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Important Three Day Auction
The Entire Contents of a Fine Cincinnati Home

March 6, 7 & 13, 2004

DAY 1: Saturday, March 6

Paintings & Art, Porcelain, China, Finery, Pottery, Clocks, Sterling & Silver Plate, Statuary

DAY 2: Sunday, March 7

Furniture & Accessories, Lamps & Lighting, Glass, Cut Crystal, The Orient, Collectibles, Books, Desk Accessories, Ladies, Linens

DAY 3: Saturday, March 13
"The Conclusion"

Selling 2 Classic Cadillac Broughams, Furniture, Glass, Porcelain, China, Sterling, Collectibles, Artwork, Quantity of Books & VHS, TV's, Kitchenware, Jewelry, Attic & Lawn Items, Many box lots..

DAY 1: Saturday, March 6

Cincinnati: Dixie Selden, 1871-1936, European village and canal with people, 1920, oil on canvas, 24" x 30", signed and dated; John Hauser Jr, 1859-1918: Chief Iron Tail, Sioux, 1903, oil on canvas, 17" x 11½", signed, & Lord Baltimore Indian Scout, 1880, oil on canvas, signed J. Hauser 1880, signed verso By John Hauser Jr. May 1880, 20" x 16"; Elizabeth Nourse, 1859-1938, Le Port a Loguivy, Brittany, watercolor, 18" x 24", signed; Caroline A. Lord, 1860-1927, Portrait of a woman, 1924, oil on canvas, 30" x 24", signed; Charles Alfred Meurer, 1865-1955, Civil War still life with belt buckle, tobacco pipe, uniform with buttons, flask reading Battle of Shiloh, oil on canvas, 18" x 30", unsigned; Elizabeth Heil Alke, New Richmond, 1877-1938, Still life of flowers, oil on canvas, 30" x 36", signed; John Rettig, 1860-1932: Still life with oriental motif, oil on canvas, 20" x 24", signed, & Dutch scene, 1929, pen and ink drawing on artist's personal stationary, 7" x 6", with personal note and signed Cordially John Rettig; John Charles Arter, 1860-1923, Still life with pansies and basket, oil on canvas, 1882, 17" x 22", signed J.C. Arter Paris 1882, early ornate frame; Martin George Dumler, 1868-1934, Still life with flowers in vase, 1931, oil on canvas, 20" x 16", signed; Paul Ashbrook, 1867-1949, Snowscape with stream, watercolor, 4½" x 3½", initialed P.A., signed Merry Christmas from Paul Ashbrook; Sadie O. Shwartz Myers, Study of nude female, oil on canvas, 35" x 25", signed; E. T. Hurley, 1869-1950, Skyline of Cincinnati 1880s, etching, 7" x 10", signed; Two Henry Farny prints: Game Ahead, 1905, 9" x 6", & Indian squaw w/child and dog, 5½" x 8"; Eric Franke, Hudson River style landscape, 1983, oil on panel, 22" x 28", signed; Martin Rettig, 1869-1956, oil on board, floral still life, 16" x 12", unsigned..

Signed Etchings by Paul Ashbrook: Christmas Greeting; Christmas Wishes; Towne Crier, foxing; Old man with cane and hat; Old man with beard; Mexican with sombrero; Begging man with hat; Mexican man with donkey; Fisherman with net; Man playing cello..

Listed European: A. Roestel, 19th Century, Autumn scene with two children, oil on canvas, 32" x 38", signed; 4 by Giuseppe Mazzolini, Italy, 19th Century: Woman with grapes, oil on canvas, 24" x 20", signed G. Mazzolini; Woman with dove, oil on canvas, 24" x 20", signed G. Mazzolini; Woman with wheat in her hair, oil on canvas, 24" x 20", unsigned; Woman with white drape, oil on canvas, 20" x 24", signed G (this G matches the other signatures).. Charles Edward Perugini, Italy, 1839-1919, Courting couple, oil on canvas, 30" x 24", unsigned, tag with artist's name; Thomas Webster, England, 1800-86, Happy Cottages, peasant scene with children blowing bubbles, oil on canvas, 30" x 24", unsigned; Jan van Doust, Dutch, Tole style floral still life, oil on canvas, signed [Tag reads Ran van Doust, J.L., 1794-1846. Our research shows it to be a turn of the 20th century work by Jan van Doust]; Pierre Auguste Renoir, Dry point, Le Chapeau Epingle, 5" x 3"; Giuseppe Magni, Italy, 1869-1956, Mother and children feeding birds, oil on canvas, 22" x 28", signed; Henry J. Lyon, England, European village scene, watercolor, 11" x 15", signed; Gilbert Merle, European market scene, 24" x 18", signed; Rudolph Ernst, Austria, 1854-1932, Harem girls, watercolor, 12" x 18", signed.. Listed American: Marston Hodgin, Indiana & Ohio, 1903-2003, Mood Music, WPA style scene of musicians, oil on board, 34" x 24", signed..

