2008 Spring Select Auction

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232. c.1900 Loring Andrews large sterling repousse footed vase, fully decorated in Fruit and Flowers motif including strawberries, pears, grapes, pineapples, roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, dogwood blossoms, and more, all on stippled background. Rolled and scalloped rim, wreath around stem, wide two-tiered foot. Marked Sterling, The Loring Andrews Co, Cincinnati, USA. Probably made by Kirk & Sons, Silversmiths for Loring Andrews. 14.75"h x 16"d, approximately 96.1ozt, excellent condition, a monumental American sterling example. 8,000-12,000
245. David Kinsey three-piece coin silver tea set, ornately decorated with detailed quail and rose blossom finials, acanthus trimmed handles and bands of rose blossoms and leaves, each piece marked D. Kinsey, teapot 12", covered sugar 9.5", creamer 6", approximately 99ozt, excellent condition. Pictured in and selling with Beckman's book entitled "Cincinnati Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watch and Clockmakers," p. 82. 3,000-5,000
237. London sterling repousse three-piece claret wine set, Cellini pattern, 1853-4, by Stephen Smith, silversmith. Ewer and two goblets fully decorated with goddess faces, long-horned sheep, caryatids, blossoms, leaves, and wreaths, ewer also has man of the mountain faces and female nude to handle. Hallmarks include lion passant, leopard's head, date mark for 1853-4, and SS silversmith's mark. Approximately 74.4ozt. Ewer 14"h x 7.5"w, goblets 8"h x 4.5"d. Condition: pinholes to goddess noses on goblets from thinly hammered design, visible seam to ewer foot, ewer lid missing one hinge prong. 2,500-3,500
243. Loring Andrews sterling repousse and chased footed center bowl, heavily decorated with strawberries, grapes, and a variety of blossoms and leaves, with acanthus scroll and blossom edging to rim and foot. Base marked Sterling Loring Andrews & Co Cincinnati USA 202. 6"h x 12.25"d, approximately 33.3ozt. Light surface scratches, excellent condition. 2,500-3,500
235. Loring Andrews sterling repousse tea kettle on tilter stand, embossed and chased decoration of leaves and tendrils on branches, twig handle and finial, blossoms and berries to handle, monogrammed ERB 1922. Base marked Sterling, The Loring Andrews Co, Cincinnati USA, 1906. Tilter stand marked Sterling. Original fitted burner with insert and hinged flame adjuster. Total 13.5"h, 8"w x 7.5"d, approximately 62.7ozt for kettle and stand, excellent condition. 2,500-3,500
242. Loring Andrews sterling repousse castle scene footed vase, fully embossed and chased decorations including two castles scenes and two large birds surrounded by blossoms and leaves, acanthus and blossom edging to rim and foot. Base marked Sterling, The Loring Andrews Co, Cincinnati USA, 103. 4"h x 7"d, approximately 9.6ozt, insignificant surface scratching excellent condition. 1,500-2,500
236. Pair of Loring Andrews sterling repousse center bowls, fluted rims with embossed and chased decorations of strawberries, grapes, blossoms and leaves, with acanthus and blossom edging to rim. Bases marked Sterling, The Loring Andrews Co, Cincinnati USA, 91. 3"h x 9.5"d, approximately 22.3ozt, minor surface scratching to both, one has several small shallow dings. 400-500
299. Loring Andrews sterling repousse castle scene salt and pepper set: two footed salt bowls, two footed pepper shakers, and two Stieff repousse salt spoons. Embossed and chased decorations of castles, blossoms and acanthus leaves. Salts and peppers marked Sterling, The Loring Andrews Co, Cincinnati USA, salts marked 32, shakers marked 31, spoons marked Sterling Stieff, all pieces monogrammed ERB to undersides. Salts 1.5"h, shakers 3.75"h, spoons 3.25", approximately 6.8ozt, excellent condition. 200-300
