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Violin by Giulio Degani, c.1930s, signed: $25,850

19th century Russian gilt-bronze candelabra, crest of Demidov family: $42,550

French gilt-brass and porcelain carriage clock, striking and repeating with alarm: $12,650

Austrian bronze figural aquarium, signed T.H. Ullman: $12,100

Austrian bronze lamp on marble base, 14": $12,650

Waterbury #7 wall clock in oak case, glass marked STANDARD TIME in old paint: $13,200

Mid 19th century Italian ebonized jewelry casket with 89 hand painted enameled panels: $11,000

Viennese-style enameled compote, rock crystal bowl and base with silver bands: $13,200

Viennese-style silver and enameled sailing ship, sails hand painted on both sides: $8,800

Austrian bronze lamp, Bergman design, marked Austria, 13"h: $9,775

Pair French statues, 58"h: $12,650

Dramatic bronze andirons, 32"h: $7,800

Regina Music Box, 12-disc changer: $13,200

Herschede 100 Anniversary Clock: $9,350

Bronze Statue after Julien: $6,300

Meissen porcelain center urn on Dresden base, 28"h: $10,725

Meissen porcelain"Water" ewer, 25" high: (left): $6,325.. Meissen porcelain "Air" ewer, 25" high: (right): $6,600

Meissen porcelain clock, 24": $6,900

Ivory presentation tankard with Hellenic scene, marked Frankfurt, 10.5"h: $8,250

Tiffany bronze counter balance desk lamp with damascene shade: $7,150

Peacock figural lamp, 20" cold metal base with glass cabochons, 9" chipped-ice shade: $9,900

Rare "Puck" slot machine - music box by Caille-Schiemer, Detroit, 1898, 5'h: $17,050

19th Century hand-painted KPM portrait plaque, 12.5x10: $7,150

KPM hand painted porcelain plaque, beautiful bare-breasted woman, 9.75" x 7.25": $7,700

Bronze figural lamp, c.1920, classic Bergman design, dome lights up, 13"h: $9,350

Bronze figural lamp, c.1920, classic Bergman design, hand painting & glass highlights, 18"h: $8,250

Bronze figural lamp, c.1920, classic Bergman design, dome lights up with glass panels, 13"h: $6,875

Rookwood scenic vellum vase by Fred Rothenbusch, 13": $6,325

Rookwood scenic vellum by E.T. Hurley, 1926, #907D, 12", mint: $7,700

Rookwood porcelain glaze vase, Kataro Shirayamadani, 9": $6,600

Regina music box #55497, tiger-oak paneled cabinet, twenty 15" discs: $6,600

Marble fountain with bare-breasted ladies: $6,050

Pair of Blackamoor lamps, 54" high: $14,300

Hand painted porcelain urn, 38", as is: $5,500; and hand painted Nippon, 24": $9,350

Bronze mantel set: $7,150

19th century HP porcelain urn lamp, ormolu mounted, 24": $6,600

Handel reverse painted table lamp: $6,050

Classique reverse painted table lamp: $3,850

Pairpoint "Bird of Paradise" Lamp: $5,390

Cincinnati Art Carved hanging cabinet of black walnut, striking Arts & Crafts influenced hardware, 26"h: $5,775

Cincinnati Art Carved letter opener of black walnut signed by William Fry, 10": $5,775

Ornate cold metal monstrance with hand painted medallions, rhinestones & cross to top, beveled glass center, 29": $5,225

Paris production porcelain figures, 28" high: $4,125

Marble, onyx & travertine: $4,290

Center: 19th century hand painted porcelain palace vases: $5,500
Ormolu mounted cobalt porcelain urns: $2,090

Monumental hand painted glass vase, 20": $4,400

Pair of bronze mounted marble lidded urns, 27": $6,750

Blackmer cut crystal 13" tray, Columbia pattern: $3,680

Rookwood scenic vellum by E.T. Hurley, 1915, 9", with original factory shipping box: $4,400

Early Rookwood pillow vase, fully decorated landscape, 1882, 14": $4,950

Rookwood wax matt vase by K. Shirayamadani, 1939, 6"h: $3,520

Goddess statue with signed Quezal shade, 45" high: $3,575

Rookwood "Butch" bulldog figure, great glaze: $1,760

Quezal iridescent shade, red zipper pattern: $3,700

Tiffany Studios bronze candelabra with emerald blown glass, no bobeches: $2,200

Tiffany Studios bronze base nautilus lamp: $3,300

Tiffany Studios bronze floor lamp with favrile shade: $3,575

Majolica walking stick stand, 33"h: $3,300

19th Century life size cast iron buck deer: $3,025

Victorian dollhouse with furniture, Schwarz Toys: $2,420

Carl Kauba, Austria, 1865-1922, bronze statue of Indian rider fighting cougar: $2,640

Old Town canoe, cedar & canvas, early 20th century, fully restored: $3,190

Black Forest carved bear humidor, hinged neck, glass eyes: $2,970

Pair c.1870 Dresden-style Candelabra: $2,750

Grueby vase, impressed Grueby Faience Co Boston USA, 11"h, a few glaze misses: $2,640

"The Dali Alice," Maecenas Press-Random House, New York, 1969. #1861 in limited printing of 2500 on Mandeure paper, signed on title page by Dali: $2,200

Austrian bronze lamp, Bergman design, marked Austria, 13"h: $9,775

Pair French statues, 58"h: $12,650

Dramatic bronze andirons, 32"h: $7,800

Rookwood Scenic Vellum, Katato Shirayamadani, 9": $2,050

Viennese Enameled Screen with Clock: $1,550

HP Nippon Coralene Vase: $1,320

Burled liquor cabinet, mother of pearl inlay, fully fitted interior: $2,310

Chinese carved ivory, full tusk, reclining Buddhist goddess Quan Yin, rests on separate and fully carved pillow: $2,310

Hand painted Limoges, 20"h: $1,430