More Fine Paintings: Portrait of young gent with feathered cap and hi-buttoned shoes, 19th century, oil on canvas, 58" x 35", unsigned, old card reads Portrait of the Tzaravitch Prince Alexis, Son of Tzar Nicholas. Possibly by V. Serov or I. Repin; Portrait of two young girls in formal dress with detailed lacework, 19th Century, oil on canvas, 42" x 34"; T.F. Laylock, Yosemite Valley, 1883, oil on canvas, 34" x 60", signed; 19th century primitive portrait of peasant woman with serving tray, in ornate leaf and vine frame, 36" x 24"; 19th Century portrait of young gentleman with cap, oil on canvas, 24" x 20", after Rembrandt; Portrait of woman with bow and fan, oil on canvas, 30" x 24"; Two German oils on board peasant scenes in ornate gilt frames; Folk painting, The Tom Green of Cincinnati, oil on canvas, 12" x 18", unsigned; W. Scherponzeel, Dutch cottage scene, oil on canvas, 24" x 18", signed; Hand colored litho of man with umbrella, signed S. Kutzman; Luna Patricius Ruizfer, Religious scene with two figures, oil on panel, 14" x 10½"; European village scene with mother and child, oil on canvas, 19th century, 25" x 21", unsigned; Landscape with three men in rowboat and dense woods, oil on canvas, 36" x 66"; Miniature portrait of gentleman in 18th century attire, 3¾" x 2¾"; C.W. Sculthorpe: Still life with flowers and urn, 1900, oil on canvas, 13" x 17", signed, & Still life with fruit and urn, 1899, oil on canvas, 13" x 17", signed; F.J. Hannaford, Snowscape, gouache, 16" x 20", signed; D. Silverstein, Boy with bowl, 1934, pastel, 13" x 12", signed; Harry Lumby, Landscape, watercolor, 11" x 7", signed; C.J. Way, Canada, 19th Century, Interior of church, 1882, watercolor, 19" x 16", signed..

Landscape with pond and fence, oil on canvas, 28" x 46", unsigned; Large French lithograph in gold frame, 20" x 36"; European street scene, oil on canvas, 24" x 16", signed Laurent; Embossed print of Indian chief backed by mountain range, in ornate frame encased in shadow box, E.S. Hinton, artwork 6½" x 9½", frame 15½" x 12½"; Pair of oils on board, moonlight scenes with birds, 11" x 6½"; H. Henning, Still life with fruit, oil on board, 16" x 21", signed; H. Sorhens, Still life with fruit and sugar bowl, oil on canvas, 13" x 27", signed; Oil on canvas, man and donkey, 9" x 12", unsigned; Pastel portrait of woman with halo in carved frame of leaves & scrolls, 17" x 14"; Still life with Delft vase and flowers, oil on canvas, 18" x 14", illegible signature, dated 86; Still life with flowers in urn, oil on canvas, 42" x 34"..

Special Interest Art: Hand painted portrait of famous Americans: Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Payne, & Thomas Jefferson, sgnd Jacob, 5" x 7"; 3 Miniature paintings in heavily carved standing frames: Taj Mahal, Mystical man & woman, all 2½" ovals; Miniature needlepoint carriage scene, 5" x 7"; Pr of embossed copper plaques w/religious scenes, 39"; 2 Framed religious prints, Franz Hein, 40" x 27"; HP tile w/two birds, sgnd I.M.H. 1917, 6"; 2 hound & spaniel bronze plaques; Bronzed metal relief portrait of gentleman in outstanding deeply carved walnut frame w/blossom & geometric edging, impressed E.D. Palmer Feb 1899; 2 framed 4-panel decoratives of European tarot figurals.. HP Miniature Portraits: Woman w/purple ribbon, on ivory, sgnd Hermandez, orig ornate frame; Tortoise shell box w/portrait; HP miniature interior scene of man & woman, 3"x 5"; Oval portrait, 3", in decorated ivory case, 5½" x 4"; French style beveled hand mirror w/HP portrait; French style 3pc portrait dresser set: Dutchess de Lambelle & Madame du Barry on ivory, both sgnd, in ornate draped frame; Royal lady, in shadowbox frame w/old John Shillito paper label..

Rookwood: Scenic vellum vase w/tall trees & pink sky, by E.T. Hurley, 1926, #907D, 12", mint; Loving cup, standard glaze w/cherries by Elizabeth Lincoln, 1901, #659D, 5", mint; Floral vellum vase by Charles McLaughlin w/shoulder decoration, pink blossoms on olive, dark blue w/leaves & stems, 1928, #295E, 7½", glaze flaking to rim; Egyptian bookends in ocher matt glaze, 1921, #2510, 6"h x 7"w; Bookends, polychrome floral bouquet, 1929, #6001, 5"; Rook form ashtray in white matt glaze, 1942; Vase w/overlapping blossoms & leaves, cocoa high glaze, kiln mark, 5½"; Deck of RW playing cards, Indian chief motif, copyright 1899, IOB.. More: J.B. Owens Lightweight silver overlaid vase, incised CM, 6", as is; Weller Louwelsa vase, standard glaze w/cherries, 6", mint; Weller Woodcraft double bud vase, mint, 8"; Ohio made blended glaze Arts & Crafts style umbrella stand, 21"..

Flatware Services: Reed & Barton Francis I pattern, service for 12, 151pcs; Stieff stamped Williamsburg Restoration, 125pcs; Tiffany & Co. Hampton pattern, 31pcs.. Tiffany: 5 pc tea service: Coffee pot w/feathered helmet finial, scrolled work wide band w/Romans walking & on horseback & driving chariots, scroll & vine detailing, 12½", Bottom reads Tiffany & Co. 550 Broadway English Sterling #774, #4254, Quality 925-1000. L.A.O. June 25, 1890, Teapot, 10½", same as above, Covered sugar, 8", same as above, Cream pitcher, 6½", Waste jardinière, 5½"d, all atop a silver plate footed tray, 18"d; 31 Pcs Hampton ptrn flatware; 2 chalices, wide band of griffons, detailed scrollwork, beaded trim to top & bottom, monogrammed MC in central medallion, mrkd Tiffany & Co. Sterling, #1681, #405, Union Square, 6¾"h; 4-light center bowl in Arts & Crafts style, marked 33312M, 16" full diameter; Pitcher, #22812, 3½ pints, 6½"h; Shell design child's spoon; Teaspoon, pat. 1871, reads Baby 1873; Pierced serving spoon, 10"; Porringer, #20272; Vase, #7214, 3"h; Eyeglass case, reads Made For Tiffany; Ornate inkwell, stamp box & pen tray, all mrkd Tiffany & Co.. Gorham: 12 barrel form tumblers, mrkd Gorham JJM, inscribed K. Brown Jeweler, 4"h; 12 stemmed waters, mrkd Gorham #272; Candle snuffer; Salt & pepper; Youth fork; Sugar spoon; Teaspoon; Gorham SP crumber.. Duhme & Co: 2 Serving spoons w/ornate handles; Serving fork w/poppy design to handle.. S. Kirk & Sons Repoussé: Water pitcher w/draped floral repoussé work, 9"; Gravy w/under plate w/floral accents; Carving set; Cake cutter; Cake server; Shears (unmrkd); Claw end sugar tongs w/shell decoration; Ladle, #441, 7"; Pr serving spoons w/fruit design to rim, 5¼; Letter opener.. Loring Andrews Repoussé Castle Scene Motif: Footed urn 8½"h x 6"d; 2 footed vases 7¼"; Inkwell w/hinged lid, loss to hinge; Blotter ends; Also: Footed trivet w/marble center..

