Winter Auction: Friday, January 12 (2007)

Paintings and Art

Joseph H. Sharp, pencil, 19x14

Reginald Grooms, O/C, 22x28

Joseph H. Sharp, pencil, 16x12

Carl Zimmerman, WC, 21x17

Carl Zimmerman, WC, 21x17

Carl Zimmerman, WC, 21x17

O/C, 13x9

Carl Zimmerman, O/B, 22x28

Duveneck style portrait, O/C, 17x14

Arthur Helwig, double-sided O/B, 11x14 (reverse is nude study)

Arthur Helwig, O/C, 20x24

Impressionist coastline, O/B, 10x14, illegible signature

Hispalito, WC, 19x14

Louise M.W. Kamp, O/C, 19x15

Leo Murphy, O/C, 20x26

Waterfront scene with palm trees, O/B, 12x24

Pumpkin patch, WC, 18x22, illegible signature

19th century German pub portraits, O/B, 9x7, signed F. Holzer

Illustrations on old manuscript pages

Detailed watercolor illustrations
of Tiffany lamps

Detailed watercolor illustrations of Loetz, Tiffany and more

Framed French etching of naval battle at Tripoli

Framed French etching of naval battle at Ville de Gennes

Hand colored Audubon print, Long-billed Curlew, City of Charleston, 21x33, R Havell 1834

Portrait plate in shadowbox frame

Rialto Bridge in Venice, WC

Silver threaded embroidered dragon on silk

Hand painted oriental silks

Alain M. Mallett, France, 1630-1706, The Congo, etching, 6x4

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