2007 Fall Select Auction

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170. Large ornate Kirk repousse sterling tureen, c.1860s, repousse and chased decorations include man leading a rearing horse in front of a church, farm scene with cows and buildings, blossoms, leaves, and acanthus scrolls, pomegranate finial, TG in repousse monogram, marked S Kirk & Son 11OZ, 6"h x 12.5"w x 9.5"d, approximately 80ozt, excellent condition. 2,500-3,500
185. Large Towle sterling flatware service with many serving pieces, 154 pieces, Mary Chilton pattern, monogrammed B, most pieces marked 925/1000 Pat 1912 Sterling with Towle maker's mark, very good condition with some wear: twelve dinner forks, 7.75"; eight lunch forks, 7.25"; twenty teaspoons, 6"; eight iced teaspoons, 8"; six tablespoons, 8.25"; eight flat handled butter spreaders, 6"; eight salad forks, 6.25"; twelve hollow handle dinner knives, 10"; ten hollow handle lunch knives, 9"; eight orange spoons, 6"; twelve soup spoons, 5.75"; eight square bowl gumbo spoons, 7.5"; eight cocktail forks, 6"; twelve demitasse spoons, 4"; one sugar spoon, 5.75"; one cream ladle, 6" (monogrammed J.S.W.); one gravy ladle, 6.5"; one pair sugar tongs, 5"; one cold meat fork, 8"; one pie server, 10.5", blade as is; one cake server, 9.75"; large carving set with 12" fork, 15" knife, and 14" sharpener; small carving set with 9" fork and 10.5" knife. Total weight of solid silver pieces is 119 troy ounces, sterling handled knives and servers total 89 ounces of mixed metals. 1,500-2,000
122. Reed & Barton sterling four piece coffee service, Hepplewhite pattern, no monograms, each piece marked with maker's hallmark and STERLING 560. Coffee pot with urn finial, 9.25"h, base marked 17. Teapot with urn finial, 7"h, base marked HEPPLEWHITE 2PTS. Cream pitcher, 4.75"h. Two-handled sugar bowl, 3.75"h. Excellent condition with insignificant wear, approximately 65ozt. 1,200-1,500
184. Reed & Barton sterling flatware service for eight with serving pieces, Savannah pattern, monogrammed C, 67 pieces: eight dinner forks, 7.5"; sixteen teaspoons, 6"; eight salad forks, 6.5"; eight soup spoons, 7"; eight iced tea spoons, 7.5"; eight hollow sterling handle dinner knives, 9"; eight hollow sterling handle butter knives, 6.5"; tablespoon, 8.75"; pierced tablespoon, 8.75"; cream ladle with dipper spout, 6.75. Approximately 70ozt solid pieces, plus mixed-metal knives, excellent condition. 1,000-1,500
186. S. Kirk & Son repousse sterling flatware service, with Manchester repousse sterling additions, 56 pieces, no hallmarks, some inscribed with years on backs: nine dinner forks, 7.25"; one Manchester fork, 7"; four teaspoons, 6"; four teaspoons, 5.75"; one Manchester teaspoon, 5.75"; ten dessert forks, 6.25"; one Manchester dessert, 5.75"; eight hollow-handle dinner knives, 9"; one Manchester knife, 8.75"; two-piece wood salad servers with hollow sterling handles, 11"; one nut spoon with fruit embossed bowl, 5"; one shell-bowl sugar spoon, 6.25"; one Kirk lemon fork, 4.5"; one Stieff lemon fork, 4.75"; six solid butter spreaders, 5.25"; two cream ladles, 5.5"; one salt ladle, 3.75"; two Manchester table spoons, 7". Solid silver pieces total 49.7ozt, plus handled pieces. 800-1,200
139. Hand hammered sterling tray, lobed rim with alternating depressions in chased decorations of animals and blossoms. Hallmarks include 900 in oval, eagle atop mountain in circle, and rectangle with obscured NIGUERAS (?). 18.25"d, approximately 52.9ozt, excellent condition. 600-800
201. Sterling three piece coffee/demitasse service by Graf, Washbourne & Dunn, tall urn forms with repousse scrolls and chased blossoms and acanthus leaves, ornate leaf decorations to handles, monograms, all marked Sterling 5417/92 with maker's hallmark. Coffee pot with urn finial, 10.5". Cream pitcher, 5". Two handled sugar bowl with gold wash interior, 3.5". 44.5ozt, excellent condition with minor scratches and dings. Sells with two-handled silver plate tray with ribbed edges, 17.5" x 11". 600-800
119. Pair of Poole sterling three-light candelabra, reeded twist-arms, four threaded parts to each, weighted bases, very good condition, slight lean and insignificant dings, 15"h x 12"w. 500-700
134. Tiffany & Co sterling child's cup, relief decoration of four children and three dogs playing with hoop. Marked Tiffany & Co 4105 B1 Makers 1320, Sterling Silver 925-1000 M, 3"h, 3.8ozt. Soft dent to side at bottom. 500-600
188. Twenty-two pieces of Tiffany & Co sterling flatware, English King pattern, marked Tiffany & Co Sterling Pat 1885M, each with monogram or stag insignia: six dinner forks, 7.75", abrasions to two handles, faded gold wash; two table spoons, 8.75"; two round bowl table spoons, 8", faded gold wash; six dinner knives, 9", roughness where blades meet handles; six dessert knives, 7.75", faded gold wash handles, one blade loose. 30.1ozt for solid silver pieces, plus knife handles. 500-700