More Sterling: 4 pc English tea service, scrolled repoussé w/bird finials, Joseph & Albert Savory Co., London, c.1852, 11" coffee pot, 8" teapot, 6½" cream pitcher, 5½" 2-handled sugar; 2 Dresser Sets: 9 pc w/repoussé handles of Northern Plains Indian in full headdress, tomahawks, knives, arrows & sheaths; 7pc Deco set.. 12 Lenox demitasses w/strlng holders & strlng underplates; Georg Jensen cheese cutter; Cartier cylinder boxes (2); Cellini Shop A&C serving spoon, 13"; Bailey, Banks & Biddle serving spoon w/shell bowl & handle; Sheffield gravy w/repoussé roses; W. Kendricks & Sons, Louisville KY: 2-pc leaf & vine salad serving set; Howard & Co., NY, hinged ornate pillow form box, 3½"; Trowel, dated Aug 4 1863, in original walnut box, 13", Great; Ornate silver presentation knife, reads Miller McClain to Notre Mere, in original leather case; Pr candlesticks, monogrammed 1907 & SB, bases inscribed From the Intermediate and Collegiate Girls; Victorian ladle w/bird & rushes to handle; Good luck plate w/wishbone & clover leaf dsgn to center, mrkd Hunt Silver Co #250, 11"d; Ornate finger-form page-turner; Pr repoussé candlesticks; Fluted trumpet vase; A&C bud vase; 2 Shell form nut bowls; Grape design dish; Orchid dish; Maple leaf serving bowl; Cigarette box w/4 maidens to lid; 4 sterling & glass spoons; 3 Austrian enameled compacts; Sterling tipped cigarette holder; English shovel scoop, 9"; 12 Ornate butter knives; Collapsible drinking cup, dated July 27, 1913; English cigarette case Dish w/medallion center, unmarked; Tray w/ repoussé edging, 6½"; Muffineer; Overlaid shaker bottle; Ornate English hndld beveled mirror.. Euro Silver: Courting scene dish; Pub scene tray, hallmrkd KS; Nickel silver box w/HP porcelain medallion of 3 men; Russian: Etched dinner fork, dinner knife, serving spoon, handled cup; 4 etched tumblers; Enameled snuff box; Double lid snuffbox w/etched decoration..

4pc serving set in peacock forms, Great; Lazy Susan Banquet Server (Complete): 3 covered vegetables, 2 condiments w/cobalt inserts, salt shaker, footed center tureen w/ lid, ornate ladle, 22"d; Outstanding; Sheffield style ornate punch bowl; Shell bowl server w/ornate stem, 19"; Neptune pattern shell form serving tray dated 1950, 18"; Gorham serving spoon w/cut crystal handle; Pr of ornate gold wash wine coolers; Ornate serving pcs incl 14" footed tureen, covered server on paw feet & footed serving bowl w/ladle cut out, 16"; Lrg Sheffield style paw foot center bowl w/ivy, leaves & lady's face to interior; 19C ornate coffee pot on tilter; Amber glass pickle castor; Several sets MOP flatware; 5-section lazy Susan; Sheffield muffineer; Ornate Sheffield floor vase w/grapes & scrolling, 17"h; Covered dresser box w/HP porcelain lid under glass, sgnd B. Dilly; Many massive fancy trays; Victorian water pitcher; Cake stand; Victorian 3-leg compote; Ornate diamond shape server; Reed & Barton covered butter; 6-glass server w/center handle; Twin cut crystal condiment; Reticulated basket, mrkd KS, 15"..

Fine China: HP Limoges, partial srvc for 12, mrkd C. Ahrenfeldt, Loring Andrews & Co., Cinti; Royal Worcester gold rimmed Diana srvc for 12, 82 pcs; Wedgwood Ventnor, Pat. 6/22/26, W996 full srvc for 12, 72 pcs; Exceptional group of 11 'Elite' Limoges France large servng pcs; 12 Limoges srvc plts, A. Lanternier & Co, gold rim w/cobalt; Franciscan Desert Rose, apprx 100 pcs, many unusual forms, Great Offering; Castleton Rose, HP, partial srvc for 12, 38 pcs; Czech partial srvc for 12, tropical bird dsgn; Rosenthal china, Maria pattern, 38 pieces; Tirschenreuth Old Meissen pattern, 45pcs; 2 HP Russian hunt scene plts, Kornilow Bros; 4 Minton plates w/egret design; 9 Schumann Bavaria dinner plts; 3 George Jones cobalt decorated plts, Eng; 12 HP pheasant decorated soups, mrkd Black Knight; 7 Tirschenreuther dinner plts; 7 Rosenthal King's Rose plts..

