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Left to Right: 183-187

183: Ceramic Arts Studio: Arabesque & Attitiude, mint
184: Ceramic Arts Studio: Chinese Lantern Man & Woman, w/lanterns, mint
185: Ceramic Arts Studio: Maurice, mint
186: Ceramic Arts Studio: Zor, mint
187: Ceramic Arts Studio: Greg & Grace w/gold, mint

Back: 188-191
Middle: 192-196
Front: 197-200

188: Ceramic Arts Studio: Mary & Her Lambs (3pcs), mint
189: Ceramic Arts Studio: Fisher Boy & Girl w/pole, mint
190: Ceramic Arts Studio: Pierette & Pierrot, mint
191: Ceramic Arts Studio: Little Bo Peep & Sheep (3pcs), mint
192: Ceramic Arts Studio: Gypsy, pr w/gold, mint
193: Ceramic Arts Studio: Gay 90, pr, Betty Harrington mrk, mint
194: Ceramic Arts Studio: Mopi & Smiley, mint
195: Ceramic Arts Studio: Rhumba Dancers, pr w/gold, Betty Harrington mrk, mint
196: Ceramic Arts Studio: Colonial Couple, pr., mint
197: Ceramic Arts Studio: Dutch Love Boy & Girl, mint
198: Ceramic Arts Studio: Little Boy Blue w/bench mint
199: Ceramic Arts Studio: Wee Piggy Salt & Pepper, as is
200: Ceramic Arts Studio: Pepita & Pancho, Mexican Pair, mint

Back: 201-204
Middle: 205-211
Front: 212-214

201: Ceramic Arts Studio: Sitting Dutch Girl and Boy, mint
202: Ceramic Arts Studio: Boy Shelf Sitter, mint
203: Ceramic Arts Studio: Tuck, mint
204: Ceramic Arts Studio: Young Love Girl, mint
205: Ceramic Arts Studio: Promenade Man, mint
206: Ceramic Arts Studio: Triad Candleholder, right side, mint
207: Ceramic Arts Studio: Lilybeth, mint
208: Ceramic Arts Studio: Pioneer Sam and Pioneer Suzie, both mint
209: Ceramic Arts Studio: Russian Boy, mint
210: NO LOT
211: Ceramic Arts Studio: Colonial Girl, mint
212: Ceramic Arts Studio: Carmelita, mint
213: Ceramic Arts Studio: Running Girl, mint
214: Ceramic Arts Studio: Dancing Dutch Girl, mint

Back: 215-219
Front: 220-224

215: Lonhuda Pitcher, standard glaze w/olive leaves, impressed, 5"h, lip restoration
216: Roseville Rozane vase, standard glaze w/blossoms, #836, impressed mrk, 7.5", rim repair
217: Weller Louwelsa pitcher standard glaze w/leaves & berries, #580, 12"h, mint
218: Owens Utopian jug, standard glaze w/corn, artist sgnd, impressed mrk, 7"h,
219: Weller Louwelsa ewer in standard glaze, with salmon blossom, X70, 7"h, mint
220: Owens Utopia mug, standard glaze w/cherries, #1035, impressed, artist sgnd, 5"h, mint
221: Weller Louwelsa ewer, standard glaze w/blossoms, artist sgnd, X73, 5"d, repair to top
222: Weller Louwelsa vase, standard glazed w/leaves & berries, artist signed, 6"d, mint
223: Weller Louwelsa vase, standard glaze w/yellow blossoms, V104, impressed mrk, 5"d, mint
224: Roseville 12" Standard glaze ewer, Roseville attribution

Back: 225-231
Front: 232-239

225: Rookwood Bookend, Woman w/fan in aqua hi-glaze, 1945, #6252, 6.5"h, mint
226: Rookwood Iris glaze, with pink rose blossom, 1911, 1656E, Edith Wildman, 7.5"h, repair to top
227: Rookwood Bookend, Panther in celedon green, William McDonald dsgn mrk, 1948, #2564, mint
228: Rookwood Standard glaze pillow vase w/jonquils, 1904, signed
229: Rookwood Standard glaze pitcher, 5"h, 295E, Sadie Markland
230: Rookwood Polar Bear figural, c.1995, 23/500, 5"h, mint
231: Rookwood Peasant girl flower frog in dark blue hi-glaze, 1915, #2230, 5"h, mint
232: Weller Woodland squirell wallpocket, ink mark, 9.5"h, minor flakes
233: Nicodemus Pitcher in spectacular mottled aqua & brown glaze, 4.5"h, mint
234: NDSM Vase in carved design of men & horses in matt brown, sgnd Mattson, 7"h, chip & line
235: NDSM Trivet in floral design, sgnd Huck, 5"d, mint
236: Niloak Elephant vase in green matt, impressed Niloak, 6"h, mint
237: Roseville Magnolia wallpocket, brown, tiny chip
238: Peters & Reed Vase, Shadoware line, 7.5"h, mint
239: Roseville 12" Water lily lamp
240: Roseville Donatello jard & ped, jard:14"d x 10"h, a few small chips, ped: 18"h, mint
241: Roseville Florentine Jard, 12.5"d, small chips
242: Roseville Apple Blossom large jard & ped, green, jard: #303-10, ped: #306-10
243: McCoy 10" Jard, matt white
244: McCoy Large floor vase, 20"
245: 10" Ohio jard
246: Ohio made Pr cornflower blue 2-handled sand jars, 18"h, excellent cond
247: Early Ohio Pedestal in standard glaze w/poppy, 19"h, chip
248: Weller Jard in leaf & stem design, unmrkd, 9.5"d, lines
249: Weller Flemish ped 29"h, hairline
250: Early Ohio Jard in blended glaze in water lily design, 18"h, mint
251: Composition giraffe, 30"h


