2007 Fall Select Auction

European Porcelain and Pottery

366. Meissen clock on stand, monumental hand painted example with courting couple atop reticulated basket weave crown, clock front abundantly decorated with applied blossoms of many varieties, finely executed work in every area including a detailed courting scene to lower front. Sides and back decorated with floral bouquets. Base in same taste and includes insects and butterflies and is beautifully done. Clock and base with crossed sword marks, clock is incised No. 573, impressed 73, base is incised 572, impressed 54, Condition is superb, with some insignificant chips to petals, porcelain face shows two tiny screw holes at III and IX, some roughness at IX, chip to porcelain at XII, Total: 24"h x 14"w x 10"d; Clock itself: 20"h x 9"w x 6"d. 3,000-5,000
354. Hand painted German porcelain plaque depicting Madonna and Child in the style of Raphael, 6" diameter round plaque in 11.75" x 11.75" shadowbox frame, German ink stamp to back, artist signed front, excellent condition. 1,000-2,000
353. Hand painted porcelain plaque depicting young woman in white dress with burning oil lamp, 6" x 4.5", back impressed 345, in gilt metal standing frame, 12" x 9", loss to gilding, plaque in excellent condition. 800-1,200
351. Large oval Delft style blue and white platter, fully decorated with panoramic royal courtyard scene of the Baroque Zwinger complex in Dresden, with intricate architectural details, front marked Zwinger Dresden, back with blue painted 2003 T, impressed Bf M 476 2, partial paper label from F Schultz China and Glassware Cincinnati O, 27.5" x 17.25", excellent condition. 1,000-2,000
350. 19th century Delft charger depicting Rembrandt, with fruit and leaves to rim, ink marks to back include bottle / J / Delft hallmark with 501 and artist cipher, back impressed Joost Thooft & Labouchere 3 A, 15.5", excellent condition. 500-700
43. Pair of Sampson Chinese porcelain lamps on French ormolu bases, ribbed vases with floral decorations and gold linear accents, dolphin footed base with reticulated bottom section, porcelain is 12"h, one ormolu base is bent. 600-800
23. Pair of Meissen hand painted bolted porcelain urns with snake-twist handles with stylized gold scales, floral decorations to both sides, gadrooned bases with acanthus accents, gilt borders, blue ink crossed swords marks, 11"h x 6.5"w, excellent condition. 400-600
31. Pair of Majolica vases, figures of black children to each. The boy with large hat wearing knickers and carrying a basket under his arm, the girl with large hat with flower wears a flowing shirt and skirt and carries a basket and a watermelon. Their faces have great expression and detail, both are backed by floral form vases of tall leaves topped by delicate blossoms. Boy with impressed 335, 23 and ink initials, Girl impressed 733. 11.5"h, terrific condition, a few insignificant glaze flakes to boy. 400-600
44. Hand painted Italian porcelain figure of piano player with elongated and grotesque features. Ink signature to base reads T.K.C. MADE IN ITALY YK/17 Giuseppe Cappe, though we are told the artist is Georgio Pellati. 8"h x 6"w x 7"d. Condition: restoration to hair on right side of head, base of candle stick, virtually no losses to the rest. 400-600
45. Hand painted Italian porcelain figure of violinist with elongated and grotesque features. Ink signature to base reads T.K.C. MADE IN ITALY YK/15 Giuseppe Cappe, though we are told the artist is Georgio Pellati. 8.5"h x 4.5"w. Condition: restoration to violin's neck and small portion of lace on left sleeve. 400-600
46. Hand painted Italian porcelain figure of conductor with elongated features. Ink signature to base reads T.K.C. MADE IN ITALY YK/16 Giuseppe Cappe, though we are told the artist is Georgio Pellati. 9"h x 4.75"w x 5"d. Condition: restoration to middle of music stand, to one finger, and small spot atop base, virtually no losses to the rest. 400-600
41. French hand painted porcelain lidded and footed vase, medallion decoration of cherub flying over young courting couple, gold painted borders with acanthus leaves and blossoms, reticulated lid with gold finial, base ink stamped WG & C France, underside of lid with painted initials, 14.5"h x 5.5"d, some gold loss, heat line to finial, chip lid inner rim. 400-600