Hand Painted Porcelain Plaques & Portraits: Portrait in early gilt frame, 6"x 6"; Woman lighting cauldron, signed Prosche, 7" x 5"; 19C portrait of beautiful woman, rhinestone frame, 2½"; European barn w/stream & blooming trees, sgnd, 4" x 7"; Autumn landscape, sgnd VSR, 6" x 6"; Portrait of beautiful woman, ornate oval brass frame, 4"; 4 oval plaques of religious figures, 2"; 6 framed floral tiles, sgnd A. Kroul; Girl w/pink rose in long black hair, on pierce carved ivory frame; Figure of Mary in blue drape; Sev more in ivory cases.. Hand Painted Porcelain Figurals/Busts: Meissen figurals of woman & man reclining in boat with basket, 12"; Unique Dresden nodder, 12"w x 10"h; Russian, seated woman w/bonnet; Russian, unusual lady's head condiment, blue hammer/scythe mark; Several nice Dresden style incl 3pc courting scene set: Centerpiece: piano player, cello player & conductor, 2 side pcs; Capo di Monte: 4 dramatic 9" figurals, mrkd T.K.C., Giuseppe Cappé: Conductor; Piano player; Violinist; Lady figural..

More Outstanding Hand Painted Porcelain: Plate, beautiful woman w/feathered hat inside bronze circular open work frame, 5"d plate, 10½" w/surround; Russian Imperial cup/saucer, presidential palace; 3 piece lidded urn w/scenes of beautiful woman, putti & lake, cobalt & gold trim, 38"h, as is; 19C urn lamp, intricate gold work, ormolu mounted, 24"h; Pr "Old Paris" tall pillow vases; C. Fohiesholz Plaue Schwarzburl open work compote w/ acorn garlands, bolted, 9"h x 12"w; Meissen: 3pc urn w/ocean scene w/figural putti, dolphins, large shell; Lrg pr of HP 2-handled urns; Double shell handled srvr; Pillbox; 2 covered jars.. Dresden: Pr vases w/courting scenes & ornate branch hndls, 10"h; Footed center dish w/ormolu rim & handles; Reticulated oval dish w/2 handles; Handled vase, 20C, 8"; Cup & basket saucer.. Style of Dresden: Maler Behrmann reticulated plate w/brass mounted handles; Vase, blossoms to shoulder, blue sword mrk, 25"; Pr courting figurals on brass bases w/cherub feet; Trumpet vase w/under plate, vase; 2 HP knife rests w/blue sword mrk; Miniature urn w/lid, blue sword mrk.. Sevres: Footed urn w/brass scrolled mounting, sgnd C. Velly, 17"; Covered & footed center bowl w/lion handles; Sevres style footed vase w/brass mounts & goddess handles, 16".. Style of Royal Vienna: Urn w/brass base & handles; Royal Worcester: Set of 12 vitreous game bird plates; Ewer with reticulated work, 16"; Basket w/floral design,12"; Covered urn; Footed urn on pedestal; Vase w/landscape & castle; Floral cup & saucer; Biscuit jar w/lid; Four-lobed plate; Grecian pattern ewer w/ornate leaf handle; Flat side pitcher.. Pink floral soup w/under plate; Sev small ewers.. HP Limoges: (See China Sets) Coronet charger, fruit decoration, gold fluted edging, signed A. Broussiltin, 16"; Cider set; Footed center bowl w/daisies; 12 dessert plates w/gold fluted edging; 4 Asparagus dishes; 2 Haviland reticulated plates.. Rosenthal: Octagonal footed center bowl; 2-handled dish; Tropical fish figural, 15"; 2 Floral dishes; Tureen.. Hutschenreuther: Tea service for 6, cobalt w/silver overlay, & blue jay figural.. HP Nippon: Monumental footed vase w/Venetian boats, 24"; Ewer & vase w/applied Moriage dots, dragon handle.. Capo di Monte: Dragon spouted coffee/tea service, Great; Bolted tall urn w/crown finial, 15"; 2 twig handled cups & saucers; Pitcher w/cooperage putti decoration & cherub handle; Pillow flask w/putti; Bolted compote.. More: Wedgwood: Jasperware oval plaque in shadowbox frame & Bolted urn w/Bacchus handles; Royal Bayreuth: Grecian ptrn pitchr & 2 devil & cards pitchers; Lenox: 12 Demitasses w/sterling holders & sterling under plates & modern design center bowl set; Doulton Burslem enameled vase w/ornate handles; Willets Beleek humidor, sgnd Mabel Legg 1916, pipe to lid; Royal Doulton slogan pitcher; 2 Copeland Spode pitchers, cooperage dsgn; Boehm: Fledgling Purple Finches & Sitting Hare figure; Art Nouveau bolted urn w/three handles; English footed center bowl, eagle, shield & stars; Oval footed center bowl, sgnd Pinault Modeste; Set of 6 oyster plates; Victoria Austria sardine box; Sev nice Schumann Bavaria pcs; Lrg English brown ptchr w/pewter spout & lid w/dolphin finial; 20C Austrian covered urn, 18"; 3 section server w/gold trim, marked SPM; Set of 5 miniature portrait plates, 2½"d; 2 plates w/ladybugs & jonquils, blue mark; Elegant tea srvc; Bisque figural of draped woman with fruit; Urn w/seascape & 2 winged lady handles; Tapered porcelain portrait vase; Pr canaries on brass, blue sword marks; 19C fluted dish w/blossom & putti; 2 Rose Medallion style vases; Bolted gold trimmed center basket; Miniature washbowl & pitcher, mrkd F. Addley & Co, Longport; Bavarian covered vase w/pheasants to lid; Art Deco condiment w/lovebirds; Enameled lidded box w/putti; 19C box, 2½"..