187. Combined service of sterling and silver plate flatware. Twelve Gorham sterling Chantilly teaspoons, 6", lion/anchor/G marks, no monograms. Nine Gorham sterling Chantilly pastry forks, 6", lion/anchor/G marks, monograms.Twelve Gorham sterling Strasbourg cocktail forks, 5.5", lion/anchor/G marks, monograms. Eight Wallace sterling-handle Grande Baroque dinner knives, 10.25", marked Wallace Sterling 925, gold wash highlights to six. Four English sterling salt spoons, c.1868-9, London hallmarks with Barrage Davenport maker's mark, 4.5". Towle sterling Lafayette jelly spoon with lobed rim bowl, 6", monogram. London sterling two-tine serving fork, 8.25", hallmarks, no monogram. English sterling salt spoon, 4", rubbed hallmarks. London sterling Sherry hang tag, c.1853-4, London hallmarks with Charles Rawlings & William Summers maker's mark, 2". Towle sterling-handle Old Master bottle opener, 6.25", no monogram. Twelve heavy silver plate dinner forks with acanthus and budding-branch decorations, relief monogram to reverse, 8.5". 30.4ozt for solid sterling pieces, plus handles. 500-700
175. Group of twenty-six Dominick & Haff repousse sterling spoons, Rococo pattern, all marked PAT'D 88 STERLING with hallmark of open rectangle / circle / diamond associated with Dominick & Haff, total weight 26.8ozt. Nine 8.5" serving spoons, marked DUHME & CO, monograms to backs, some bowls bent. Eleven 5.5" spoons with ribbed and folded design to bowls, gold wash bowls, marked 1866-1891 on back. Six 5.5" fruit spoons with pointed bowls, marked E.E. ISBELL & CO, monograms to backs. 400-600
132. Set of twelve sterling goblets by Old Newbury Crafters, unusual six-sided stem, monogrammed C to foot, marked with hallmark and STERLING WP457, 6.75", approximately 63.3ozt, excellent condition. 400-600
116. S. Kirk & Son sterling footed center bowl, marked S Kirk & Son Inc Sterling 4152, monogram to side, 9.5"d x 4.5"h, 28.3ozt, 1" shallow dent to side, scratches to interior, minor scratches and dings. 350-450
196. S. Kirk & Son sterling oval platter, marked S Kirk & Son Inc Sterling 4115, August 5th 1932, monogram to rim, 15" x 10", 29.7ozt, knife marks. 350-450
176. Gorham sterling soup ladle, Chantilly pattern, marked PAT 1895 STERLING with lion/anchor/G hallmarks, no monogram and no removal, scrolled accents to bowl, 12.5", 6.7ozt, excellent condition. 300-500
121. Pair of sterling three-light threaded candelabra, reeded twist arms leading to side cups with wide drip pans, weighted bases, small dent to one drip pan, several minor dings, 13"h x 13"w. 300-500
123. S. Kirk & Son sterling pitcher, base marked S KIRK & SON STERLING 1205, 8.75"h, 21.3ozt, small dent to side, two small dents to foot. 300-400
135. Sterling center bowl, classic form on low foot, base marked STERLING 100 with obscured maker's mark, inscribed 1911-1936 to bottom, 4"h x 8.25"d, approximately 21.6ozt, excellent condition. 300-500
190. Sheffield sterling shell-form bowl, c.1900, ribbed bowl with fancy reticulated, repousse and chased designs including blossoms and scrolls, on three conch shell feet, Atkins Brothers maker's mark, Sheffield hallmarks, 10"w x 9"d x 3.5"h, 9.7ozt, excellent condition. 300-400
177. Sterling punch ladle by Bailey, Banks & Biddle, shell and acanthus accents, marked Bailey Banks & Biddle Sterling, 14", 8.8ozt, monogrammed, excellent condition. 300-400
137. Wallace sterling center bowl, fluted rim with repousse vines twisting around acanthus edge, ribbed bowl, monogrammed center, base marked with maker's mark and STERLING 1042 11IN, 2.75"h x 11"d, approximately 13.6ozt, excellent condition. 300-500
173. Eleven pieces of Gorham sterling flatware, King George pattern, marked Sterling with lion/anchor-G marks, stag insignia, faded gold wash: six place spoons, 7"; five dinner forks, 7". 23.6ozt. Sells with one silver plate Gorham Kings II dinner fork. 250-350
136. Sterling footed center bowl with beaded top and bottom edges, fluted bowl and foot, maker's mark is griffin holding W shield, marked 925/1000 STERLING 1460, 5.25"h x 9.5"d, approximately 16ozt, excellent condition. 250-450
118. Group of Camargo Club sterling golf tournament trophies, various makers. Four 4.5" tapered cups, two with gold wash interior, one 0.5" dent and several minor dents, 1936, 1941, two 1947. One 2.75" tapered punch cup, gold wash interior, excellent condition. One tray with reticulated rim, 1946 Best Ball Winners, 9.75"d, minor scratches. Total weight 32.6ozt. 400-600
125. Group of sterling golf trophies and club souvenirs, various makers, minor scratches and dings. Mint julep cup with beaded trim top and bottom, 4.25", Commercial Club 1958. Wallace footed bowl, Paul Revere pattern, 2.25", Commercial Club 1957. Two petite footed vases, 3", The Raquet Club 1940 and 1941. Murray Bay Golf Club 1968 plate, 8"d. University of Cincinnati presentation plate, 1970, 6"d. Low bowl, 5.25"d, marked C.C.C. 1952. Total weight 24.4ozt. 300-400