Spring Select Auction: April 29 (2005)

American Art Pottery

80. Grueby vase, impressed Grueby Faience Co Boston USA, 11"h, body 8½"w, opening 4½"w, tiny flakes to rim, a few glaze misses. (2,500-3,500)
144. Rookwood bottle vase, standard glaze w/yellow dandelions & green leaves, Rose Fechheimer, 1899, #765, 10¾", mint. (1,000-1,500)

145. Rookwood floral vellum cylinder vase by Carl Schmidt, lilies of the valley on dark green to cream background, 1913, 952, 9½", very faint hairline, classic Schmidt depth in execution. (500-800)

146. Rookwood vase, standard glaze in mustard yellow to tobacco brown, impressed yellow blossoms w/strong oriental influnce, Anna Maria Bookprinter, impressed Rookwood, 1885, #126A, 11¾", several tiny flakes at rim. (500-700)

141. Rookwood ink well, life size rook stands atop fluted tray peering into central inkwell, dark blue matt, 1907, #998, complete, original insert & lid, 10"d x 7"h, line. (1,500-2,500)

142. Pair of Rookwood vases, wax matts by Margaret Helen McDonald, beautifully detailed daffodil blossoms & buds in pale yellow w/dark red & orange outlining, on pale green stems & leaves on a pink background, both 1932, #30E, 8½" h, one mint, one with tiny base flake. (2,000-3,000)

143. Fulper vase, Art Deco form in solid black glaze, impressed Fulper 863, 9", mint. (300-400)

138. Pair of E.T. Hurley bronze candlesticks, five-footed bases in seahorse forms, drip form stems, original dark patina, marked E.T. Hurley 914, 12¾"h. (800-1000)

139. Rookwood vase, Arts & Crafts form in yellow mustard matt glaze, design of vertical leaves & stems, 1921, #2371, 10"h, stilt pull. (500-700)

140. Rookwood vase, Arts & Crafts form in dark blue matt glaze, geometric design, 1925, #2911, 9"h, mint. (400-600)

122. Rookwood vase in unusual apricot high glaze, very pale blue interior, 1933, #6358, 6½", tiny base flake. (125-225)

123. Pair of Rookwood Colonial woman w/fan bookends, white matt, 1943, #6252, McDonald design mark, 7"h, mint. (400-500)

124. Rookwood vase, aqua matt w/olive green butterfat highlights in stylized design of overlapping vertical leaves & vines, 1938, #6471, 9"h, mint. (250-350)

125. Rookwood advertising tray, top w/"woody" in cocoa high glaze w/red accents & "Woodburn 7895," bottom marked Walter E. Schott, Willys Distributor, Cash For Cars, 2320 Gilbert Ave Cincinnati OH, 1949, 6¾", mint. (150-250)

126. Rookwood rose matt Arts & Crafts vase, 1926, #602, 6¼", mint. (150-250)

127. Rookwood window box, cooperage design of flying birds, thistles & scrolls in black high glaze, 1949, #7017, 11" x 6½" x 6½", restoration to one bottom corner. (250-350)

128. Rookwood vase, tapered form w/paneled Arts & Crafts design, unusual rose to blue matt, 1915, #1748, 7", mint. (200-300)

94. Rookwood lamp, paneled decoration of dense daisy blossoms, celadon green high glaze, original four-footed brass base, 14", mint. (200-400)

95. Muncie lamp, scarf dancer motif in design of five panels, each with a different pose, classic green over pink matt Muncie glaze, original scarf dancer finial and Art Deco geometric base, 12" to top of pottery, 27" total, Excellent Condition. (500-700)

96. Wedgwood black & white jasperware lamp, 32"h total, 10" pottery, excellent condition. (250-350)

115. Weller Etna/Florentine vase, repeating pattern of pink blossoms w/yellow & green centers & long trailing green stems on a gray to cream to pink background, impressed Weller Florentine, 9"h, mint. (300-500)

116. Rare Weller hen & chicks figure, glaze flake to tail, professional restoration to comb, 7¾"h x 7½"d x 5½"w. (1,000-1,500)

117. Weller Eocean vase, pink & red blossoms on a gray/green lily pad w/broad leaves w/long trailing stems, dark gray to light gray background, impressed Weller, 9"h, mint. (300-500)

118. Weller Ansonia vase, very rare Weller line, ribbed form w/two handles in spectacular vivid orange matt glaze w/yellow & green highlights, 8"h, chip to one handle. (150-250)

81. Scenic tile, reading Souvenir Centennial Exposition of the Ohio Valley, Cincinnati 1788-1888, tobacco brown opaque glaze, walnut ogee frame, 6" x 6", Great piece of Cincinnati history. (250-450)
Back Row:
103. Roseville Wisteria vase, good clear mold & good color, original foil label, 9"d x 6½"h, mint (1,500-1,800)
105. Roseville Carnelian II vase, rare shape in rose glaze, 9"h, 2 glaze flakes to base. (300-500)
107. Roseville Carnelian II vase, aqua w/2 handles, 9"h, minute flake to foot. (350-450)

Front Row:
102. Roseville Laurel vase, yellow, original foil label, 6½"h, mint. (250-350)
104. Roseville Rosecraft Blended vase, aqua mottled glaze, 8"h, mint. (150-250)
106. Roseville Moss hanging basket, 8"d, mint. (350-450)

101. Roseville Florentine umbrella stand, matt green glaze w/cocoa highlights, 18½"h, mint. (400-600)