Elegant nickel silver mirrored center piece w/swan mount & cut crystal ovoid bowl, 16"; Stoneware poached egg server w/6 egg cups & six sterling spoons marked M&J; Picture frame plateau mirror w/lace decoration to tray; HP diamond form ceramic serving tray w/scrolling, 21"; Goldscheider Art Deco ceramic bust; 5 Staffordshire HP decanter labels; 7 piece Villeroy & Boch beer set, cooperage decoration, branch handles, bark bkgd; Hatting, Meyer & Warn, Phila, pr of pewter ewers w/paneled blossom dsgn..
Pewter 5 pc tea set w/dragon decoration, marked Wen Hua Shun; Art Nouveau Austrian vase w/lady, seashell, fish & foliage, drilled, 18"h; Two Vict etched glass bud vases w/figural putti silver plate holders; Mother of pearl French opera glasses; French figural dog w/glass eyes, mrkd Maison Alph Eiroux, Paris; French Deco three piece dresser set with enameled urn & blossoms; Victorian style brass plateau mirror; Early plateau mirror, guitar form, lace doily to interior; Finely carved ivory card holder; 2 carved cameos; Wooden tole painted tray w/fluted edging, signed/dated 1950; Victorian style standing mirror w/cherub finial; Marble cigarette box w/glass rooster finial & sterling trim; Feather plume fan, 20"; 2 decorated brush fans w/ornate pineapple finial handles, 34"; Tom & Jerry set; Large flow blue ladle; Burled dresser powder box w/courting scene..

Special Interest: Ornate cold metal monstrance w/HP religious medallions, rhinestones & cross to top, beveled glass center, 29½".. Bronze: Austrian figural centerpiece aquarium, T.H. Ullman, two maidens atop rocky point opposite bird w/wings spread, surrounded by 5" high glass panels atop eight-sided black marble base. Centerpiece rests on, and sells with fancy carved table w/dolphin supports in teal & gold paint. Centerpiece 30" x 20"; Statue of draped man on marble base w/3 panels in relief, 20C recast, sgnd E. Drovet, 19"; Statue of Michelangelo's Moses, sgnd F. Barbedienne Fondeur, Paris foundry mark, 20C recast, 16"; Statue of Sumatran rhinoceros on wood base; Oriental goddess figural on wood base, 15"; Pr Art Nouveau ewers on marble bases, 17"; Pr handled vessels w/cherubs & goats; 3 Indian figures, sgnd Ralph McCoy, 7"; Figural of 2 birds & snake w/mother of pearl dish atop marble base; Crouched mountain lion, signed T.M. 75; Whippet on marble base, sgnd P.J. Mene, 8"d.. Oriental wrestlers, 5"; Stone, Marble & Alabaster: Pr alabaster Louis XV style footed urns w/mountings of mountain goats, scrolls & blossoms, pineapple finials, 28"; Carved stone bust of man in 18C attire, incised J. Engel 1838, 24" x 24"; Marble, travertine & onyx bust of beautiful woman, 23", atop tall travertine squared pedestal w/oval top; Pr marble & heavy brass mounted pedestals, 11"; Pr of white onyx & brass urns, 16"; Pr marble & brass ewers w/winged angel handles & paw feet, 23"h; Marble & brass mounted footed center bowl; Marble & brass mounted compote; Marble center bowl w/mountain goat & acorn design to base, 12"d; Marble bust of mother and child, 12"; Decorative red marble footed urn w/ormolu rams heads mountings, 17"; More Statuary: Terra cotta architectural gargoyle, 30"; 2 HP parian busts, incised Le Maire, green wafer mrk reads H&C, 20"; Art Nouveau brass figural stand w/iridescent art glass bowl, 21"; Black metal & brass decorator urn w/hoofed feet, 14"..

Ansonia mantle w/porcelain face in Delft case, 17½"; French style Ansonia marble mantle, 10"; Boulle style brass overlaid, 12"; French wind up on marble base, Swiss face 5/16"w in beveled glass frame, mrkd Le Palais de Justice, 4" x 2¾", Very Small, Very Unique..

DAY 2: Sunday, March 7

Elegant carved French style tall vitrine: Carvings include eagle crown, drapes, griffons, Greek ladies, 2 fully carved female busts, delicate leaf edging & pierce carved medallions; French style fully inlaid étagère, flame grained satin wood w/beveled mirror upper bout & split scroll crown, lower bout w/bow front gallery & glass front side cabinets; Mid 19th Century English flamed mahogany chest on chest: Carved Greek key edging, leaf/vine banding, reeded quarter pilasters, bracket feet, old replaced hardware, 68"x51"x24"; Heavily carved Man in the Mountain oak dining set w/faces, massive paw feet & scrolled medallions, in white paint: Table: 87"l; 4 Door sideboard: 98"w; Server: 53"w & Glass door step-back china case: 49"w.. Set of 6 shell-carved Victorian style formal chairs covered in green velvet; Pr heavily carved "king's" chairs w/full figural putti, winged faces, acanthus carved arms, winged figural legs & paw feet; Carved 19C tilt top table w/8 circular panels to top, shell, leaf & blossom carvings, hairy paw feet, 33"d; 5pc French style brass bedroom set, intricate brass trimming in vine/leaf pattern: 2 twin beds on paw feet w/elegant beveled glass headboards, 2 MT nightstand w/glass panels & ornate mirrored vanity w/2-light sconce supports.. Flamed mahogany breakfront secretary w/crotched doors, fitted interior, string inlay, and split scroll crown, 91"h; Étagère of onyx & brass w/beveled mirrors; Marble console table, 2 paw foot carved uprights supporting a white thick slab top; Fully carved walnut king's chair, draped women supports & pierced arms; Fancy carved 3-sided table w/three swan supports & birdseye top; Unique oak MT checkerboard table w/claw & ball feet & rope twist legs & edging; Art Deco arm chair w/tufted back, green velvet & ornate scrolled metal feet; Ornate Chippendale style chair w/extensive open work including "hanging tassel" & ribbon; Ornate fully inlaid side table w/urn to stretcher, extensive inlay to center top, MOP accents; Pr mirror backed hanging corner shelves w/Dresden style supports; Victorian style mahogany library leather top step table; Oval top side-table w/full standing carved cranes, Great..

