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Paintings and Art: Ohio and Kentucky Artists
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267. Paul Sawyier, Kentucky, 1865-1917, Fertility: Hilly landscape with rocks and trees, watercolor, 12" x 19", signed. 10,000-15,000

Kentucky Impressionist Paul Sawyier began his art studies at an early age with a private tutor from Cincinnati. He studied portraiture under Thomas Noble at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. He moved to New York to study at the Art Student's League under William Merritt Chase, where he was also able to observe John Singer Sargent. He later studied with Frank Duveneck.

262. Henry Lawrence Faulkner, Kentucky, 1924-1981, Architectural complex with flying cherubs, blossoms and lanterns. Oil on board, 33" x 20", signed. 8,000-12,000

A painter and poet from Kentucky, Faulkner's works are highly sought after by collectors around the country. He exhibited regularly in New York, Ohio and Florida.

263. Henry Lawrence Faulkner, Kentucky, 1924-1981, Still life with flowers in planter with framed picture of Alice the goat, colorful and lively background. Oil on board, 29" x 23", signed. 8,000-12,000
264. Henry Lawrence Faulkner, Kentucky, 1924-1981, Cherub and rabbit standing by tree full of cats, birds, blossoms, butterflies, a cherub blowing a horn, a long winding blue ribbon, and Alice the goat. Oil on board, 27" x 19", signed. 8,000-12,000
225. Louis Charles Vogt, Cincinnati, 1864-1939, Home library interior with hanging paintings, gouache, 10" x 12", signed. 1,500-2,000

Vogt was a well-traveled and respected artist, and he had several exhibitions in the Midwest and New York. He studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and in New York.

226. Louis Charles Vogt, Cincinnati, 1864-1939, Wooded cabin with woman and chickens in yard, oil on board, 9" x 11.5", signed. 1,000-2,000
222. Charles Salis Kaelin, Cincinnati, 1858-1929, Forest interior with rocky pond, pastel, 16" x 14", unsigned. 1,000-2,000

Kaelin was one of the first American Divisionist painters, a post-impressionist movement. He studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati under Thomas Noble and John Twachtman, and at the Art Students League in New York. He had many one-man exhibitions in numerous cities, and won a silver medal at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. Kaelin's works are found in several museums, including the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

223. Charles Salis Kaelin, Cincinnati, 1858-1929, Rocky creek in forest, pastel, 14" x 16", faint initials lower right. 1,000-2,000
224. Charles Salis Kaelin, Cincinnati, 1858-1929, Rockport harbor with boats, pastel, 16" x 18", signed lower left. 1,000-2,000
182. John A. Ruthven, Cincinnati, b.1924, Old Squaw (Female, Summer), watercolor, 4" x 6", signed, matted and framed. Appeared on page 37 of the Top Flight Waterfowl Field Guide. 1,000-2,000

Cincinnati native John Ruthven graduated from the Cincinnati Art Academy and the Jack Storey Central Academy of Commercial Art. He produced "Top Flight," a field guide to North American waterfowl, along with William Zimmerman. He won the 1960 Federal Duck Stamp commission and several other awards. Ruthven also won the Lithographer's Association Award for designing the Famous Figureheads series which was placed in the National Mariners Museum in Washington, D. C. He was also chosen to create the Ducks Unlimited Certificate of Merit for 1967.

183. John A. Ruthven, Cincinnati, b.1924, Surf Scoter (Male), watercolor, 4" x 6", signed, matted and framed. Appeared on page 57 of the Top Flight Waterfowl Field Guide. 1,000-2,000
229. Victor Casnelli (Casenelli), Cincinnati & Michigan, 1867-1961, Forest interior stream, oil on canvas, 17" x 24", signed V Casenelli. 1,000-2,000

An accomplished painter of Native Americans, Casnelli is also known for his landscapes and Mediterranean scenes. William Howard Taft commissioned Casnelli to paint murals in his home.

184. John Ellsworth Weis, Cincinnati, 1892-1962, Red brick church with tall steeple, oil on canvas, 17" x 19", signed. 800-1,200

Born in Indiana, Weis spent his childhood in Higginsport, OH. He studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy, and was on the faculty there for thiry-eight years. After serving in World War I, he traveled through Europe. He painted in Cincinnati, Taos, Rockport, and Booth Bay.

185. Carl Zimmerman, Cincinnati, 1900-1985, Church in Montgomery Ohio, oil on canvas, 18" x 24", signed. 1,000-2,000

Zimmerman was well known in Cincinnati as a painter, muralist and teacher. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and at the Cincinnati Art Academy under Reginald Grooms, John Weis, and Herman Wessel.

