted leaves and pods on trellis background, lime green glaze body, green litho stamp to base reads Clarice Cliff / NEWPORT / POTTERY OF / ENGLAND, 7.75"h x 9"w, excellent condition. 200-400
436. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware ribbed vase in solid orange and gray bands, red interior band, black Bizarre litho backstamp and MADE IN ENGLAND ink stamp, shape 206, 6.25", two scratches. 150-250
437. Clarice Cliff salad bowl, in raised and painted Cherry Tree pattern, pale green interior rim, brown ink Clarice Cliff Newport stamp, raised 988. 5.5"h x 10.25"w, excellent condition. With salad spoon with pods and leaves to handle, 9", excellent condition. 200-400
438. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware Autumn Crocus Globe form teapot, black Bizarre ink backstamp, 4"h, light scratches, very good condition. 400-600
439. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware crown form pitcher, Autumn Crocus pattern, black Bizarre ink backstamp with green hand painted CROCUS, 4"h, some scratches and wear around top of brown band, very good condition. 250-350
440. Clarice Cliff center bowl, raised and painted leaves on trailing stem in shades of orange and yellow, impressed and black inked mark reading Clarice Cliff / NEWPORT / POTTERY OF / ENGLAND, raised 8334 to base, 7"w x 4"h, excellent condition. 150-250
441. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware deep tray, Rhodanthe pattern, 9" x 9", black Clarice Cliff NEWPORT POTTERY CO ENGLAND ink stamp, raised 395 shape number, excellent condition. 150-250
442. Clarice Cliff Bonjour tea set in banded decoration. Tea pot 5.5"h x 7"w, tiny line to lid opening, chip to underside of lid. Creamer 2.5". Sugar 2.5". All ink stamped WILKINSON LTD ENGLAND and Regd No 776243. 400-600
443. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware cream and sugar in My Garden Sunrise. Cream pitcher with daisy handle painted in different colors each side, Bizarre/Newport litho mark, in stamped MADE IN ENGLAND, 3"h. Sugar bowl, 1.5"h, Bizarre/Wilkinson litho mark. Excellent condition. 250-350
444. Two Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware pieces. Pitcher in Pink Pearls Rhodanthe pattern, black Bizarre litho backstamp, 6.25"h, two paint flakes to body, flakes to base. Bizarre ware lidded mustard pot with delicately painted red and yellow blossoms on green stems, black litho Bizarre backstamp, 5.5", excellent condition. 300-400
445. Four Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware examples in Rhodanthe pattern. Two double handled soups, 6.25"w, black Biarritz backstamps, hand inked 6315, excellent condition. Plate, 6"w, black ink stamp, excellent condition. Saucer 6", black Bizarre litho backstamp, MADE IN ENGLAND ink stamp, hand inked 6315, excellent condition. 200-400
446. Two pieces of Clarice Cliff china, raised and painted pink flowers on green leaves with brown tips, white textured background, both with green Clarice Cliff Newport backstamps: serving dish on three feet with drain holes, 9" x 7", and 4.5" tray, excellent condition. 100-200
447. Two Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware plates. Plate painted with leaf in orange, brown and green, green buds with sprouting orange leaves, green and yellow band to interior, black ink Royal Staffordshire Pottery hallmark with A.J. WILKINSON LTD / Honeyglaze, red 540 hand inked, impressed 45, 10"w, excellent condition. Plate decorated with large yellow and orange rose with green and orange leaves on brown stems with banded pastel bar, 9", excellent condition. 250-350
448. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware cream pitcher, Scarlet Flower pattern, black Bizarre ink backstamp, 3"h, excellent condition. 150-250
449. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware Odilon pitcher in banded Liberty decoration, 6.75"w x 3"h, black litho backstamp reads Clarice Cliff / WILKINSON LTD / ENGLAND, and black ink backstamp reads REGD NO / 748856, with hand written 1189, excellent condition. 100-200
450. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware serving bowl in Clovelly landscape pattern with many red houses, black litho Clarice Cliff Wilkinson backstamp, 3.5"h x 8.25"w, excellent condition. 400-600
451. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware Spring Crocus covered tureen, scrolled handles, black ink backstamp reads Clarice Cliff / NEWPORT / POTTERY OF / ENGLAND, black ink MADE IN / ENGLAND STAMP, imressed 42, 4.5"h x 11"w, excellent condition. 250-350
452. Two Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware dishes in Spring Crocus pattern. Plate 7.75", black Clarice Cliff NEWPORT POTTERY CO ENGLAND ink backstamp, impressed shape number 1045, tiny scratch to center. Bowl, 6", gold backstamp reading Spring / Royal Staffordshire / Crocus / by / Clarice Cliff / MADE IN ENGLAND, and green backstamp reading Royal Staffordshire / Ceramics / MADE IN ENGLAND, excellent condition. 150-350
453. Lot of two: Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware center bowl, as is, Sunrise pattern, large Fantasque litho backstamp, 10"w, restoration to edges. House and Bridge plate, as is, black Bizarre backstamp, 10", reglued split, restoration to rim. 300-500
454. Three pieces of Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware, Damask Rose with orange floral decoration. Plate 6.75", Daffodil cup 2.5", saucer 5.5". All with litho backstamp Damask Rose Hand Painted Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery England. Excellent condition. 50-100
455. Two early Wilkinson Honeyglaze dishes. Bizarre ware octagonal berry bowl in Riser pattern, underglaze stamp reads WILKINSON / ENGLAND / Honeyglaze / Hand Painted, hand inked 11 / 9010, impressed 31, 6"w, excellent condition, rare pattern. Octagonal plate with leaves and pinecones in orange and brown, green edge, same Honeyglaze mark as above, 8927 in hand painted red ink, impressed 3, 6"w, excellent condition. 200-300
456. Four pieces of Clarice Cliff Biarritz, Biarritz underglaze mark. Three decorated with orange and blue daisies with green leaves and stylized black stems, orange rings: cup, rectangular saucer, and rectangular 6.5" x 5" plate, excellent condition. Biarritz rectangular plate with stylized sunburst of orange and black decoration, black Clarice Cliff Wilkinson litho backstamp, 9" x 7.5", small roughness to edge. 200-400
457. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware honey pot in Delecia decoration, 3.5", black Bizarre litho backstamp, excellent condition. 200-300
458. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware beehive form honey pot in Liberty banded decoration, 3", faint Bizarre backstamp, excellent condition. 200-300
459. Two pieces of Clarice Cliff china. Lily pad bulb pot, green Clarice Cliff Newport backstamp, 5"h x 10"w, 2.5" crack to side. Pitcher with molded bark texture to body, floral handle with acorns, and two owls on a branch, light brown Clarice Cliff Newport backstamp, 7.5"h, base chip. 200-300
460. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware serving tray with silver handle, blue blossoms with black centers and green leaves and orange pods on white band against yellow ground, large black Bizarre backstamp with hand painted S439, green Newport Pottery backstamp with lion/crown hallmark, four letter-hallmarks to silver handle, 8.5"w, excellent condition. 100-200
461. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware fruit bowl in a Fantasque decoration of blue bushes, yellow bridge, pink and green trees, similar to Cottage series motifs, black Bizarre litho backstamp, 6.75" x 4.75" x 2"h, great Deco form, excellent condition. 300-500
462. Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware bowl, Red Trees and House pattern, black Fantasque/Bizarre litho backstamp, 6.25", excellent condition. 350-550
463. Clarice Cliff Tonquin dinnerware service, 21 pieces: 7 dinner plates, 10"; 7 lunch plates, 7.75"; 6 cereal bowls, 7.5"; 7 cups and saucers; gravy boat; serving bowl, 10" x 8.5"; sugar bowl with repaired lid. Bases marked Tonquin / Royal Staffordshire / Dinnerware / By / Clarice Cliff / Made in England. Some wear, staining, and lines. 300-500