239. 19th century Dominick & Haff three-piece sterling repousse tea set, embossed and chased decorations of blossoms and acanthus leaves, detailed blossom finials to teapot and sugar. Each piece marked Sterling, E.E. Isbell & Co, 354, with Dominick & Haff hallmark including 925 and 1889 date mark, each base inscribed Burton Oct 24th 1889, teapot's hallmark has additional star mark to center circle. Teapot 6"h x 10"w, two-handled lidded sugar 4.75"h x 6.25"w, cream pitcher 4.5"h x 5"w. Approximately 45.3ozt, insignificant surface scratches, excellent condition. 1,500-2,500
61. Kirk-Siteff sterling repousse flatware service for eight plus serving pieces, four floral patterns, some with monograms to back, 94 pieces: eleven dinner forks, 7.25"; eight salad forks, 6.25"; twenty-one teaspoons, 5.75"; six citrus/orange spoons, 6"; eight iced tea spoons, 7.75"; eight hollow handle dinner knives, 9"; eight flat handle butter spreaders, 5.25"; eight demitasse spoons, 4.25"; four cream soup spoons, 6"; four cream soup spoons, 6.25"; two nut spoons with repousse fruit decorated bowl, 5"; one youth fork, 6.25"; one hollow handle butter knife, 7.25"; mustard spoon, 4"; three-piece carving set, 9" fork and two 10" knives. All pieces marked S. Kirk & Son Sterling or Stieff Sterling, excellent condition, in velvet lined wood case. Approximately 85.6ozt weighable. 1,500-2,000
110. S. Kirk & Sons sterling repousse sardine or bacon fork, 7.5", no monogram, marked S. KIRK & SON STERLING, excellent condition. 100-150
292. Georg Jensen sterling sauceboat, oval bowl on circular foot, design by Harald Nielsen. Base marked DESSIN HN 925 S DENMARK ARGENTERIE D'ART DE GEORG JENSEN STERLING 761. 3.5"h x 7"w x 4"d, 10.3ozt, light scratching overall. 1,000-1,500
152. Set of twelve sterling julep cups from the Frank Herschede Co of Cincinnati, three-tiered feet, bases marked FRANK HERSCHEDE CO STERLING 140, monogrammed GWN IV, 3.75"h, approximately 51.9ozt, several minor dents, scratches below monogram to one. 1,000-1,500
160. Five piece sterling coffee service atop large sterling tray, rims decorated with molded blossoms and acanthus scrolls, 9.5" coffee pot, 8.5" teapot, 5.25" cream pitcher, 6" lidded two-handle sugar, 3" waste bowl, 26.5" x 16" two-handle tray, each piece marked 925 Industria Peruana Sterling with hallmark, 127.2ozt, no monograms. Condition: sugar has thumb-print dent to body, three small dents to lid; coffee has bent foot, damage to base of handle, discoloration to body; minor scratches and dings. 800-1,200
238. Highly ornate German 800 silver repousse vase, embossed and chased decorations including detailed pub scene, man of the mountain faces, pairs of woodpeckers, blossoms, acanthus, shells, and stippled backgrounds. Monogrammed ERB, base marked Germany 800 with illegible hallmarks. 12.5"h, approximately 21.7ozt. Excellent condition. 800-1,200
57. Towle sterling flatware service, King Richard pattern, 67 pieces, marked Towle Sterling with hallmark or Sterling Pat 1932 with hallmark, no monograms: eleven dinner forks, 7.25"; sixteen teaspoons, 6"; seventeen salad forks, 6.5"; twelve hollow handle dinner knives, 9"; four iced tea spoons, 8.25"; one sugar spoon, 6"; one lemon fork, 6"; one hollow handle master butter, 5.5"; one hollow handle cheese server, 6.25"; one jelly server, 7"; one cake server, 10"; one pie server, 10.5". Some surface wear. Approximately 79.1ozt weighable. 1,000-1,500
