2007 Fall Select Auction

Lots 256-292

256. Rookwood vase, an uncrazed floral vellum by Fred Rothenbusch. Beautifully decorated with pale pink and cream daisies with yellow and tan centers on trailing green stems and leaves, all outlined in blue, on a pale pink to blue background. 1926, #1110, V, 5.5"d x 4"h, mint. 500-600
257. Rookwood vase, floral vellum by Ed Diers. Large pink blossoms with yellow centers on deep gray thorny stems and leaves on a light gray background. 1904, #1045, V, 5"h, light peppering at rim, mint. 450-550
258. Rookwood bowl, strong Arts and Crafts design of stylized leaves in 4 geometric corner panels, rich dark blue matt glaze, on four feet, 1923, #2529, some scratches to bottom, excellent condition, 12"d x 2.5"h. 300-400
259. Rookwood Arts and Crafts vase, rim decoration of twisting leaves and berries in a mottled olive green and tan matt glaze, 1914, #2152, 4.5"d x 2"h, glaze bubbles to interior and base. 150-250
260. Rookwood Arts and Crafts vase, rim decoration of stylized leaves and berries in a rich yellow matt glaze, 1930, #2153, esoteric mark, 8"d x 3"h, some peppering to interior. 200-300
261. Great Sheraton style flamed mahogany eight-leg sideboard with burled accents, mansard topped side cabinets with diamond inlaid designs to curved slopes, original drop-ring hardware with urn centers, string inlaid ovals, two drawers over one drawer to center flanked by side cabinets of one drawer over one door, mahogany secondary wood, some expected veneer loss and heat discoloration, 84"w x 45"h x 26"d. An elegant sideboard with provenance from a historical Cincinnati estate. 2,000-3,000
262. Rookwood carved matt vase by William Hentschel, overlapping Arts & Crafts panels of leaves and pods in shades of red, violet, blue and olive green on mottled olive to blue background, 1915, #853, 10.25"h, 8"d at base, mint, pin point glaze pops are evenly distributed and not an issue. 1,200-1,800
263. Rookwood Arts and Crafts vase by William Hentschel, fabulous carved matt. Stylized blue and pink blossoms wrap shoulder, great mottled ivory, brown and tan background. 1915, #2100, 4.5"h, mint. A great Hentschel example. 600-800
264. L&JG Stickley China Cabinet, #729, two doors of twelve glass panes over two lower cabinet doors, hand-hammered hardware, decal to inside top of right door. Appears to be original finish. Excellent condition, expected wear to edges, loss to finish at side of both locks, 2" chip to bottom of left rear leg. 70"h x 47"w x 16"d. A terrific cabinet. 12,000-16,000
265. Rookwood plaque, scenic vellum by E.T. Hurley. Tall trees in shades of cocoa, cream and tan atop pale green ground reflecting into cream water, backed by cocoa hills and a cream colored sky. Signed ETH lower left, and framed in a beautiful 3" wide oak Arts and Crafts frame. 9"h x 11"w, mint. 2,000-3,000
266. Early Roseville Art Nouveau style umbrella stand. Perhaps Egypto or Chloron. Great design of swirling leaves and vines and poppy blossoms covered in a thick frog skin matt green glaze. Unmarked, 22"h, three base chips. 400-600
267. Gustav Stickley dining table with six original leaves, quarter sawn top, large center pedestal and four legs with mortised construction, nicely shaped stretchers. Appears to be original finish. Burn mark. Some water stains to top, 0.25" chip to edge of top, several small areas of top have light lacquer. 54"d x 28.5"h. Leaves are in same finish and color as table, individually numbered 1 to 6 with impressed numerals, 11.25" wide and 1" thick, some water stains and minor chips. 7,000-9,000
268. Six Gustav Stickley dining chairs, five side chairs, one arm chair, all with brown leather seats and broad brass tacks to edges, red decals to all. Excellent condition, armchair and four side chairs appear to be in original finish, one side chair appears to be refinished and has some tack holes to top of seat back, leather seats have some scratches. Side chairs: 37.5"h x 18.5"w x 16.5"d. Armchair: 37.5"h x 26"w x 18.5"d. 4,500-6,000
269. Weller L'Art Nouveau vase, 1903-04, large example in matt finish with sculpted edging and paneled decoration of twisting vines and blossoms in yellow, rose, blue and salmon. Large incised mark reads Weller Matt, 13"h, spectacular condition, several minute glaze misses. 600-800
270. L.C. Tiffany vase, footed form with broad ruffled rim of iridescent glass in shades of gold, orange, and yellow. Signed L.C.T. 427B, 5"h, mint. 500-700
