2008 Spring Select Auction

Vintage Posters and Collectibles

454. Trans World Airlines aluminum counter top display airliner, Boeing 707, on aluminum display stand with TWA logo, appears to be all original paint, 14"h, 22" wingspan, 24" fuselage, some paint cracks, loss to paint at nose. 400-600
70. Vintage movie poster, Sirocco, Columbia Pictures, 1951, double sheet litho on linen, Humphrey Bogart, 81" x 41", very good condition. 300-400
71. Vintage movie poster, The Homestretch, 20th Century Fox, 1947, Tooker Litho Co NY, Cornell Wilde and Maureen O'Hara, stone lithograph on linen, 41" x 27", very good condition. 300-400
72. Vintage cowboy movie poster, Rider of the Plains, 1931, Tom Tyler, Litho Co NY, linen, 41" x 27", very good condition. 300-400
73. Vintage cowboy movie poster, In Old Monterey, Republic Pictures, 1939, Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette, Morgan Litho Corp Cleveland OH, linen, 41" x 27", very good condition. 300-400
74. Vintage monster movie poster, The Revenge of Frankenstein, Hammer/Columbia Pictures, 1958, Peter Cushing and Eunice Gayson, 22" x 28", very good condition. 200-300
75. Vintage French boxing poster, Bonal Aperitif l'Ami des Sportifs, c.1930s, stone lithograph on linen, Ch Lemmel, 31" x 23", very good condition. 200-300
458. Early cast iron monkey doorstop, seated monkey with twisting tail, excellent original paint, 9"h. 200-300
462. Two early carved and painted duck decoys. Duck with feather textured body, signed Hagerty to base, carved bill, swivel head, glass eyes, evidence of old weight to base, appears to be in original paint including green bill, black head, yellow sides, and brown top, 6.5"h x 14" long, repaired split to body. Duck in old red stain with dark accents, swivel head, missing its glass eyes, old weight mounted to base with obscured letters that seem to read Cincinnati, 6.25"h x 16" long, some old splits and chips. 200-400
455. Two large glass country store apothecary display domes, ground bottoms, heavy ball finials, 21"h x 9"w, and 17"h x 7"w, excellent condition. 200-400
456. Group of four early country store footed and lidded apothecary jars, overall in excellent condition with insignificant wear. Bulbous form with thumbprints to stem and upper rim, diamond pattern neck, thumbprints to lid, 11"h x 5.5"w, chip to lid. Bulbous form with thumbprints to stem, ribbed neck, swirled acorn finial, 11"h x 4.5"w. Petite bulbous form with diamond pattern neck, acorn finial, 8.5"h x 3.5"w. Cylinder form with ground and fitted lid, foot marked W.R. Warner & Co Phila'd Pat'd Sept 18 1875, 12"h x 3.75"w, base chip, cloudy glass. 150-250
457. Group of four early country store lidded glass apothecary jars, overall excellent condition with insignificant wear. Cylindar jar with two applied bands around body, chip to lid, roughness to lid fitter, 8.5"w x 4"w. Large eight-sided jar marked Barsam Brothers Inc Springfield Mass, swirled acorn finial, 12"h x 9.5"w. Tall jar with broad shoulder, swirled acorn finial, 14"h x 8"w. Eight-sided pale purple jar with ovals and two buttresses around upper rim, lid marked Patented Aug 28 19007"h x 5"w. 150-250
459. Two cast iron black boy figures, both eating watermelon, one full figure seated and marked WAY DOWN SOUTH, 3.75"h, the other from chest up, 2.25"h. Excellent condition. 200-300
464. Nest of five crucibles for forming hot metal, hinged lid with clasp impressed R16, good original patina, 1.5"h x 2"d. 50-100