Paintings and Art

Sir Antonio More, Dutch, Portrait, Oil on panel, 24x16, w/frame 38x31

Mosaic Portrait

18C Old Master, St. Jerome with angels, O/C, 78x60, orig frame

S. S. Carr, Three sheep at hayrack, O/C mounted on board, 8x10, signed

Carved Walnut Portrait

W. Richards, Old seascape of women fishing with nets, O/B, 12x15

Early 19C portrait of Madonna and Child, O/C, 40x28

Early 19C Portrait of woman with fan, O/C, 28x23, ornate gilt frame

A. R. Clarot, Vieux Burxelles, O/B, 34x24

Lely, To Remember Me, O/C, 30x25

Flovis, A&C landscape, O/B, 16x13.5, A&C frame

E. John Robinson, Seascape, O/C, 24x30, signed

H. S. Bressler, Song of the Sea, Monhegan, ME, O/B, 26x35

Old portrait of spaniel, O/B, 11.5x9.5, walnut shadowbox frame

Early and unusual still life of goldfish in bowl, O/C laid on board, 8x10

Fred Boger, Tennesse autumn landscape, 1913, O/B, 5.5x8.5, signed

A. DuVannes, A&C landscape with cottage at dusk, O/C, 14x20, orig A&C frame

R. Weaver, Classic portrait of thoroughbred, O/B, 10x15, signed

Arnold Englander, Western canyon scene, O/C, 26x31

V. Giannaccini, Village scene, 1929, O/B, 9.5x13

Mary Taylor, Monhegan Island, 1946, O/B, 11.5x15.5, signed

R. V. Coleman, Country stable, Watercolor, 13.5x20.5

Stowell Sherman, Snowscape with cabin, O/C laid on board, 13.5x20.5

T. Kugler, Dramatic mountain landscape, O/B, 27x39

A&C style putti with frogs, O/C, 26x19, signed

H. Russell Lowd, Seascape with sailboats, 1908, Watercolor, 3.5x22

William McLean, Indiana style landscape with birch trees, O/B, 9.5x7.5, signed

Pair 19C portraits of children on copper, 17x13.5

Old Currier & Ives print of Battle at Sea, 9.5x14

R. Cesarini, Still life, O/B, 8x10, signed

Lee McCullough, Seaside cottage, Watercolor, 10x14

A. Royer, Landscape with houses, 1920, O/B, 21x18, signed

Arthur J. Stephens, Sailboats, O/C, 17.5x13.5, signed

A. Raufer, European market scene, O/C, 26x21

J. L. Maclary, Seascape, 1895, O/C, 14x9.5, signed

Stanley Bielecky, Macinack Island scene, Watercolor, 9.5x12

Large European mill scene with waterfall and village, O/C, 26x35

d'Arty, 60s Portrait of mother & child, O/C, 36x24, signed

Egyptian motif frame

Landscape with tall trees, Oil on slate, 20x13

E. Salvi, Italian fishing scene, O/B, 19x27

M. Bailey, Hawk kill scene, 1908, O/C, 37x15, signed

A. Palimi, Seascape, O/C, 11.5x15.5, signed

Italian seascape, O/B, 5x8, signed

Ray C. Strang, Pastoral landscape with mountains, O/C, 7.5x10

Primitive barn scene with kittens, O/C, 12x16

Laurant Casimir, Haitian village scene, O/B, 12x23, signed

Rudolph Tandier, WWI era illustration, O/C, 35x24, signed

A. Lynch, Village scene, O/B, 12.5x9, signed

Alexander Weathson, Modern primitive seascape with people, O/C, 18x24

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