Spring Select Auction (2004)

Listed Cincinnati Artists

Edward Henry Potthast, New York & Cincinnati, National Academy, 1857-1927, Sunlight and Shadow, oil on canvas, 20" x 24", signed, title on stretcher

Potthast was one of the most significant painters to come from Cincinnati in the 19th century, and is best known for his bright and care-free beach scenes of women and children playing in the surf. His honors, retrospective showings and museum holdings are numerous. Born in Cincinnati, he later established his main studio in New York. This painting is in excellent condition.

Spring Snow, oil on canvas, 30" x 25", signed, titled on stretcher & old label from Traxel Art Co. Cinti

Rockport Harbor at Sunrise, oil on canvas-board, 11" x 14", signed

Deep woods scene, oil on canvas, 30" x 25", signed

Charles Salis Kaelin, 1858-1929

John Rettig, Cincinnati, 1860-1932, Marblehead Harbor, Grey Day, 1919, oil on board, 15" x 18", signed, dated '19

Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Waterfall in forest stream, oil on canvas, 28" x 50", signed

Lewis Henry Meakin, Cincinnati, 1853-1917, Mt. Auburn From Eden Park, oil on canvas, 15" x 20", signed

Autumn fields & trees, oil pastel on paper, 15½" x 19½", signed

Forest pathway to waterfront, oil pastel on paper, 1931, 14½" x 11", signed, dated

Bayside scene with gnarled tree and sailboats, 1910, 11" x 15", signed & dated

Edward Timothy Hurley, 1869-1950: Three oil-pastels in the style of his Rookwood plaques

E.T. Hurley, Cincinnati riverfront with paddlewheels and workers, 1917, ink on paper, 12" x 19", signed, dated

Victor Casenelli, Cincinnati & MI, 1867-1961, Fiery sunset with Arab on camel, watercolor, 8" x 17", signed

Charles Alfred Meurer, Cincinnati, 1865-1955, Flock of sheep grazing on hillside, oil on board, 10" x 13", signed

Louis Charles Vogt, Cincinnati, 1864-1939, Sailboats in harbor, oil on board, 9" x 12", signed

Winter woods landscape, oil on board, 7" x 9", signed

Sky study, oil on board, 8" x 11", signed

Edward Charles Volkert, Cincinnati & CT, 1871 - 1935

Lighthouse & lady in white, 20" x 28", signed

Country road w/distant harbor, 17" x 21", signed

Two fishing boats beached, 21" x 28", signed

Beached sailboat, 17" x 21", signed

Four watercolors by Reginald Leslie Grooms, 1900-1989

Julie Morrow De Forest, Cincinnati & NY, 1882-1979, Farmer on elephant w/children, oil on canvas, 35" x 40", signed Julie Morrow deF

Emma Mendenhall, 1873-1964, Impressionist rocky coast, oil on board, 8" x 10", unsigned, Mendenhall Estate stamp

Enno Meyer, b.1874, Two lions in Cincinnati Zoo, 1901 oil on canvas, 40" x 54", signed, dated

Fred Pye, 1882-1964, Harbor scene with buildings & boats, watercolor, 9" x 12", signed

Alma Jordan Knauber, b.1893, Rockport blacksmith at anvil, 1926, watercolor, 13½" x 17½", signed, dated

August James Weber, Marietta OH, b.1889, Portrait of man w/cigar, 1918, charcoal, 21" x 14", signed, dated

Juliett Burdoin, Dayton OH, 20th century, Riverside church landscape, oil on canvas, 20" x 24", signed

Robert Fabe, Mining Town, gouache, 13" x 21", title on old Cincinnati Art Museum label on back

Henry Farny print w/hand painted details, 11x20, earlier print, original hangs in Cincinnati Art Museum

Carl Zimmerman, 1900-1985, Hunt scene, O/C, 20" x 24", signed

E.T. Hurley, etching, Fountain Square in the Rain

Two John Hauser prints