2008 Spring Select Auction

Art Pottery

361. Rookwood floral vellum vase by Fred Rothenbusch, white dogwood blossoms with red tips and yellow and black centers, green branches and leaves, on pale blue to cream to violet background, 1909, #1653B, impressed and incised V with incised artist cipher, 14", mint. 2,500-3,000
368. Dynamic Rookwood Art Deco vase with squeeze bag decoration by Elizabeth Barrett of stylized seed pods, leaves and curling stems in brown with blue accents over matt yellow background, 1928, 2272, 12"h. 2,000-3,000
381. Rookwood iris glaze vase by Fred Rothenbusch, decorated all around with three large plumed blossoms of mauve and yellow, elongated green leaves, on pale green to gray-blue background, 1905, #913C, 9", running hair line. 800-1,200
387. Pair of Rookwood Morning Glory candle stands, impressive vibrant lavender matt glaze, rare form, #2513, 1921 and 1922, 6"h x 5.5"w, excellent condition. 600-800
391. Weller Kingfisher flower frog and Ardsley console bowl, polychrome bird atop branch, 9", mint. Ardsley console bowl in pale green with brown tassels, 17"d, two hairlines to rim of bowl. 750-1,000
377. Rookwood single sphinx bookend in great eggshell matt glaze with green highlights, back has relief ceremonial scene and LA mark for Louise Abel, 1920, #2503, 7"h x 5.75"h x 4.5"d, some peppering in glaze, mint. 600-800
388. Pair of Rookwood Art Deco vases with vivid overlapping vertical leaf decoration covered in a pale green matte glaze with pink interiors, 1930 and 1929, 6129. Both uncrazed, one with glaze peppering and some grinding roughness at base, 8"h x 7"d. 500-700
376. Pair of Rookwood blue jay bookends in light blue matt glaze, 1937, #2829, 5.25"h x 5.5"w x 2.25"d, mint. 500-700
380. Rookwood floral vellum vase by Kataro Shirayamadani, poppies with red and orange petals on green leaves against mottled blue background, 1932, #6306, 7", restoration to base. 400-600
382. Rookwood wax matt vase by Katherine Jones, red blossoms with green centers and green leaves on mustard yellow background, 1928, #605, 5.5", factory ground base with small angle grind to one edge, mint. 400-600
369. Early Rookwood green glaze tankard commemorating Cincinnati's centennial in 1888, one side has 1788 and state seal of Ohio, the other has 1888 and Cincinnati's seal, acanthus accents to spout and handle, base impressed with RP logo, small chip and line to spout, 6.75". 400-600
390. Rookwood teapot, Limoges glaze with bats flying in the moonlight, a large grasshopper, and landscapes, wicker handle, base incised Rookwood Pottery Cin O, c.1881, unsigned, 5.5"h x 8"w x 6"d, shallow chip to spout and finial. 300-500
385. Rookwood Blue Ship dinnerware coffee service: 6" coffee pot M-23, 4.5" teapot M-15, 4" lidded marmalade M-23 with 6.5" underplate M-8, 3" lidded two-handled sugar M-19, 3.5" cream pitcher M-20. Minute flake to teapot spout, rest is mint. 300-400
362. Rookwood Arts & Crafts seahorse vase in mottled light brown matt glaze, design by E.T. Hurley, 1921, #2124, 6", miniscule flake to side. 300-400
386. Rookwood vase, standard glaze decoration of salmon blossoms with light tan centers on olive green stems, black to olive to gold background, 1905, 905F, by Caroline Steinle, 5.25"h, mint. 300-400
379. Rookwood paperweight, nude girl looking at frog, white matt glaze, 1940, #6521, 4.5", mint. 250-350
383. Lot of two Rookwood. Tan matt vase with molded vertical leaves, design by E.T. Hurley, 1921, #2358, 4.25", faint hairline at rim. Arts & Crafts green matt cup with incised decoration, 1905, #1112, 4", faint hairline at rim. 250-350
365. Rookwood Arts & Crafts three-handled console bowl, brown matt glaze, 1919, #1221, 10"d, mint. 200-300
389. Rookwood cameo glaze uncrazed coup plate, delicate decoration of white blossoms and deep caramel stems and branches, 1889, 205C W, by Sallie Toohey, decorator's early monogram, 8"d x 1.5"h. 250-300
371. Pair of Rookwood Arts & Crafts candlesticks in mustard yellow matt glaze, blossoms to stems, 1919 and 1920, #1355, 6.5", several tiny base chips to one, one tiny base chip to other. 250-300
394. Roseville Fuchsia vase, bulbous two-handled form in vivid blue, extra nice mold and great color, pinhead sized chip at base, 7"h x 9"d. 200-300
397. Zanesville La Moro portrait tankard, standard glaze decoration of monk in black robe and cap, artist signed RGT below handle, base impressed LA MORO and incised M, 14.75", restored chip to handle. 500-600
392. Roseville gold Laurel vase, 12.25", restoration to rim. 300-400
373. Two Rookwood Arts and Crafts vases. Mottled green and violet vase with vertical leaves and berries, 1913, #943E, 5", mint. Cocoa matt vase with raised blossoms and buds around shoulder, 1922, #2122, 4.75", mint. 200-300
367. Two Rookwood Arts & Crafts yellow matt vases. Two handled form, 1928, #354, 3.5", mint. Three footed globe form, 1929, #2093, 3.25", mint. 200-250
374. Unusual Rookwood vase by E.T. Hurley, standard glaze with adventurine highlights, decorated with overlapping maple leaves, 1898, #509, base incised with 52 and six-sided star, 5", chips to glaze at base, restoration to base. 150-250
366. Two Rookwood Arts & Crafts low bowls. Buttressed form in dark violet matt, 1920, #1382, 6.5", mint. Three-handled bowl in pink and green matt, 1920, #2163E, 5", mint. 200-250
384. Rookwood cocoa matt vase with four panel decorations, 1923, #2400, 6", mint. 175-225
375. Rookwood bird flower frog, cobalt high glaze, 1924, #2710, 5.75", mint. 150-250
372. Rookwood Arts and Crafts green matt glaze footed candlestick, vertical blossoms to sides, 1912, #1192, 7", mint. 100-200
370. Early Rookwood green glaze tankard, top reads Souvenir National Drill, bottom reads Washington DC 1887, relief decoration of military items against banner, sword hilt handle. Base marked Rookwood Pottery Cincinnati, with incised W. 5.75"h, 1.5" chip under base, tight line at rim. 100-150
378. Rookwood hippo figure in white matt glaze, whimsical character with wide open mouth atop rectangular base, 1933, #6384, base chip, hairline to top of base, rare form, 7"w x 3.25"d x 4"h. 250-350
395. Van Briggle vase, c.1920s, Arts & Crafts vertical leaf design in teal and blue matt glaze, excellent condition, ground bottom, 7"h. 100-200
393. Weller Woodcraft vase, three tree-legs around central stem, base impressed Weller, ink marked 9X, 9.25", two lines to twigs. 150-225
396. Weller Roma wall pocket, 10.25", mint. 75-150
398. Two Belgian art pottery vases, gunmetal with drip glaze accents in green, white and brown, base marked Belgium, foil Airain sticker to side, 9", mint. 150-250