228. Albert Robert Valentien, Cincinnati, 1862-1925, Botanical study with Milkweed and Clintonia, pencil and gouache, 20" x 12", unsigned. Provenance: exhibited Cincinnati Art Galleries, 2000, from the estate of the artist. 800-1,200

Albert Valentien was born in Cincinnati, and studied at the Art Academy under Frank Duveneck and Thomas Nobel. He later studied in Europe. He was a decorator at Rookwood Pottery starting at age nineteen, and was head of the Decorating Department for several years. Ellen Browning Scripps commissioned Valentien to paint California wild flowers.

230. Elizabeth Heil Alke, Cincinnati, 1877-1938, October in Indiana, landscape with tall trees, oil on canvas, 14" x 20", signed, old Closson's label and title in pencil to reverse. 750-1,000

Elizabeth Alke was a widely exhibited artist. She studied under Thomas Noble and Caroline Lord, and was the first woman to win the Ingalls Scholarship at the Cincinnati Art Academy. She was married to artist Stephen Alke.

187. Herman Henry Wessel, Cincinnati, 1878-1969, Viking ship at dock with pennants and American flag, watercolor, 13" x 10", signed. 600-800

A prominent member of Cincinnati's artistic community, Herman Wessel studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy, Royal Academy in Munich, and Academie Julien in Paris. He taught at the Cincinnati Art Academy for 40 years and painted many prominent public murals. He and his wife Bessie Wessel worked closely with Frank Duveneck and became leading experts on authenticating his works.

188. John Rettig, Cincinnati, 1855-1932, Sailboat at dock, 1885, watercolor, 9.5" x 5", signed, dated back of matt. 600-800

Started his career as a frescoe painter, later designed elaborate outdoor theatrical productions. Studied at the Cincinnati School of Design with Frank Duveneck and Edward Potthast. Traveled extensively, made Volendam Holland his second home. Older brother of artist Martin Rettig.

139. Matthew Andrew Daly, Cincinnati, 1860-1937, Three Indian riders by lake, 1936, oil on canvas mounted to board, 18" x 22", signed. 500-800

Matt Daly was one of Rookwood Pottery's most respected artists. After 21 years at Rookwood, he was head of the art department at U.S. Playing Card for 30 years. Throughout his career, he was also a prolific painter of portraits, landscapes and tavern scenes. Daly was a student of Frank Duveneck, and his work hangs in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

140. Martin Rettig, Cincinnati, 1869-1956, Native American woman in red robes, oil on canvas, 11.5" x 8", signed. 600-800

Student of Frank Duveneck and brother of John Rettig, Martin had a long career as a painter and decorator for Rookwood Pottery.

189. William Ernst Hentschel, Cincinnati, 1892-1962, Rooster against stone wall, aquatone airbrush, 14.25" x 14.25", hand painted matting, framed, signed. 500-700

Born in New York City, Hentschel was an innovative decorator at Rookwood Pottery, as well as a painter and craftsman in several media. He founded the Crafters Company in Cincinnati. He also was assistant to the head curator of textiles for the New York Museum of Natural History, head of the design department at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and worked for the short-lived Kenton Hills Pottery.

190. William Ernst Hentschel, Cincinnati, 1892-1962, Two birds with blue blossom and yellow leaves, aquatone airbrush, 14.25" x 14.25", hand painted matting, framed, signed. 500-700
352. Robert Burns Wilson, Kentucky, 1851-1936, Kentucky landscape with winding country road, watercolor, 4.75" x 11.75", signed. 600-800

Burns was a listed artist known for landscape and portraits. He was also a poet, most notably the author of Remember the Maine.

413. Kate Reno Miller, Cincinnati, 1870-1929, Still life with blue blossoms, watercolor, 13" x 6", signed. 400-800
227. Rudolph Tschudi, Cincinnati, 1855-1923, Portrait of laughing man in fur hat and cape, 1889, oil on board, 18.25" x 13.5", signed and dated. 400-600

Well-listed Cincinnati artist known for landscapes, portraits, historical scenes and still life.

1. William Carlford Dalton, Columbus Ohio, Hocking River autumn scene with stream and distant hills, 1932, oil on canvas, 26" x 36", signed lower right. 700-900
80. Orville Carroll, Louisville KY, b.1912, Landscape with three boys at swimming hole, detailed rows of crops, farm buildings, cattails, blades of grass and underbrush, gouache, 5" x 24", signed lower left. 400-600
186. Carl Zimmerman, Cincinnati, 1900-1985, Green forest interior with brown path, watercolor, 16" x 21.5", signed. 300-500