Spring Select Auction (2006)

Lots 346-376

346. William Purcell McDonald, Cincinnati, 1863-1931, Reclining nude, etching, 3.5" x 3", signed in etching. 200-300
347. John Prideaux Selby, Britain, 1788-1867, Great Eared Owl (Male), colored etching, 21" x 16", marked Plate XIX, foxing, signed in etching. Watermark upper left reading "J Whatman Turkey Mill" in outline font. 200-400

Selby was a British contemporary of Audubon, and his Illustrations of British Ornithology is a classic in the history of bird illustrations.

348. M. Zarco, Bridal dressing scene, 1908, oil on board, 16" x 13", signed, excellent detail and execution. 500-700
349. Antoine Blanchard, Paris, 1910-1988, Arc de Triomphe et Champs Elysees, artist's proof print, 17" x 21", pencil signed, framed. 400-600
350. James Bell Anderson, Britain, 1886-1938, Portrait of lady, oil on panel, 12" x 9", signed. 300-500

Anderson studied at the Edinburgh School of Art and with John Paul Laurens in Paris. He was a portrait, still life, and landscape artist and exhibited extensively, including entries at the Royal Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy.

351. John Fox, Europe, 19th century, Couple gathering wood, oil on canvas, 12" x 18", signed. 300-500

Listed European artist, known for landscapes, cattles, and lochs.

352. Frederick Stuart Church, A.N.A., NY, 1842-1927, Personalized sketch of a rabbit sitting for a mouse artist, ink on paper, 4.75" x 4.75", inscribed to Miss Rathanie Harper From FS Church. 200-400

Note: this sketch is framed with a tag reading "Henry Church" but after further input and research we feel this tag is incorrect, and that this sketch is by F.S. Church.

353. Bronze oriental dragon urn, upper level has two landscape panels with people flanked by ornate dragon handles, round middle section rests on flame coming from mouth of twisting dragon, maker's mark in mold to main piece, minor wear, 46"h x 22"w x 18"d. Sells with 16.5" pedestal in similar design with relief people and birds. 2,000-3,000
354. 19th century Japanese Imari floor vase, broad shouldered form, garden scenes with flowers, birds, fish and clouds in shades of orange, and cobalt vines, urns, borders and geometric patterns, 30", excellent condition. 1,000-2,000
355. 19th century Japanese Imari floor vase, tapered neck, with flowers, birds and clouds in shades of orange, and cobalt vines, borders and geometric patterns, 38", excellent condition. 1,000-2,000
356. Unusual Kutani charger decorated with the shogun and his council and wives in rectangular borders arranged like a spread of cards, key figures appear in multiple "cards" in varying outfits and poses, underside rim decorated in floral arrangements, gold on red Kutani mark to bottom, excellent detail, color and condition, 14.25"w. 400-600
357. Chinese platter, fully decorated with large blossoms including chrysanthemums and poppies on a black background, 15" oval form, excellent condition. 200-300
358. Imari center bowl, interior and exterior decorated with large dragon and large two-tailed bird on a rich red/orange background with aqua, green, yellow and gold highlights. Scenic center medallion of junk with three people backed by two mountains, all in blue and white. Blue and white geometric band at rim and foot. Six characters to base. 10"d x 5"h, minor roughness to rim. 300-500
359. Lot of two oriental porcelains: Late 19th century Japanese blue and white bowl with dragon to center, birds and vegetation to rim, blossoms to reverse, 2.5"h x 9"w, excellent condition; Charger with nicely hand painted scenes to rim of fishermen and gardens, stylized center, stilt pulls to bottom, excellent condition, 12". 150-250
360. Lot of three Imari chargers, ribbed and scalloped forms, orange-skin bottoms: c.1900 with extensive gold work, cobalt, orange and green, stilt pulls and mark to bottom, 9.75"; Garden scenes to border around ikebana center medallion in cobalt, orange and gold, 12"; Symmetrically arranged border panels of gardens, ikebana and still life around floral center, in gold, cobalt, orange and green, 13.25". 200-300
361. Set of six Imari plates, each with fluted edges and three cartouches with flying birds, on a patchwork background of intricate floral and geometric designs surrounding a large central medallion of stylized green, pink and orange blossoms and branches. Reverse border fully decorated. Orange blossom mark. 8.5"d, excellent condition. 200-400
362. Set of six Imari plates, each with three floral cartouches on a detailed background of blossoms and floral bouquets. Large central medallion of hearts and leaves in shades of blue. Reverse has border decorated in floral medallions and six characters to center, 9.25" d, excellent condition. 200-400
363. Chinese deeply carved wood relief panel, tremendous detail including dancers under parade dragon with shaggy hair, warriors, musicians hammering xylophones, parasols with fringe, branching trees with nuts and thick leaves, several figures and items in full relief, 16"h x 19"w x 4"d, missing two fingers, excellent condition. 300-500
364. Three Chinese dolls, painted composition heads, carved wood bodies, papier-mache hands with elongated fingers, silk Mandarin costumes, two women with real hair, man with cracks to head, 17"h. 300-500
365. Tokoname jardiniere, red clay with molded dragon in clouds, Greek key edging to rim, early 20th century, 8.5"h x 12"w, mint. 75-150
366. Tokoname jardiniere, ashy red clay with molded dragon in clouds, Greek key and rosette bands, early 20th century, 5.5"h x 7.5"w, mint. 50-100
367. Tokoname cylinder vase, red clay with molded dragon in clouds, Greek key and stylized bands, early 20th century, 9.5"h x 3.5"w, mint. 50-100
368. Two Tokoname bottle vases, ashy red clay with molded dragon in clouds and Greek key band to top, 12" vase with gold painted dragon and Greek key, 9.5" vase unpainted, both with stamped marks to base, early 20th century, mint. 100-200
369. Pair of Tokoname double gourd vases, ashy red clay with molded dragon in clouds, early 20th century, 6"h x 3.5"w, mint. 50-100
370. Four Chinese enameled copper vessels, robed figures amongst trees and temples, some holding flowers, in shades of blue and red, aqua blue interiors, impressed CHINA, 11" to 6"w, excellent condition. 200-400
371. Toyohara Kunichika, Japan, 1835-1900, Triptych of three Kabuki actors, wood block print, 13.5" x 28", framed, excellent color and condition. 600-800
372. Kawase Hasui, Japan, 1883-1957, Remaining Snow at Inokashira Tokyo, wood block print, Watanabe stamp, 9.75" x 14.25", excellent condition, framed. 200-400
373. Kawase Hasui, Japan, 1883-1957, Konuma Hiroura Mito, wood block print, Watanabe stamp, 9.75" x 14.25", excellent condition, framed. 200-400
374. Japanese watercolor, landscape with temple, 15.25" x 10.25", signed lower right. 200-400
375. Kunisada, Japan, Triptych of Kabuki scene with actors and audience, wood block print, 14.25" x 29.25", a few worm holes, pages appear to not be glued down. 600-800
376. Tsuchiya Koitsu, Japan, 1870-1949, Nara Hohryuji Temple, wood block print, 15" x 10", signed and framed. 200-400