Fall Select Auction: November 3 (2006)

Rookwood Pottery

173. Rookwood scenic vellum vase by Fred Rothenbusch, elegant and uncrazed example with tall trees with pale blue, dark blue, pink, and green leaves on brown and gray trunks and branches, in a rolling pasture backed by pale blue hills and a cream, blue and pale pink sky, 1928, #614C, incised signature and V, 13"h, mint. 6,000-7,500
188. Pair of Rookwood faience garden vases, two-handled form with brown drip glaze, #467/3316Y, 26", drilled bases, one with chip to handle, other has rim chip and repaired handle. 1,500-2,500
189. Rookwood polychrome bookend with perched parrot with broad wingspan in blue matt with white face and yellow beak, surrounded by cream blossoms with pink centers on medium blue background, Sallie Toohey design mark, 1927, #6018, 7.25"h x 5.5"w x 3.5"d, mint, a rare example. 1,000-1,500
174. Rookwood floral vellum vase by E.T. Hurley, large cream blossoms with white highlights and pale green leaves on gray to white background, 1913, #1356D, impressed V for vellum, 8.75", mint. 1,200-1,500
175. Rookwood floral vellum by Ed Diers, pink blossoms and green leaves on cream to gray background, 1908, #782B, 8.5", crazing and slight peppering, mint. 700-1,000
176. Rookwood standard glaze cylinder vase with applied handle, nice slip glaze decoration with single blossom and green leaves on thorny stems on mustard yellow to brown background, 1889, 328B, separately impressed S, incised L for light yellow glaze, no artist signature, decoration and form strongly resemble works by Shirayamadani from this time, 6", mint. 600-900
177. Rookwood standard glaze loving cup, Clara C. Lindeman, olive and pale green curled leaves on narrow twisting and trailing branches with green berries on brown to olive to orange background, 1899, #830E, 4.75", mint. 400-600
178. Rookwood floral vellum by Elizabeth Lincoln, shoulder decoration of deep red to rose flowers with yellow centers on charcoal to rose background 1925, #2544, 8.25", mint. 900-1,200
179. Rookwood vellum by E.T. Hurley, white-banded shoulder decoration of daisies with mustard centers on gray-blue to pale pink, 1929, #1927, 4", mint. 600-800
180. Rookwood floral vellum by Fred Rothenbusch, delicate pink blossoms with pale yellow centers on green leafy stems, blue to pink background with green band to shoulder, 1916, #2060, impressed V for vellum, 7.75", mint. 1,000-1,500
181. Rookwood wax matt vase by John Pullman, shoulder decoration of pale red blossoms on pale blue background with unusual charcoal outlining, 1930, #5196E, six-bar 50th anniversary mark, 6", mint. 400-600
182. Rookwood wax matt vase by Margaret McDonald, red blossoms and cobalt buds with green leaves on pale green background, 1925, #357F, painted signature to base, 6.25", mint. 300-500
183. Rookwood porcelain glaze two-piece dresser set, matching decoration by Margaret McDonald of pink and white blossoms with green leaves on brown stems on white background, black outlining. Perfume bottle with stopper, 7.5"h, mint. Covered dresser jar, 3.25"h, decoration continues from jar onto lid, professional restoration to underside of lid. 1944, both bases with ink artist's cypher and impressed S. 500-700
184. Rookwood standard glaze vase, delicate blue-green blossoms and green leaves on thorny branches, olive green to chocolate brown background, Jeanette Swing, 1904, #916E, 4.25", two tiny scratches. 300-500
185. Rookwood squat form vase, standard glaze decoration of stylized orange daisies on dark brown background by Amelia Sprague, 1888, #389, impressed R for red clay, incised L for light glaze, heat lines to glaze on base, thin area to rim is under glaze, 3", mint. 300-500
186. Rookwood standard glaze vase, slip glaze decoration by Elizabeth Lincoln of delicate blue blossoms and green leaves on dark brown to salmon background, 1894, #625, impressed W for white clay, 5.5", very faint vertical craze line to rim. 300-500
187. Rookwood standard glaze low vase, cream blossoms on delicate stem trailing around the entire vase, Francis Vreeland, 1901, #536F, 2.25"h x 3.5"d, mint. 200-400
150. Early Rookwood Limoges glaze red clay broad vase, oriental style decoration by William P. McDonald includes large bird, milky white clouds, forest green ferns, and gold highlights on forest green to gray background, 1885, #95C, 5", impressed ROOKWOOD 1885 with R for red clay, McDonald's early impressed script initials. Hand thrown and virtually uncrazed. Light surface scratches, otherwise mint. 500-700
151. Rookwood ewer, Limoges style decoration of bird and fern with gold highlights on pale blue background, bisque finish, tooled impressed gold neck, 1886, #101A Y, 11.5", old paper label on base from Duhme & Co Jewelers Cincinnati, mint. 400-600
152. Rookwood cameo glaze pitcher, Edward Abel, detailed clover blossoms and buds in tan and pink on olive and rust leaves and stems, 1890, #18, 6.5", mint. 400-600
153. Rookwood trivet, Dutch mother and children by harbor, polychrome matt in blue, green, aqua, tan and pink, 1924, #3203, 5.75", mint with faint peppering, extra crisp raised linear outlining. 300-400
154. Rookwood trivet, hilltop castle with stylized sun, polychrome matt glaze in green, blue, white and tan, 1924, #3205, 5.75", two glaze pops, faint peppering, craze line, very rare. 300-400
155. Rookwood polychrome trivet, round form with flying seagulls with yellow beaks and feet, on green and blue background, 1943, #2351, ink mark 3553, 5.75", mint. 250-350
156. Rookwood trivet, Art Deco design of two birds and stylized leaves, polychrome matt glaze in blue, green, yellow, violet and black, 1921, #1988, 5.75", mint. 300-400
157. Rookwood trivet, polychrome matt glaze with blue grapes, brown stems and green leaves, 1920, #1683, 5.75", professional restoration to underside. 150-200
158. Rookwood trivet, parrot on blossoming branches, polychrome matt glaze in pink, yellow, green and blue, 1927, #3077, 5.75", mint. 250-350
190. Rookwood rook inkwell, complete, in rich cobalt matt glaze, 1908, #998, 7.5"h x 11"w. 2" line to ink cup, 8" line underside of base. 400-600
191. Rookwood penguin tray in white matt, 1952, #6517, 5", mint. 350-450
194. Rookwood two-handled trumpet vase, high glaze with cobalt exterior and mustard interior, 1929, #5115, 10.5", tiny glaze chip at baseline. H-7048 300-400
192. Rookwood tri-corner tray with perched frog, unusual gray-blue and tan mottled matt glaze, 1928, #2765, 6.25"w, mint. 250-350
140. Rookwood charger, delicate white blossoms on black branches with stylized floral border, red clay in bisque finish, unknown artist cypher to front, back impressed ROOKWOOD 1882, 12", minor 1.5" circular firing blemish to center. 200-400
193. Two Rookwood vases. Arts & Crafts vase in cobalt matt glaze, vertical leaves, c.1919, #2089, 3.75", date obscured, mint. Squat form vase with white doves in flight on yellow matt background, 1938, #6548, 3.5", mint. 300-500
159. Rookwood Boss ashtray, in original box with factory paper and string tie, never opened. 100-200