Spring Select Auction: April 29 (2005)

Cincinnati Artists: Page One of Two

189. Dixie Selden, Cincinnati, 1871-1936, Portrait of Palmyra Viano Do Castelo, oil on canvas, 6½" x 5½", signed D.S. (6,000-8,000)

Selden also painted a larger portrait of this gypsy woman.

209. Dixie Selden, Cincinnati, 1871-1936, Portrait of young black girl, oil on canvas, 20" x 16", signed. There is a similar painting in the Dixie Selden catalogue raisonné, slightly larger & titled The Little Brown Maiden. (6,000-8,000)

Selden is considered one of the premier Cincinnati Impressionists. She was one of Frank Duveneck's favorite students, and she painted his portrait at his request shortly before he died. She also studied internationally, including with William Merritt Chase.

87. Edward Charles Volkert, Cincinnati & Old Lyme, 1871-1935, "Late Autumn," Old Lyme oxen team & farmer hauling wood, oil on board, 9" x 12", signed. (4,000-5,000)

Born in Cincinnati to German parents, Volkert started his career painting portraits, then moved on to bucolic landscapes. While living in New York, Volkert was president of the Bronx Art Guild. He later moved near Old Lyme, CT, in part because of his interest in painting their ever-present oxen, which Volkert described as "twice as good as cows at posing." His style is noted for its impressionist use of light, applied in small dots of paint, while maintaining an interest in the true forms and colors of his subject matter.

229. Elizabeth Nourse, Cincinnati, 1859-1938, Tunisian village with women at market, 1897, watercolor, 10" x 18", signed and dated. (4,000-6,000)

Nourse was very successful in the Paris Salon, acclaimed by both her fellow artists and the public for her technical skill and unique personal vision. The National Musuem of American Art exhibited a retrospective of her career in 1983.

21. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Autumn landscape with two cows in stream, oil on board, 18" x 22", signed, great palette and execution. (5,000-7,000)

Lindsay studied in Dusseldorf in the 1860s. He instructed students in his Cincinnati studio and was one of the founding members of the Cincinnati Art Club. He exhibited at the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, from 1870-83, Pogue's in 1875, and the Art Institute of Chicago in 1896.

190. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Cows at trough, oil on canvas, 16" x 24", signed. (3,500-4,500)
230. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Shepherd, oil on canvas, 20" x 16", signed. (3,000-4,000)
173. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Pointer dogs in fall woods, oil on canvas, 10" x 12", signed. (2,500-3,500)
211. Thomas Corwin Lindsay, Cincinnati, 1845-1907, Lion in rushes, oil on canvas, 46" x 36", signed. (1,500-2,000)
191. Charles Alfred Meurer, Cincinnati, 1865-1955, Still life with turkey dinner and muffineer, 1895, oil on canvas, 20" x 24", signed & dated, nice burled ogee frame. (4,000-5,000)

Meurer at first specialized in still life painting, and is considered the last link to the heyday of the trompe l'oeil style. He later broadened his subject matter to landscapes. He was good friends with Frank Duveneck, and also studied under Thomas Noble and L.H. Meakin.

210. Charles Alfred Meurer, Cincinnati, 1865-1955, Sheep grazing under trees, oil on canvas, 14" x 21", unsigned, estate stamp verso. (1,500-2,500)
248. Matthew Andrew Daly, Cincinnati, 1860-1937, Canadian Rockies landscape w/lake, oil on board, 11" x 15", signed. (1,500-2,000)

Matt Daly was one of Rookwood Pottery's most respected artists. After 21 years at Rookwood, he was head of the art department at U.S. Playing Card for 30 years. Throughout his careers, he was also a prolific painter of portraits, landscapes and tavern scenes. Daly was a student of Frank Duveneck, and his work hangs in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

212. William Purcell McDonald, Cincinnati, 1863-1931, Snow covered city w/train under bridge, oil on board, 6" x 9", initials on back. Provenance: Notarized letter from the artist's grandson. (500-700)

McDonald was a Rookwood artist from 1882 until his death in 1931. He studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy with Frank Duveneck. He painted portraits, landscapes, still life, and murals. His work is found in several museums, including the Metropolitan in New York.

249. Ed Diers, Cincinnati, 1871-1947, Landscape w/bushy trees, oil on canvas, 9" x 11", signed ED. (400-600)

Ed Diers worked at Rookwood from 1896 to 1931, and is considered one of their best painters of scenic vellum plaques. He studied at the Ohio Mechanics Institute, Industrial Art School, and the Cincinnati Art Academy.

