Contents of a Fine Cincinnati Home
Day 1, March 6 (2004)

Hand Painted Porcelain Plaques and Special Interest Art

Wedgwood Jasperware oval plaque in shadowbox frame, 4"plaque; Hand painted oval portrait of a royal lady, 2" oval, in shadowbox frame with old John Shillito paper label, 9"

Hand painted portrait of famous Americans: Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Payne, and Thomas Jefferson, signed Jacob, 7" x 5"

Miniature needlepoint carriage scene, 5" x 7"; Miniature portrait of gentleman in 18th century attire, 3¾" x 2¾"

Hand painted porcelains: Mary in blue drape, gold embossed background, gold frame, 3¼" x 2"; Girl with pink rose in long black hair, pierce carved ivory frame, 3½" x 2¼"

Bronzed metal relief portrait of gentleman in outstanding deeply carved walnut frame with blossom and geometric edging, impressed E.D. Palmer Feb 1899, plaque is 22" x 16"

Hand painted porcelain plaque with woman lighting cauldron, signed Prosche, 7" x 5"

Three miniature paintings in heavily carved standing frames, 2½" oval: mystical man, mystical woman, Taj Mahal

Back: Two hand painted 5" portraits on ivory: Dutchess de Lambelle, artist initialed, & Madame du Barry, signed A. Thumerelle..

Front: Hand painted miniature portraits: oval 3", in decorated ivory case; French style beveled hand mirror with hand painted portrait, 9"; Woman with purple ribbon on ivory, signed Hermandez, in original ornate frame, 4"; Queen in crown and pink dress, oval 2.75"; Woman in red, oval 3.25", in ivory case..

Six hand painted floral tiles, signed A. Kroul, 12" x 5½"