Ormolu Mounted Louis XV Style: Bureau plat w/figural mountings, leather top, 3 drawers; Bureau plat, fully mounted, single drawer; Standing showcase w/beveled glass, paw feet; MT lingerie chest; MT burled & inlaid cabinet; MT Round side tbl; Inlaid side table; Library table w/leather top; 2-tiered tea tbl w/glass tray top; Set 4 brass mounted chairs; Also: Pr caned & upholstered carved armchairs; MT oval side table w/brass skirt & gallery..

More Fine Furniture: French desk, fully burled w/ carved center cabinet & 4 drawers & fancy carved edging; Mahogany 5-stack library bureau, 47 drawers, original pulls, rich original finish; Walnut 2 drawer library table w/reeded legs & carved edging; Walnut carved swivel chair w/paw feet; Cast iron Victorian style glass top teacart, brass ball ornamentation & ornate scrolled skirt; Wing back formal chair w/pierce carved wood wrap; Heavily carved teak marble top stand; Pr heavily pierce carved oriental side chairs; Pierce carved oriental chair w/dragon arms; Flamed mahogany butler's table w/ornate brass mirrored top, figural gallery, leaves & berries; 19C walnut turned leg game table, turtle top w/acanthus carvings, refinished; Pr French provincial oval side tables w/green onyx tops; Nest of 3 old lacquered tables w/MOP inlaid tops; Tufted brown leather sofa on bun feet; Walnut 3-drawer chest w/drop pulls; Walnut turn leg fireside bench w/acanthus carved arms; 3 French Provincial formal side chairs in green velvet; French style ottoman; French provincial formal side chair in green velvet; Hepplewhite style leather top card table; Mahogany teacart w/glass top tray; Victorian CI dictionary stand; Heavily carved Chinese sewing box w/brass paw feet; Modern iron & brass baker's rack; Pr of lacquered oriental style 1-drawer end tables; Queen Anne style mahogany drop leaf corner table; Queen Anne style mahogany end table; Queen Anne style armchair, brown leather; Victorian pierce carved rosewood oval table, cut down; Pr of paw foot short ottomans w/carved sides; Flamed mahogany petite humidor chest, 2HP doors over 2HP doors; Walnut Vict piano stool; Stomps-Burkhart mahogany T-back lady's rocker; French style tufted headboard w/shell carved crown, king size; Pierce carved book stand w/medallion sides; Black lacquered side table; 3-tiered carved walnut refractory library table, converts to what-not shelf; Walnut formal bench w/pierced carving; French Provincial chaise lounge w/double caned sides; 2-door standing wine cabinet w/carved cavaliers w/shields & ornate hinges; Pr ornate brass pedestals w/dolphin feet; Marble side table w/ogee cut top; 2 CI smoke stands; Pr of Lucite 6-sided side tables; Upholstered easy chair w/ottoman; Leather swivel desk chair; Modern floral down filled sofa, red pattern; 2 modern black leather armchairs; Black leather chair on turned wood legs; Black leather ottoman on pedestal base..

Fireplace & Hearth: Outstanding ornate Louis XVI style draped fireplace fender; Massive Gothic style firedogs w/ornate cross stretchers; Scrolled firedogs w/twisted cross member; Ornate free standing cast iron firebox; Many fireplace tools; Peacock style brass fireplace screen; Brass fire stand, reads Home Sweet Home; 3 Nice coal hods incl massive brass; Copper ash bucket w/brass animals in relief; Brass covered kindling box w/cooperage decoration; Old bellows w/copper cooperage decoration.. Mirrors: 19C Rococo mirror w/fully carved grotesque birds, scrolling & blossoms, 57"x 45"; Louis XV style mirror, fully ormolu mounted w/figurals at corners; Very lrg Venetian 8-sided mirror; Standing beveled glass mirror in ornate brass frame w/putti; Parlor style beveled and etched mirror w/fancy crown.. More: Standing bookrack w/1 drawer & writing board, probably English; Sev marble pedestals incl ornate w/3 fully carved seated mermaids, floral baskets & drapery work; Imari style umbrella rack; Carved wood tray, geometric pattern; Lacquered bar w/brass & mother of pearl boullé inlay, contains full complement of four etched crystal decanters & 16 etched cordials; Brass embossed bar w/full complement of 2 shakers & 6 tumblers; Leather top dome trunk; French Provincial ormolu mounted planter box; Green marble window box on fancy footed base, 22"; Carved & inlaid bookrack w/dancing figurals; Brass & enamel planter box..

