Spring Select Auction: April 29 (2005)

Architectural, Music Boxes, Clocks, Rugs & Other Decorative Arts

206. c.1900 walnut architectural cornice, two dramatic steer skulls w/open cavities in precise & delicate details, connected by draped stems w/fully carved oak leaves, pomegranates, acorns, pine cones, chestnuts, buckeyes, & apples. Background is fully carved overlapping stylized round shingles, delicate ribbons & pods. Minor loss to one rear corner, the rest is excellent. 6'w x 12"d x 13"h. Great organic western theme piece. (2,500-3,500)
58. Cast iron British phone booth by the Lion Foundry Co, Kirkintilloch. Old red paint w/crown medallion to top, latticed doors, solid back, shell only. The Lion Foundry was a renown maker of cast iron structures, facades, and ornamental elements. At one point they were the exclusive maker of the familiar red British phone booth. 8'6"h x 36"w x 36"d. (500-1,000)
75. Swiss single comb music box, probably ten tune, inlaid top, 7"h x 23"w x 10"d. (1,000-1,500)

76. Regina table model music box in oak box w/rope twist trim, plays great, stain to original litho, some missing hardware, sells with eight 15½" discs. (1,500-2,500)

207. Ship's bowsprit head of English king w/plumed helmet & chain mail hood, older repaint, on custom built mahogany base, 28"h figure, 32"h total. (1,500-2,500)
257. Bronze statue, two draped & garlanded classical maidens w/grapes & vessel, nice patina, rim stamped 767, base inscribed B, 14¾"h. (800-1,200)
298. Seth Thomas Regulator #6 wall clock, brass weight and pendulum, 48"h x 16"w. (1,000-2,000)
299. Pair of hand painted cold metal blackamoor busts on ornate bases, woman w/coin necklace & loose hanging earrings, man w/fancy turban & scarf, 18"h, good condition. (700-1,000)
338. Cast iron garden wall fountain, relief scene of Neptune holding fish spout, w/wreaths, florets & fauna, great old patina, from a Kentucky estate, 60"h x 26"w x 6"d. (600-800)
365. 19th century cast eagle & eaglets mechanical bank by J&E Stevens Co, marked PATJAN23 1883, 6¼"h, no stopper, excellent condition. (300-500)

366. M. Hohner Trumpet Call harmonica in original box bottom, five brass "trumpets" in excellent condition, wood in original red stain w/white lettering, light surface rust to steel, includes instructions & song book, 2¾"h x 6½"w x 3½"d. (100-200)

287. Early scrapbook w/The Raven on cover: die cuts, dramatic arctic scene w/polar bear attacking men & dog sled, great Christmas tree, cats & dogs, windmills, Jumbo, trees, school house scenes, equestrians, farm & game animals, early fire carriages, Arabians, butterflies & bugs, cock fight, ships, Washington DC, formal ladies & girls, cherubs, Rip Van Winkle, 12" peacock, Cock Robin verse & scenes, Cincinnati flood scenes. (150-300)

288. Early scrapbook: holiday cards, die cuts, real flowers pressed w/die cut flowers, birds, people, boats, Cincinnati, England, Ireland, France, historical sites & figures, carriages, National Seals, photos, dogs & cats, allegorical months, Buffalo Bill, knights, trees, circus, zoo. (200-400)

357. Turkish kasary silk prayer rug, c.1900, 46"x 66". (500-700)
no photo
318. c.1920's Sarouk with rich color, 12' x 9'10", some wear. (500-700)
no photo
319. c.1920's Sarouk with rich color, 6'2" x 8'8", some wear. (400-600)
349. Persian carpet, semi antique, 60" x 41". (300-500)
360. Three-piece bronze architectural, two heavily scrolled legs w/vines & blossoms, cornice w/leafy crown, 39"w, impressed EG 335. (200-400)

361. Bronze Art Deco deep relief plaque w/kneeling woman, reads American Institute of Commemorative Art, 12"d x 1¼"d. (300-500)

398. Bear skin rug on felt matt, several holes, lip damage, 6½' x 5'. (250-500)
300. Pair of heavy bronze figural candle stands, whippets sitting up & holding poles in one paw, 13"h x 3¾"w x 7½"d. (300-500)

301. Bronze revolving globe, 18"h x 13"w. (100-200)

302. Bronze deer statue on marble base by Albert Wille, listed German sculptor, rich original dark green patina. 8"h x 10"w, signed A Wille. (300-500)

303. Bronze statue of Shakespeare in dramatic pose w/cape, original dark brown patina, 13"h. (100-200)

82. Tramp art hanging vanity, beautifully chip carved, original mirror, front pocket, 20"h x 12"w. (300-500)

83. 19th century tramp art chip carved box w/brass & velvet trim, lion handles, interior till & mirror to lid interior, 6"h x 12"w x 8"d. (150-300)

84. Cincinnati Art Carved hanging letter rack w/blossoms, leaves & pods, mixed leaf & geometric edging, stippled background, 21"h x 13½"w. (200-400)

277. Mahogany tray inlaid w/ornate center shell, original patina, brass twist handles, 1" gallery, some veneer loss due to age, 22" x 15". (200-300)

278. Pair of horn mantel ornaments, brass rims, tips & stands, original patina, elegant & unusual, 14"w x 9"h. (300-500)

279. German brass carriage clock in ornate case, porcelain face, face & back panel marked w/Gustav Becker's GB in anchor/crown, back panel also marked WECKER, GEHWERK, GRETZL-GESCHUETZT, 132198, runs, no glass, loss to porcelain, 7"h x 5¼"w x 3¼"d. (300-500)

280. c.1820 mahogany knife box converted to letter box, inlaid edging & two-tone six-point star to interior, silver plaque w/no monogram, separation to lid, 14¾"h x 8¼"w x 10½"d. (250-350)

281. Rockingham spittoon, cut corner form in rich mottled brown glaze, 7½"w x 7"d x 4½"h, small chip to edge. (100-150)

282. Early 20th century flamed mahogany tea caddy w/inlaid diamond to front, two lidded compartments, 6"h x 10"w x 5"d. (150-250)

362. English brass cartography tool, all original including wood case & three extensions, marked Kelvin Hughes, 18" x 7½". (300-500)

363. 19th century English leather wrapped brass telescope in original leather case, marked The Lord Bury Telescope, JH Steward, 406-457 Strand 7 Gracechurch St, No 2288 London. 10½" – 33" long, leather wrap has some separation at seam. (150-250)

364. 19th century gas fixture, three-section cast iron swinging arm w/decorative finials & hinge covers, original globe & overlaid protective wire basket, 32" fully extended, globe 6"d. (100-200)

358. Pair bronze three-light sconces w/women's faces, horned men, extensive scroll work, 18"h, loss to gilding. (300-500)

359. 19th century English copper samovar, tapered base on four ball feet, ball finial, ring handles, old dark patina, some scratches to back, 17"h x 10"w. (150-250)