Paintings by John E. Weis

John Ellsworth Weis (1892-1962) - Born in Powell County, KY, raised in Higginsport and later Norwood, OH. Weis attended the Cincinnati Art Academy starting at age fourteen, and was a member of the faculty for thirty-eight years. He was a student of Frank Duveneck, teacher of Frank Harmon Myers, and associated himself with Elizabeth Nourse and James Hopkins. John Weis was considered a vital force in the Cincinnati art community for nearly forty years.

These 31 works are from The Trust of Sallie Weis Rollins, wife of the artist. Carolyn von Stein, Trustee.

Portrait of a Girl, c. late 1930s, O/C, 30x25, signed

Springtime, O/C, 20x16

Portrait of Man With Striped Tie, c.1920s, O/C, 24x20, signed

Sea Chest, 1936, O/C, 32x40, signed

Anticipation, c.1940s, O/B, 13x20

Covington View, Watercolor, 20x13, signed

The White House, 1940, O/C, 22x26

Sketch of a Woman, O/C, 24x20

Mountain Scene, O/C, 16x18

Portrait of Mr. Herman Callarius, c.1930s, O/C, 30x25

Portrait of a Man, 1934, O/C, 30x25, signed

Man With Red Background, O/C, 24x20, signed

Lone Wayfarer, O/C, 24x36, signed

Flowers and Brushes, c.1940s, O/C, 20x24

Sketch of Two Boats, O/C, 20x24

The Dugan Building, c.1940s, O/B, 13x9.5

Self Portrait, c.1940s, O/C, 24x20

Mountainside - Taos, 1929, O/C, 25x30, signed

Antique Shop, c.1940s, O/C, 22x36

Country Picnic, Watercolor, 18x22, signed

Hillside Village, c.1930s, O/B, 13x16

Sketch of a Woman, c.1940, O/C, 24x20, signed

Cottage Path, Oil on Linen, 16x18

Portrait of a Lady, c.1940, O/C, 24x20

Rooflines at Full Moon, c.1940s, O/C, 16x18, signed

White Cottage With Red Roof, c.1940s, O/B, 12x16

Two Trees, O/C, 14x16, signed

Summer Interlude, O/C, 30x40

Waterfall, c.1940s, O/C, 16x20

Street Scene, O/C, 16x20

Green Landscape, Oil on Panel, 12x20, signed

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