Outstanding Le Verre Francais cameo cut lamp, stylized mushroom design, deep tortoise shell and rich red-orange tones on yellow bkgd, 22"h, 12" shade diameter, Exceptional; Large HP19C porcelain urn lamp, intricate gold work, ormolu mounted, courting/courtyard scenes, 24"h (Sells with porcelains on Day 1); 3pc Bronze Art Deco mantle set, Isis figurals on marble bases, 20" center piece bust, 24" pr 4-light candelabras w/strong Art Deco figurals, 20C castings; Floor Lamps: Bronzed metal on 5 pad feet; Pr of bronze w/onyx base, lion feet, standing lion finials & mica shades; Ornate brass w/green onyx trim to stem; Ornate w/marble base & marble urn top w/twist leaf stem & paw feet.. Candelabras, Rococo & Formal: Pr 20C Rococo style 5-light figural candle stands, 22"h; Pr crystal candelabra, 22"; Pr 6-arm candelabras w/drop crystals & prisms, & 6" prism finial; Pr red marble & brass mounted candelabras, 26"; Pr alabaster candlestands w/carved floral decoration, 24"; Brass & marble 2-light candlestand; Pr crystal brass-footed formal; 2 Marble urn w/putti figurals, 28"; Pr Depression era lustred candelabra; Bisque figural on French Prov base; Rococo style Italian 3-light porcelain w/blossoms.. Table Lamps: Oversized crescent form Sumida Gawa w/grotesque dragon, 18"; Slag glass, 8 panel green/caramel shade, base sgnd LAMB, 14½"d shade; Bronzed metal figural cavalier w/raised arms, paneled shade, hanging beadwork, 30"; Brass w/shade of 4 framed lithopane panels, each impressed PPM, 24"h; Brass A&C style w/4 green slag glass panels; Pr w/green onyx & brass base; Pr 2-light pewter & brass, 20"; Bronzed w/deer figural; Bronzed w/iridescent shade; Pr brass Grecian urn style; Modern lamp w/fish & water to base.. Candlesticks & Whale Oil: English burled wood rope-twist sticks w/brass mounted scrolling; Heavy brass push-ups on ball feet; Early pewter push-ups; Pewter whale oil, 11".. Victorian: Art glass sconce w/Venetian mirrored back plate; Lithopane lamp, impressed PPM; Victorian style piano floor lamp..

Monumental hand painted glass vase, Dresden style with broad mouth & foot, 20"; Early Art Nouveau period cylinder vase of iridescent glass w/violet, green & gold highlights & enameled decoration of lady's head, 10¾"; Moser:12 colored etched wines; 2 Moser style vases w/gold enameling, 20" & 21"; Millefiori three blossom epergne; Footed vase with cut floral decoration, probably Sinclair; Hawkes etched & footed vase, 12"; Orrefors vase, 6"; Baccarat vase, 10"; 2 Wavecrest style covered boxes; Crystal center bowl w/etched floral decoration; Amber glass pickle castor; Emerald glass vase w/sterling overlay, 7"; Enameled glass shell form server w/ruby inset creamer & sugar, Great; Many fancy decanters; Lrg Murano center bowl in green bubble glass w/double fish center frog; Murano figural of 2 plumed birds, 14"; Venetian footed dish w/fish handles; St Denis globe form vase; Amethyst vase, 22"; Etched glass dresser jar w/Alvin sterling lid; Pr of 10-sided crystal dresser jars w/ornate sterling lids, dated Feb 13, 00; Many fine stems, sets, etched; Iridescent vase, violet, blue and green, pulled decoration, sgnd Lundberg; Iridescent vase, blue/red, pulled feather decoration; 2 Great Vaseline pitcher & tumbler sets; Vaseline crackle pitcher with brass rim, marked Austria; Emerald etched pitcher w/lid; Bohemian vase with HP floral decoration; Cranberry thumbspot water set; 2 crystal rolled-rim and thumbspot vases; 2 crystal rolled-rim and thumbspot lidded compotes; 19C hand blown wine, monogrammed M; 19C etched tumbler with religious scene, monogrammed AE; Gold decorated center bowl w/under plate; Enameled footed diamond form bwl..

Cut Crystal: (35+) Basket, wheelcut w/thistles, impressive notched & applied handle, 20"; 8 Water pitchers; Waisted vase, 16"h; Pr decanters w/rose design; Trumpet vase, 10"; Sev compotes:12", 10"etc.. Lrg 2 piece compote; Punch bowl on stand w/9 cups; 11 cut crystal berry bowls w/under plates; Center bowl w/three brass bird supports, 9"; Bowl w/Deco fans to rim; Center bowl atop brass stand w/three winged ladies; Marble & brass castor set w/3 cut bottles; Tall cruet w/stopper, thumbspot pattern 12"; Sev decanters incl 2 etched w/sterling silver necks; Pr footed vases, 12"; 9 knife rests; Fluted compote; Squared low bowl; Celery; Deco footed candy dish; Boat form servr; 2 Cut crystal dresser jars w/sterling lids.. Perfumes: 3 fancy perfumes w/etched gold decoration, 8"h; Mottled glass end of day w/glass stopper & brass-hinged lid, 3"; Green glass floral perfume, 5"; Pr cut glass Deco w/2 aqua stones: violet & coral, 5½"; Emerald cut, 6"; Purple French Deco, 6"; Two amberina style twisted form, 6"; Violet drape w/polished bottom, 5"; 2 Art Deco clear glass, 6" & 7"; Pr w/etched deer, 3"; Kosta teardrop form, 3½"; Murano clear glass apple, 4"..