271. Quezal vase, ribbed low form of iridescent glass in shades of gold, orange, pink and yellow. Unsigned, 5.5"d x 2.5"h, mint. 300-400
272. Grueby Arts and Crafts tile, landscape decoration with tall trees with brown trunks and dark green leaves on medium and dark green rolling ground backed by deep cobalt water and blue-gray distant mountains and a pale blue sky, delicately executed raised edging to all shapes. Initialed MD in celadon green glaze on reverse, 6"square, in newer 2" wide oak frame. Small chip to right bottom corner and top edge center, chips are small and do not show when framed. 3,000-4,000
273. Silvercrest sterling on bronze vase, silver geese and cattails against terrific nut brown patina with mint green highlights, wafer mark to base, impressed REAL BRONZE 8051, 12.75", excellent condition. 800-1,000
274. Silvercrest sterling on bronze vase, silver branches with pinecones on mint green to brown patina, impressed marks, 4.5", excellent condition. 250-350
275. Heintz sterling on bronze vase, Art Nouveau blossoms and scrolling stems from stylized plant stem, original gold dore finish, impressed maker's mark with 3845 and STERLING ON BRONZE PAT AUG 2712, 8.5", excellent condition. 250-350
276. Gustav Stickley sideboard, three drawers over one drawer with undershelf and splash, hand-hammered hardware, decal to left drawer. Excellent condition, finish appears to have been lightly overcoated, some stains to top and undershelf. 39"h to top of splash, 36"h to top of surface, 48"w x 20"d. 2,000-3,000
277. Pair of Stickley Brothers oak Arts and Crafts side chairs, splined seats, Stickley Brothers and Henshaw paper labels, 36"h x 17"w x 15.5"d, nice finish and excellent condition. 300-500
278. Gustav Stickley single drawer library table, hand-hammered hardware, red label to drawer interior, top with stains and some discoloration, good condition, 30"h x 36" w x 24"d. 800-1,200
279. Framed Arts and Crafts style tile landscape, two polychrome Motawi tiles in wide quarter sawn oak frame in excellent finish, 13.5" x 21.25", not antique. 350-450
280. Arts and Crafts glass mosaic from the Wurlitzer home, geometric forms of iridescent glass, in wide quarter sawn oak frame in excellent finish, 10.5" x 17.5". 300-400
281. Robert Mapplethorpe, USA, 1946-1989, Calla Lily, 1984, transfer on porcelain. Stamped "Swid Powell, Robert Mapplethorpe," titled and dated. In original box. 400-500
282. Bronze Arts and Crafts round deep tray, nice nut brown patina with green highlights, marked Made in Sweden, 11.5"d x 1.25"h, minor scratches. 100-200
283. Craftsman Studios Arts and Crafts copper tray, oval center decoration with stylized conch shell, nicely riveted handles, impressed marks, 21" x 9", minor scratches and abrasions. 200-300
284. Arts and Crafts quarter sawn round oak dining table, pedestal base, solid oak top, unknown label, base in original finish, top refinished, 48"d, excellent condition. 400-600
285. Limbert oak Arts and Crafts side chair, splined seat, burn mark, 37"h x 16"w x 16.5"d, nice finish and excellent condition. 200-300
286. L&JG Stickley oak Arts and Crafts leather seat side chair, original seat with replaced brown leather, 34"h x 20"w x 16"d, nice finish and excellent condition, evidence of old upholstery tacks across top stretcher. 200-300
287. Stickley single drawer library table, through-tenon construction, drawer replaced, split to one leg with two tiny screw holes to same leg, refinished, 29"h x 40"w x 28"d. 800-1,200
288. Ohio blended glaze umbrella stand with egrets and cattails, 20.5", glaze pop. 200-400
289. Burley Winter broad-mouth vase, mottled orange and gray-green glaze, unmarked, glaze miss at shoulder, 12.25". 200-300
290. Niloak Missionware vases, lot of two. A 10" vase in a classic, broad-shouldered form of swirled brown, tan, red-brown and blue clay, sells with a low form vase of swirled brown, tan and blue, 5"d x 1.5"h, both impressed Niloak, both mint. 200-300
291. Martin Brothers vase, bulbous form covered in a mottled cream glaze with royal blue speckling. Incised script signature reads Martin Bros London & Southall, 9"h, mint. 400-600
292. Adamesk art pottery vase, England, great Arts and Crafts tapered form with three pretzel handles and three stylized medallions at shoulder, finger impressions circle the waist, all in a spectacular green, mustard and gunmetal leadless drip glaze. Base incised 3883, impressed logo and Adamesk, 7.5"h, two glaze pulls. 200-300