54. Towle sterling flatware service, Candlelight pattern, no monograms, 94 pieces: thirteen dinner forks, 7.25"; eleven lunch forks, 6.5"; sixteen teaspoons, 6"; nine iced tea spoons, 8"; five cream soup spoons, 6.25"; eleven hollow handle knives with French stainless blades, 8.75"; two hollow handle knives with Modern stainless blades, 8.5"; two table spoons, 8.25"; two place spoons, 6.5"; seven demitasse spoons, 4.25"; one solid master butter, 6.75"; eleven solid butter spreaders; one jelly server with leaf bowl, 6.5"; one two-tine cocktail fork, 6"; one cake server with stainless blade, 10.5"; one cheese server with stainless blade, 6.75". Approximately 82ozt weighable. In lined wood box with drawer, excellent condition. 800-1,200
55. Gorham sterling flatware service, Melrose pattern, service for twelve with serving pieces, 72 pieces: twelve each 7.25" dinner forks, 6.75" salad forks, 9" hollow handle dinner knives, 6.25" hollow handle butter spreaders; thirteen teaspoons, 6"; three table spoons, 8.5"; two pierced table spoons, 8.5"; one cold meat fork, 8"; one gravy ladle, 6.5"; one scalloped bowl sugar scoop, 6"; one hollow handle master butter, 7"; one hollow handle cheese knife, 7"; one lemon fork, 4.5". Sells with Manchester sterling nut spoon with pierced and repousse bowl in similar pattern, 5". Approximately 75.8ozt weighable, no monograms, marked Gorham Sterling Melrose with lion-anchor-G marks, excellent condition, in lined locking wood case. 750-1,000
53. Group of Kirk and Stieff repousse flatware, 43 pieces, mostly specialty pieces, all marked Sterling, either Stieff or S Kirk & Son, most monogrammed on reverse: Eight citrus spoons, 6.25"; seven iced tea spoons, 8"; twenty-three demitasse spoons, 4.5"; baby fork, 4.5", baby fork, 3.75"; baby spoon, 4.5"; baby spoon, 3.75"; solid handle baby knife with sterling blade, 5". Approximately 30.3ozt. Smallest baby spoon has dents to rim, otherwise excellent condition. 750-1,000
157. Gorham sterling repousse rectangular bowl, wide rim with a variety of large and detailed blossoms and leaves, stem edging. Marked with lion/anchor/G hallmarks, Sterling, A3951M, and date mark for 1902. 2.5"h x 15" x 11", approximately 33.4ozt, excellent condition. 700-900
158. Gorham sterling repousse oval bowl, wide rim with a variety of large and detailed blossoms and leaves, stem edging. Marked with lion/anchor/G hallmarks, Sterling, A3553M, and date mark for 1903. 2.25"h x 12.5" x 9", approximately 16.7ozt, monogrammed, excellent condition. 300-500
106. Bailey Banks & Biddle sterling bride's basket, fancy molded and chased decorations of blossoms, urns, acanthus, and floral drapes, with extensive open work, fancy scrolled arms to handle, illegible scrolled monogram to bowl. Base marked Sterling, Marie Antoinette, R100 E1, with maker's wafer mark with rearing horse and Philadelphia. 5"h x 12.5"w x 9.25"d, approximately 20.6ozt, insignificant surface scratches, excellent condition. 600-800
60. Gorham sterling flatware service, Art Deco design in Etruscan pattern, with several serving pieces, 78 pieces: five dinner forks, 7"; five salad forks, 6.25"; twelve teaspoons, 6"; six round bowl gumbo spoons, 6.75"; six iced tea spoons, 7.5"; six hollow handle dinner knives, 8.5"; four round bowl bouillon spoons, 5.25"; four orange spoons, 5.75"; six table spoons, 8.5"; pierced meat fork, 8.75"; oyster fork, 5.5"; six ice cream forks, 5.25"; five cocktail forks, 5.5"; six demitasse spoons, 4.25"; cream ladle, 5"; two butter spreaders, 5.75"; hinged tea diffuser spoon, 5.75"; one-tine butter pick, 6". Approximately 69.6ozt weighable. All marked Pat 1913 STERLING with lion-anchor-G marks, minor scratches and wear, monogrammed PEA in block letters. 600-800