Desk Sets: Bronze & marble 3pc set, centerpiece on bun feet w/3 inkwells & 2 bronze figurals, brass knob blotter & circular desk tray; Tiffany & Co. Sterling: Ornate ink well, stamp box & pen tray.. 5pc Green onyx set: Dbl inkwell, blotter, handled paperweight, pen tray, letter opener & wax seal; More Green Onyx: Tray w/ bronzed goose; Pen holder w/ bronzed elephant; Ashtray w/musical harlequin; Egg form bank on hooves & ormolu mounted legs atop green onyx base; Footed tray in Cloisonné style rim.. Sterling & enamel 3pc: Inkwell, handled blotter, wax sealer; Sevres style 3pc, HP w/cobalt on brass: Letter opener, pen holder, wax sealer; 3ps pen set, lavender & brass trim: 2 pen holders, letter holder; MOP & brass Louis XV style 5pc: Inkwell, handled blotter, letter opener, stamp box, sealer; German 5 pc desk set: Inkwell, blotter, stamp box, note pad, wax sealer.. Inkwells & Accessories: Brass inkwell on tray w/Pietra Dura medallions; HP porcelain inkwell & pen tray; Porcelain & brass hand painted snail inkwell, impressed F&V; Brass & white onyx inkstand w/inkwell, pen holder & pen tray; Victorian cut crystal inkwell, 5 sided; Loring Andrews sterling castle scene inkwell w/hinged lid, loss to hinge; Loring Andrews sterling castle scene blotter ends; S. Kirk & Son sterling repoussé letter opener, monogrammed Malta 25; Magnifying glass w/carved bone handle; Green marble letter rack w/heavy brass paw feet.. Pens & Holders: Sterling repoussé pen holder; Ornate black & brass vine/leaf pen, IOB; Mother of pearl handled pens: Many IOB: Twist handle, Aiken Amrert; F.T. Pierce & Co, No. 2; B. Grieshable, Chicago; John Holland, no nib; Edward Todd, NY; John Govern; Leroy W. Fairchild, gold nib; 10K gold nib; More..

Striking figural pot warmer, bronze grotesque bird holding teapot w/burner, 17"; Dragon handle porcelain ewer; Tapestry w/2 dragons & silk border, 38"sq; Sumida Gawa pitcher & mug; Chinese porcelain vase w/bat handle & figural panels; 2-handle urn fully carved w/grotesque figurals & ring handles; Massive blue & white ceramic planter; Pr figural Satsuma vases w/dragon in relief.. Carved Ivory: Mystery ball atop fully carved revolving stand, 12"; Gentleman in robe, as is, 8"; Seated Kali figural, 10"; Figural to resemble bird's beak w/eyes, detailed floral panel w/2 tiny figurals, 8", Great; Warrior w/sword atop oval pedestal, 12"; Head w/seated Buddha crown, 6½"; Standing dog & pup in suitcase, 2½"; Pup in suitcase, 1"; Seated pup, 1½"; Scenic snuff bottle, 5"; Elephant, 2";Hippo, 2".. Cloisonné: Ewer w/dragon handle; Urn w/Foo Dog figural; Pr pink marble & cloisonné vases; Covered urn, globe form; Teapot w/tiger-eye bkgd; Footed urn w/lid, tiger-eye bkgd; Pr chargers; Shot tumbler; More..

Annie Oakley figural tray on marble base; The Bobb'n Beatles, Beatles nodders IOB, 1964 car mascots, w/Beatles vinyl totebag; Spelter Indian chief figural gas cap: 'Feathers In Our Cap,' Guy Motors Ltd; 3 Bronze Indian figures, sgnd Ralph McCoy, 7"; Early chalk hanging plaque w/2 Indian chiefs, squaw & brave; Ohio glass parade canes: 78", 38" & 36"; Walnut stock muzzle loader, mrkd A. Cook, Goddard; Realist stereo camera w/leather case, extra lens & viewer; Strlng wrap carnelian cane handle; Austrian bronze figural of Arab & camel, 5"; Early brass scale, 24"h; Remington brass pocketknife in Art Nouveau design; Gutta Percha pillbox in horseshoe form; Small Hebrew scroll in cloth case, 6"; Gaming rack/card press w/card shaped boxes & playing pieces; Walnut & brass card press for 2 decks; MOP fan w/HP scene, sgnd S. Coll, in silk box, mrkd Greenleaf & Crosby Co; Folk art ceramic bust, 22"; 3-bell door chime w/mallet; Cigar Cutters: French coin d.1869 & brass nude; Pipe Collection: Conditions vary, many w/orig leather case: Carved Meerschaum: Vict lady; Man w/long nose; Vict lady w/ hat; Stoic Queen; Confederate solder w/cap & beard; More Carved Pipes: Bone pipe w/lion; Pierce carved horse; Short pipe w/carved dog; Amber colored pipe w/grouse; Short pipe w/shepherd dog; Sev HP & dated porclns; Miniature pipe w/gold claw, 3"; 2 French repoussé figural Bacchus pipes, clay; More..

Hand executed British legal document concerning land inheritance dispute, composed November 8 in the 24th year of the reign of George II; Hand executed marriage license of Jonathan Towle to Bathsheba Russell, July 8 1778, Bristol County, Massachusetts Bay, many signed witnesses; Many leather bound books, deluxe & decorator sets: Irving, Hugo, Poe, Goethe, Dickens, Twain, Barrie, more; Roycroft leather bound Thoreau; 19C leather bound Bible; The Common Book of Prayer, prayer book w/ivory cover, d1866; 12 vols Elbert Hubbard's Little Journeys leather bound; Mini soft leather bound set of Shakespeare; Messages & Papers of the Presidents 1780-1908, 11vol; Galbreath's 5vol Hist of Ohio, 1925; Many more; Oversized folios of painters & art history; Boxes & boxes & boxes of books will be sold Day 3..

Numerous fur & fur-lined jackets & full length, high quality leather jackets & skirts; Large decanter of L'Interdit perfume, Givenchy Paris, in unopened original silk covered domed lid box, 11" box, 8" decanter; Many linens; Purses: 2 Great French Deco mesh; 2 More French Deco; 4 Deco beaded, 2 w/landscapes; Many more..

Day 3: Saturday, March 13

This final day represents the conclusion of months of work preparing this fine home for public auction. The Business Club will be full to overflowing. If weather permits, many items will be sold outside. Large quantity of porcelain & glass, many items sold in trays and in boxes. Selling two classic Cadillac Broughams. Click Here For Highlights

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