42. Pair of hand painted footed urns, four panels to each with peacocks and flowers separated by molded acanthus leaves with gilt highlights, four acanthus legs, reticulated necks, lids have matching decorations, fancy finials. Small old chip to one shoulder edge, insignificant paint loss. Gold painted anchor marks, 15"h x 7"d. 400-600
24. Meissen hand painted figural group, four cherubs huddled around fire, blue ink crossed swords to base, incised 2495, impressed 124, 6.5"h x 7"w x 4"d, 1/2" chip to red cloak. 300-500
25. Meissen hand painted porcelain figural group, four cherubs arranging flowers, blue ink crossed swords to base, incised 2502, impressed 101, 6.5"h x 7"w x 5"d, small losses to petals, faint heat line to back of one neck. 400-600
34. Pair of Majolica style plaques in high relief. One has a courting scene, the other an interior scene with peasant girl seated on a fireplace feeding birds. Great color and some work done in full relief. Courting scene with incised 123, L, peasant girl unmarked. 12" x 9", excellent condition, original frames show some wear and losses to edges. 300-500
30. German hand painted porcelain two-piece compote, four cherubs to base support oval supporting bowl with reticulated rim, applied blossoms to base, oval and bowl, hand painted blossoms and gold linear decorations, ink stamps to base include von Schierholz hallmark and Made in German, both pieces impressed 4, 9.25"h x 12"w x 8"d, excellent condition. 300-500
35. Hand painted Limoges porcelain plaque, lovely lady with basket of sleeping cherubs, gold painted molded border, back ink stamped Limoges France, 13.25"h x 9.25"h, excellent condition. 300-500
66. Meissen hand painted porcelain four-piece coffee set, bright floral decorations with gold accents and borders, blue ink crossed swords marks to each base. Coffee pot with beast head spout, locking lid, 9". Creamer, 6.25". Lidded sugar bowl, 4.25". Small bowl, 4"d. All in excellent condition, heat flaw to creamer spout. 300-500
38. Pair of blue porcelain bolted urns with gold painted relief decorations of lion faces, blossoms and acanthus leaves, on brass footed bases, 14"h, excellent condition. 300-500
32. Pair of Staffordshire pottery figural spill vases, each depicting a bearded man holding a torch and a young girl holding a bundle, both showing age with minor chips and glaze flakes, 12.25"h x 7"w x 4"d. 300-500
33. Four Staffordshire pottery figural groups. Dog rescuing child spill vase, large area repaired with old metal staples, 8"h x 5.25"w x 2"d. Tithe Pig group, married couple with baby, minister and pigs, loss to one arm and several leaves, 6"h x 5"w x 3"d. Little girl riding spaniel dog, extensive restoration to base, 8.5"h x 8.5"w x 3.5"d. Man with woman holding mandolin, missing woman's forearm, 7"h x 4"w x 2.5"d. 300-500
291. Martin Brothers vase, bulbous form covered in a mottled cream glaze with royal blue speckling. Incised script signature reads Martin Bros London & Southall, 9"h, mint. 400-600
27. Pair of Majolica wall brackets, each with a woman's face, acanthus leaves, blossoms, and architectural elements, white and olive-brown glaze, impressed mark SCHUTZ CILLI to interior, 10"h x 7.75"w x 6.5"d, excellent condition. 350-550
292. Adamesk art pottery vase, England, great Arts and Crafts tapered form with three pretzel handles and three stylized medallions at shoulder, finger impressions circle the waist, all in a spectacular green, mustard and gunmetal leadless drip glaze. Base incised 3883, impressed logo and Adamesk, 7.5"h, two glaze pulls. 200-300
39. Pair of French porcelain bolted and mounted urns, applied courting scenes with striking hand painted gold decorations, acorn finials, mounts show some mint green patina, 12.5", excellent condition. 300-500
40. Pair of hand painted porcelain bolted urns with white and yellow roses with pink centers to body and stem, with gold floral and border decorations, two-handled forms with acanthus leaf bases, unmarked, 12.5"h x 7"w, excellent condition. 250-350
26. Pair of hand painted porcelain cornucopias with ram heads and claw feet, gold painted blossoms and leaves on cobalt background, wear to gold around bases and tops, unmarked, 5.5"h x 3.5"w x 5.5"d, excellent condition. 200-400
65. Bing & Grondahl round parian plaque, c.1900, relief decoration of three winged ladies above circle of cherubs playing instruments, back impressed B&G Eneret 40, 12.75"d, excellent condition. 150-250