58. Large Alvin sterling flatware service, Bridal Bouquet repousse pattern, 72 pieces, no monograms: twenty-four teaspoons, 6"; sixteen dinner forks, 7.25"; eight dessert forks, 6.5"; eight round-bowl soup spoons, 6.25"; twelve dinner knives, 9"; two table spoons, 8.5"; one sugar spoon, 6"; one master butter knife, 7". Approximately 72.1ozt weighable, excellent condition, in lined wood box. 600-800
56. Large Alvin sterling flatware service, Bridal Bouquet repousse pattern, 73 pieces, no monograms: twenty-eight teaspoons, 6"; ten dinner forks, 7.25"; six round bowl soup spoons, 6.5"; ten dessert forks, 6.5"; twelve French blade dinner knives, 9"; two Modern blade dinner knives, 9"; one master butter knife, 7"; six solid butter spreaders, 5.75"; one baby spoon, 3.75"; one sugar spoon, 6"; one table spoon, 8.5"; one serving fork, 7.5"; one cream ladle, 5.75"; one cake server, 9.75". Approximately 79.2ozt weighable, excellent condition, in lined wood case. 600-800
295. Set of eight Georg Jensen sterling cordials in fitted case, 2" cordials marked B&M Sterling, case marked Georg Jensen Inc, approximately 5.3ozt, excellent condition. 600-800
154. Six sterling julep cups awarded to winning horses at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington. Four with bases marked Mark J Scearce Shelbyville Kentucky, Sterling, eagle hallmark with DDE indicating Eisenhower was in office: Cuvier Boy, The Crestwood, 1959, 3.75"; Colonel Bala, The Bwamazon, 1959, 3.75"; Chance Gauge, The Circle M, 1960, 3.75"; Cuvier Relic, The Riverside, 1960, 3.75". Two with Manchester Silver hallmark and Sterling to base: Putitthere, The Idle Hour Handicap, 1944, 4.25"; Castel Beau, The Merrick Place, 1948, 3.75". All in excellent condition with insignificant scratches and dings, approximately 28.2ozt. 500-800
159. Four piece sterling coffee service by the Whiting Division of Gorham, ribbed urn forms with ebony finials, ebony handles to 8.5" (1 3/4 pints) coffee pot and 6.5" 1 1/2 pints) teapot, silver handles to 5.75" sugar and 5.25" (3/8 pint) creamer with gold wash interior. Each piece marked Sterling 6950 with lion-and-shield hallmark to bases, with script AHL monogram to fronts and 1906 to backs. 39.8 ounces including wood, minor scratches and dings. 500-700
62. Gorham sterling flatware service, Buttercup pattern, 39 pieces: seven lunch forks, 7"; one dinner fork, 7.5"; eight teaspoons, 6"; eight salad forks, 6.5"; six oval soup spoons, 7"; eight hollow handle dinner knives, 8.5"; one solid salad serving spoon, 9". Fourteen pieces marked GORHAM STERLING and are not monogrammed; twenty-four pieces marked with lion/anchor/G and STERLING and monogrammed HB; salad serving spoon marked lion/anchor/G, STERLING, LOEWENGARDT & ARMSTRONG LTD and are not monogrammed. Approximately 39.1ozt weighable. 500-700
156. Pair of Gorham sterling three-light candle stands, relief floral decorations, fancy acanthus scrolled arms, weighted and threaded, marked Gorham Sterling with lion/anchor/G marks and 1381 pattern number, 14"h x 14.5"w, excellent condition. 400-600
153. Set of eight sterling julep cups, stepped rim and foot, two monogrammed MRG, bases marked Fisher Sterling 87 with maker's mark, 3.5", approximately 30.3ozt, dent to one foot, otherwise excellent condition. 400-600
59. Sterling flatware partial service for eight, International Silver, Lenox pattern, 30 pieces: eight each dinner forks, 7.75"; round bowl soup spoons, 5.25"; hollow handle dinner knives, 9.5"; and six teaspoons, 6". Marked IS CO Sterling with shield and helmet hallmark, minor scratches, knife handles have several dents, approximately 36.4ozt weighable, no monograms. 400-600