Spring Select Auction (2004)

Art Pottery

Impressive Rookwood scenic vellum vase by E.T. Hurley, landscape w/gnarly pines on hilly ground in unique shades of mauve, pale blue & pale green, 1915, 1126C, 9½", sells w/original shipping box from factory with Rookwood label, factory 4th Class Matter stamp & 9¢ postage, box ink stamped Insured & Fragile

Rookwood rare yellow tinted glaze vase with vines & leaves, Harriet Wilcox, 1926, #1779, 7½", mint

Rookwood: Floral vellum by E.T. Hurley, shoulder band of red & yellow blossoms on blue branches, 1919, 5", mint; Floral vellum by Ed Diers, tiny blossoms in pink, yellow & blue, w/twisting green vines & leaves on lavender to cream background, 1928, minute base flake, 5½"

Rookwood wax matts: C.S. Todd, blue & yellow blossoms on a tan background, 1920, #935E, 7", mint; E. Barrett, yellow, blue & red blossoms on green leaves on tan background, 1925, 5", mint; S. Coyne, detailed band of blue blossoms on green stems & leaves on a rich caramel to blue background, 1925, 7"h, mint; K. Jones, original factory paper label, 1924, 9", mint

Overbeck baby bird figural, mottled blue gray dark-brown glaze, impressed mark, 4", mint

Roseville Futura: "Ostrich Egg," 7½"; Blue "bee-hive" vase with blue buttressed base, good paper label, 7¾"x5"

Rookwood: Elephant bookends, 1922, #2444C, mint; Basket, A&C form in tan matt glaze, 1910, #1641, 5"h, mint; Polychrome seagull trivet, 1943, #2351, 6"d, tiny flake; Duckling tray, Harvard Club, 1929, 3½"d, mint; Jardinière with delicate blossoms & branches, opaque buckskin glaze, design by Shirayamadani, 1923, #2699, 8"d, mint; Seated colonial lady bookends, 1943, #6252, 6½", mint

Roseville Carnelian

Roseville Carnelian II floor vase

Rookwood Blue Ships tea set: teapot 5½", creamer 4½", sugar 3"


Fulper: Mauve vase with delicate drip to rim, 8", ink mark; Two handled footed vase in blue crystalline drip glaze over olive and rose, 9"

Cincinnati Art Club jug by W. Collins, blue & gold decoration, 6½"; Cincinnati Art Pottery pilgrim jug with butterfly & blossoms, 7"


Weller pedestal with water lilies & dolphins, tobacco brown glaze, impressed Weller, 24"; Standard glaze pedestal w/egret, incised script L, excellent artwork, 22"; Blended glaze pedestal in brown & aqua w/twisted fish, 21"h

Peters & Reed Moss Aztec umbrella stand, 28"

Buffalo Deldare: The Fallen Field Hunt, The Start, signed A. Jentsen, 9.5"; The Fallen Field Hunt, The Start, signed Winter, 13.5"; Ye Lion Inn, signed R. Wase, 12"

Standard glaze jards: Weller, 7"h x 9"d, mint; Early OH, heavy slip decoration of jonquils & leaves, 11½"h x 14"d; Cambridge vase w/detailed rose blossom & leaves, impressed Cambridge, 5"h x 7"d, quality example, mint

Royal Dux perched parrot, 13"; Moorcroft vase w/large orchid, paper label, 5", mint; Sevres aqua Art Deco pottery vase, 9"

European: Massive jardinière & pedestal, both w/lion heads & paw feet, 49"h, 20"d, superb condition; Art Nouveau majolica pedestal with ornate center cartouche of draped Art Nouveau woman in rushes, 42"

Matched pair of c.1875 French vases with exceptional, lifelike applied rose blossoms, branches and leaves, 14"

Pair 18th century Chinese oxblood vases, 9", mint

Monumental Royal Satsuma vase, 25"