5. Victor Casnelli, Cincinnati & MI, 1867-1961, Harbor scene w/lighthouse, sailboats, & blue sailors, watercolor, 12" x 24", signed. (1,500-2,500)

An accomplished painter of Native Americans, Casnelli is also known for his landscapes and Mediterranean scenes. William Howard Taft commissioned Casenelli to paint murals in his home.

129. Victor Casnelli, Cincinnati, 1867-1961, St Augustine breakers, 1941, oil on board, 25" x 36", signed, location & commission information on verso. (2,000-3,000)
130. Victor Casnelli, Cincinnati, 1867-1961, Dawn at beach, 1950, oil on canvas, 26" x 36", signed V. Casnelli after FJ Waugh, dated "circa Feb 1950" verso. (1,000-1,500)
108. Victor Casnelli, Cincinnati, 1867-1961, Arab woman w/escort, gouache, 13" x 7", signed. (1,000-1,500)
66. Louis Charles Vogt, Cincinnati, 1864-1939, Monastery courtyard with monks, oil on board, 8" x 11", signed. (1,500-2,000)

Vogt was a well-traveled and respected artist, and he had several exhibitions in the Midwest and New York. He studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

308. Marion Maxon Healy, Cincinnati, b.1897, Garden path, oil on board, 13" x 16", signed. (1,250-1,750)

Healy was born in Cincinnati and later moved to Alabama. She studied under Herman Wessel, John Weis, E.T. Hurley, and leading Pennsylvania impressionist Daniel Garber. She was a member of the Hoosier Salon.

133. Rudolph Tschudi, Cincinnati, 1855-1923, Landscape w/mountains and family in keelboat, 1900, oil on canvas, 22" x 27", d.1900. (800-1,200)

Well-listed Cincinnati artist known for landscapes, portraits, historical scenes and still life. This is an unusually large work for Tschudi.

193. Charles Salis Kaelin, Cincinnati, 1858-1929, Colorful Rockport boats, pastel, 14" x 18", signed. (1,000-1,500)

Kaelin was one of the first American Divisionist painters, a post-impressionist movement. He studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati under Thomas Noble and John Twachtman, and at the Art Students League in New York. He had many one-man exhibitions in numerous cities, and won a silver medal at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. Kaelin's works are found in several museums, including the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

193A. Charles Salis Kaelin, 1858-1929, Rockport coastline, pastel, 13½" x 15½", unsigned. (1,000-1,500)
169. Charles Salis Kaelin, Cincinnati, 1858-1929, Deep blue bay and sandy cliffs, pastel, 9" x 12", signed, an early Kaelin example. (500-1,000)
22. Martin Rettig, Cincinnati, 1869-1956, Still life w/red flowers & book, oil on canvas, 24" x 22", signed. (1,000-1,500)

Student of Frank Duveneck and brother of John Rettig, Martin had a long career as a painter and decorator for Rookwood Pottery.

174. Martin Rettig, Cincinnati, 1869-1956, Indian encampment in the snow, gouache, 10" x 12", signed. (800-1,200)
231. Lillie Fry Fisher, Cincinnati, d.1943, Still life with yellow and orange tulips, oil on board, 18" x 24", signed. (500-1,000)

A member of the esteemed Fry family, Lillie Fry Fisher trained at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, The Arts Student's League in New York, The Corcoran Art School, and in Paris. One of her teachers, Cameron Mitchell, was a student of Claude Monet. Her sister was artist Laura Fry, her father was William Fry, and Henry Fry was her grandfather. She exhibited at the Hoosier Salon from 1925 until her death in 1943.

232. Lillie Fry Fisher, Cincinnati, d.1943, Still life of purple and lavender blossoms with broad petals, oil on canvas, 16" x 20", signed. (500-1,000)
72. Georgiabelle Clark, Cincinnati & Indianapolis, 1907-1976, Riverdowns, oil on board, 20" x 24", signed. (700-900)

Clark was a noted painter in the Midwest, exhibiting at the Hoosier Salon from 1954-1971. She won several awards at the Hoosier Salon and the Cincinnati Women's Art Club. She studied at the Heron Art Institute, as well as with Emma Mendenhall and Carl Zimmerman.

45. Paul Chidlaw, Cincinnati, 1900-1989, Abstract harbor scene, oil on board, 8" x 10", signed. (600-1,000)

A Cincinnati native who studied and later taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. In 1927, he studied at the L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He spent the next few years traveling and painting in Europe, following in the steps of the Impressionists. Chidlaw has had several exhibitions and is a well sought after artist.