ROOKWOOD: Selection of vases; 4 Souvenir vases, "Pottery Lovers," two 1992 & two 1994; Sign in olive matt, c.1996; Pup paperweight; Colonial girl bookends..

ROSEVILLE: Several nice vases..

McCOY: Several examples personally signed in pen by Nelson & Billie McCoy; Vases: Poppy, Magnolia, Tulip & Short Tulip, Hyacinth, Triple lily, Triple bulb planter; Swan, Basket, Commemorative; HP 10" sgnd vase w/roses; Wall pockets: Clown, grapes, more; Early Examples: Matts incl 16", Onyx jard & jug clock, Blended jard & ped; Ashtray in unusual glaze; Alpo cracker jar; Acorn bskt; Chicken ptchr; Smiley face bank.. Brush: 2 A&C bwls; Duck, more..

COOKIE JARS: Shawnee: Blue jug; 6 Smiley pigs incl: w/chrysanthemums & more.. Smiley pig w/flowers; Pig w/shamrocks; Winnie w/S&P.. McCoy: Bobby Baker; Betsy Baker; Clown; Cylinder; Churn; Thinking pup.. More Cookie Jars: Twin Winton: Elephant & Monk; American Bisque: Bunny on bskt & "Ring Bell"; Treasure-Craft: Raggedy Ann & Baseball boy; Old Hull duck; Sesame Street: Oscar, Ernie, 2 Big Birds & Cookie Monster; 2 Monkeys; Russian soldier; Aunt Jemima, later; Oliver Hardy; Panda bear; Clown; Ice cream cone; Brush formal pig, as is; Cookie panda; Wooden soldier; Erly HP stoneware..

HULL: Bowknot vase, 5"h; Nice group Ebbtide; 2 Matt vases; Duck baker; Little Red Riding Hood: Side-pour creamer & sugar; 1 Lrg salt; Small S&P..

HALL: Sev good Deco teapots; Reagan ptchr; Deco cobalt ptchr, #0443; Tealeaf baker; Cobalt creamer; Covrd tureen, lustre, 12"; 4 Gingerbread-man trays..

MORE POTTERY: Many figurals, incl: Heidi Schoop, Weilware, Brayton Laguna, Kay Finch.. 3 Van Briggle vases; Many Shawnee: Bowtie vase, Sunflower wall pckt, S&P's.. Euro: Great Geisha girl vase, 12" & Art Nouveau vase, 9"; Francoma: 12" Special Ed. Nouveau lady, Two Easter plts, d.1972; Vernon Kilns OH plate; Two 1939 World's Fair deco pottery plts; Many RRPCo pcs; Erly OH standard glase vase, 12"h; HM quail, sgnd Thelma Frazier Winter, crack; Durant Kilns vase, d.1919; Wedgwood drssr box; Stangl pcs incl 9" floral bwl & 7" bskt; Treasure-Craft sheepdog bank; Russel Wright ptchr; Danish modern vase, sgnd Zeuther; Emmett Kelly Jr: 2 Ltd Ed clowns, 10"h; Figural clown 8"h..

TOBYS & TEAPOTS & MORE: Royal Doulton Winston Churchill Toby, 9"; English Toby; German Toby; Sadler teapot, Eng; Arthur Wood teapot, Eng; Figural plntrs; Art glass; Black S&Ps; Strlng cndlstcks; SP ornate 3-light cndlabra, 12"..

Early McCoy


McCoy Wall Pockets

McCoy Florals

Hull Little Red Riding Hood

Hull Ebbtide, Woodland, More

Figurals by Heidi Schoop, Kay Finch, Weilware, Brayton Laguna, Ltd Edition Francoma

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